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News Latest news from Patriots' Tom Brady: 'Coaching wouldn't be for me' Despite being one of the greatest players to ever take the field, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said he has no desire to coach football when he hangs up his cleats. No merit to trade rumors for Bears WR Alshon Jeffery NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Wednesday that there's no merit to trade rumors involving Bears receiver Alshon Jeffery. Find out why franchise players don't get traded. Goff taking first-team reps, 'ready to go'

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I always love this time of year because the NFL playoffs are always so full of storylines and captivating and at the same time I am typically watching with the glow of a fantasy champion. I’m most of you reading this and have frequented our site share a similar glow at this time of year. It’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Just tell your league mates when they start to get sick of said glow, “Haters gotta hate!” The sucky part about this time of year is that it’s over!!

Ryan Tannehill - Miami Dolphins - Pick 5 Cian Fahey: The Dolphins were obviously in desperate need of a quarterback and Tannehill became their guy. Despite being 19th overall on Mike Mayock's board and having a second round grade from some scouts, the Dolphins take him in the top 10. Playing in that division is going to be really tough for Tannehill as a rookie and the Dolphins have very few legitimate weapons for him to work with. David Garrard should be the starter this year, or Matt Moore. Projection: 400 yards, 2

Does anybody else get tired of player/coach interviews? Tom Brady tried to say he didn’t remember whether or not he said anything during the game to Richard Sherman. Jim Harbaugh said in his media interview for his upcoming game, pretty much nothing. The most nondescript interview I’ve ever heard. Until players and coach’s all take more of a Mike Leech approach, and if you don’t know what I mean go Google the new Washington State football head coach and listen to some of his interviews this year, I think the

Another week has passed, and the injuries continue to pile up, perhaps as a result of poor conditioning due to a short offseason. Players returning from injuries had varying degrees of success this week, and as a result, some apparent depth chart changes have occurred. I’ll be taking all of this into account and more as I give you a stat-driven insight into what to expect from your fantasy players in Week 5, as well as some advice on for your pick’em leagues (13-3 last week). As always, I’d love

Playoffs!!!! Hopefully by the time you read this you are much more smiley than frowny and you have worked your way through the ups and downs of this fantasy season, into the playoffs. Many of you are on bye weeks, if so congrats, you’ve earned. For those still alive and now in that infamous must win situation, this week becomes the most important of the year. There are plenty of notes to go over from week 13, but how about those receiver performances??? The top 3 performances of the week

Boy, it looks like Josh Gordon is the real deal doesn’t it? At the beginning of the season, we were all on the Jordan Cameron bandwagon as he was dominating opposing defenses but as soon as Jason Campbell came in, Cameron went back to simply being the brother of Matt Leinart’s baby momma. Not Gordon. Gordon missed the first two games of the season due to suspension and is still 5th in the NFL in receiving yards. He is ahead of names like Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall, and Demaryius Thomas,

The last week of byes is finally upon us, but it will certainly not be gentle. Red hot Seahawks like Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson will be gone. AJ Green will be missed, that Bengals D that led so many to victory last weekend is no mas, and our red hot Eagles as well. Oh and the Bills, if you care. Free agents are becoming more and more sparse as we get towards the end of the season so hopefully you have the proper depth to survive these late byes

I personally don’t have a huge issue with horn tooting. After all, this is my forum to do with as I please right? I mentioned to you all many weeks ago that Andre Brown needed to be stashed. I continued to preach the pick up with the goal of week 10 being his return to the line up. I did NOT foresee what happened Sunday. Coach speak can sometimes be fairly recognizable and sometimes very difficult. Bill Belichick and Mike Shanahan are typically very good at the latter. Tom Coughlin