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Fantasy Football Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em: Week 14



Carson Palmer @GB: I put him here last week and he nearly let me down. Some garbage time stats solidified his day and the joy of fantasy football is garbage stats count just the same as meaningful stats. His receiving core might be hurting again so his day might not be a huge as it could have been with a full arsenal, but against Green Bay you have to throw. The good news is, they let you.

Rex Grossman vs NE: Same basic rules apply as with Carson. I don’t care how the stats come, but they will come. New England gives up gobs of yards through the air and the Redskins will be forced to throw a lot. Its playoff time, I know, and I am recommending Rex Grossman to get you through it. Hey, it hurts me to write just as much as you to read. Truth hurts.

Other QBs worthy of a start: Tim Tebow vs CHI, Matt Hasselbeck vs NO, Matt Moore vs PHI


Roy Helu vs NE: Do I really have to even write anything at this point? Unless this is your first time reading this site, I have been all over Helu. This week is no exception. The great thing about Roy Helu is he can succeed no matter what because of his pass catching ability. Grossman likes to push the ball down the field but with Fred Davis out, Helu will get even more opportunities when Grossman goes through his progressions. Let’s go Helu, keep it pushin!

Reggie Bush vs PHI: Philly is completely discombobulated and the Miami Dolphins are one of the hottest teams in the NFL. I’m not completely sure why, but Reggie Bush has turned into most of the guy many thought he could be years ago when he was drafted. Coming off of another 100 yard game and with 5 touchdowns over his last 5 games, Reggie will continue to look good against said Philly team. They just got Beasted Moded last week, this week they get Bush Moded! (hmmm thought that would come out funnier)

dhbMichael Bush @GB: Don’t let last week fool you. With no Darren McFadden, Michael Bush is still a guy you want in your line ups. Take away one game and Bush is still averaging over 100 yards a game with almost a touchdown to boot. Green Bay may force teams to throw because they get up quickly, but they still allow plenty of rushing yards and could easily give up a TD. Another Bush in my start em sit em. What a day.

Other RBs worthy of a start: Ryan Mathews vs BUF, Maurice Morris vs MIN, Pierre Thomas at TEN


Santana Moss vs NE: Bring on the Redskins!! Hey when a team have a dominant offense, sometimes you just need to start that team’s guys right? Right?! Ok maybe not, but when you have a defense that gives up yards and scores like the Patriots, you have to roll with those numbers. Injuries to the receiving core will lead to a whole bunch of targets and who do you think that Start Em QB I told you about will throw it to? Yep, this guy.

Darrius Heyward-Bey @GB: Haha, there is a theme here. Same as everything above, replace Redskins with Raiders, and NE with GB. Moving along

Steve Johnson @SD: Welcome back Birdman! It took a whole lot of bad games in the middle of the season to find the guy we remember from last season, but 13 catches and 2 touchdowns over the last two weeks is a turn for the better. Buffalo’s defense has fallen apart recently and if San Diego’s offense can imitate their success from last week, Johnson will be called upon early and often to make plays.

Other WRs worthy of a start: Malcom Floyd vs BUF, Mike Williams at JAC, Golden Tate vs STL


Kellen Winlow at JAC: Look, I’m not really sure who will be starting at QB for the Bucs this week yet but I can tell you one thing they will want to lean on the big fella. The Jags are at the bottom of the league against defending tight ends, and any inexperienced QB loves the tight end. It’s just a good fit.



Ben Roethlisberger vs CLE: It’s a big game on Thursday night and so maybe Ben comes out with that extra sparkle in his eye but Cleveland is no joke on defense. They have been third in the NFL at limiting opposing QBs and with the Browns’ offense struggling so much, the Steelers might not put much on Ben tonight. I could easily see him only getting 1 TD or less in a relatively low scoring type of game.

Andy Dalton vs HOU: Have gotten a lot of match up questions with Dalton this week. I have chosen the other guy in every scenario. The Texans are among the league’s absolute best at limiting opposing QBs and Dalton, as is, hasn’t thrown for multiple touchdowns since week 10. If you are looking at a couple choices, probably look the other way from this guy.

Other QBs worthy of a sit: Joe Flacco vs IND, Christian Ponder at DET, Kevin Kolb vs SF


Willis McGahee vs CHI: McGahee, when healthy and playing with Tebow has been great. I am aware. The problems he faces this week however are that he is banged up and missing some practice due to his injuries and he faces a Chicago defense that knows they need to sell out to stop the run. The Bears can’t afford to give up points and they know this. I am not saying they will 100%, but I think the Broncos will need to have overall success and that might limit McGahee’s final numbers.

Beanie Wells vs SF: You know those match ups I talk about? Running back vs the 49ers defense is one of them. They just don’t give up points to running backs. Stay away.

Steven Jackson at SEA: Seattle has a tough run d but they can certainly be had if the team is committed or the running back is special. You would think both scenarios would be the case in St. Louis. I’m not buying it. They might be down to their third string QB and are playing in Seattle and a crowd known for making life difficult for QBs. The Hawks will sell out to stop the run and Jackson will be limited.

Other RBs worthy of a sit: DeAngello Williams vs ATL, Jackie Battle at NYJ, Cedric Benson vs HOU


Erik Decker vs CHI: He had been the man for Tebow when he wasn’t really throwing for any yards at all. Now Tebow finally throws for some decent yardage and Decker is nowhere to be found! This situation is far too unstable to trust in the fantasy playoffs. Don’t take the risk and go with another option. It will help you sleep at night.

Desean Jackson at MIA: Again, Miami has been playing extremely well and have done a great job of limiting opposing wide receivers as of late. Talking about the trust issue with Decker, it goes two fold in Jackson’s case. How can you trust a guy for your fantasy team when the Eagles can’t even trust the guy on their real team??? I say way too much slacking last week against Seattle to trust my playoff life on a guy taking plays off and who could/should be benched at any second.

djaxsitJohnny Knox @DEN: He popped up on the radar the last few weeks as Caleb Hanie’s favorite target. Yeah, and a McDonald’s salad is America’s favorite health food. Just because it might be true, doesn’t make it helpful. Hanie led the Bears to 3 points against the Chiefs last week and now they lost their threat at running back. I don’t think Champ Bailey and the rest of the Broncos D will be scared of Marion “used to be” the Barbarian.

Other WRs worthy of a sit: James Jones vs OAK, Greg Little at PIT, Dwayne Bowe at NYJ


Jermaine Gresham vs HOU: The young tight end has had a very productive season working with rookie Andy Dalton, but the match up this week is not a good one. I already told you how good Houston’s pass defense has been overall; well they are especially good at limiting tight ends. They allow the third fewest fantasy points in the league and it could be a tough week to score for Gresham.