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What are Fantasy Sports

Have you heard of the “Daily Fantasy Sports“? For years now, it is possible to participate online in this new game that in America has depopulated, thanks mainly to the passion for the sport (and statistics) and of course a luxurious prize pool that has attracted users of all kinds (even from poker). But what exactly is it about? Where and how can we play here in Italy? Here are all the answers.

Let’s start from the beginning, DFS is an online game based on some sports competitions, generally football but not only. The classic example of belonging is always the one that in Italy is practiced by millions of fans. But in this case, the differences are essential.

Users the fact, compete by creating virtual teams (starting from a defined budget), with players taken from the competition of reference (there are challenges on different leagues, from Series A up to the Premier League, the Champions up to the American championship). But in this case, the score comes directly from the actual performance of the player, based on specific parameters recorded during the game (shots, goals, fouls, passes, etc.).

The difference is quite apparent: not being a negative vote to create the composite score but of the statistical data, the whole can be studied approximately and objectively. In addition, having to build our training directly for each race day, you can change from time to time depending on the new directions. Sports knowledge is, therefore, beneficial, but also an excellent ability to analyze data.

These challenges, are usually organized in “tournaments “with a registration fee (the” buy back”) and put up for grabs UN prize pool guaranteed in money to be divided poi among the awarded according to the total points obtained from our lineup.

Where can I play DFS?

There are now several (and the situation is continually changing) gaming platforms where you can try to play DFS. As with all online skill games, to open a room, you need to have an AAMS concession that guarantees its reliability and correctness of play.

While maintaining the same general rules, each game option has developed some unique features that make the experience different. Let’s try to get to know together those present at the moment and their game details.

Fantastic: it was the first DFS camera to open on Italian territory. His particular is undoubted that the lineup to be deployed is seven players (1 goalkeeper, two defenders, two midfielders and two forwards unless otherwise indicated). However, it is also the one that offered the guaranteed of the highest tournaments (it was also played for 50,000€ prize pool). On fantastic at the moment you can participate in competitions aimed only Football (Series A, Premier League, Liga, MLS, Chinese Championship, Champions and Europa League in addition to all major national and international competitions).

Fan taking: the Snai House sitcom is the latest in a stormy order, but has been able to differentiate its offer in a very positive way. It is also played here on a lineup of 11 players, but the two main details are the addition of the 12th man (the speaker) to score, as well as having to choose the “capital” for each lineup, which will remember 50% more points. On football, you can play at the moment on the Champions of Serie A, Premier League, Champions and Europa League. The other important news of Fan taking is that you can also participate in tournaments on basketball: the classic American Championship par excellence and even (for the first time) on the Italian A1 Series championship.

Fantasy team: eleven essential players to choose from, in this case, all significant leagues dedicated to Football (Serie A, Premier, Liga, Champions and Europa League, etc.), American basketball and besides also tournaments dedicated to engines (MotoGP and Formula1).