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Web Link Fantasy Football Wednesdays: 1-4-12 "Fantasy Focus" with Cameron Sparks and Kevin Nelson, hosted by Dick Fain on KJR Sports Radio. 2012 Outlook and 2011 Recap. Last show of the 2011 Season. Starts about 10 minutes in.  Web Link Fantasy Football Wednesdays: 12-21-11 "Fantasy Focus" with Cameron Sparks and Kevin Nelson on KJR Sports Radio, hosted by Dick Fain. CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK!!! Advice to help you win a ring.  Web Link Fantasy Football Wednesdays: 12-14-11 "Fantasy Focus" with Cameron Sparks and Kevin Nelson on KJR Sports Radio, hosted by Dick Fain. Playoff time, injuries and

Happy Friday!! Who’s getting excited for this playoff run? Trade deadlines are all probably around the corner, everybody scheming and manipulating on each to get their squad ready for this last push to glory. Ohhhh thinking about it gives me more Goosebumps than RL Stine! But this isn’t about trade watch, this is about your starting line ups. Trades and free agent moves are certainly important but they are only as good as starting the lineup that gets you the big W when Monday Night Football goes off the air.

I have missed you all. Time away makes the heart grow fonder, or maybe it’s distance. Hmmmm. Regardless, insert something overly emo and heartfelt and attach my name to it. Bam. For you guys. The NFL season continues to roll on and the squeeze is on for all of us. Well, maybe not you 7-0 and 6-1 guys. Unless you are winless, you still have a shot, and odds are most of us are somewhere in between. This is the time to really start digging in for the playoffs. Teams with

The thing is, I don’t feel any different. It sounds drastically different when I ask, but at the heart of the matter, I do not feel any different. Yesterday I reached the monumental 30th birthday achievement and the status quo seems to have been altered. “Dirty” thirty as many have apparently conveyed to me over the past few days should be different. For the sake of obvious, it is a little weird to consider I know longer can say I’m “in my twenties”. Ok, fine. You little punks can separate

I’m conflicted. I can’t decide if this is my favorite time of the actual fantasy season or if it’s a caught up in the moment…uh… moment. I love right now. It has been one entire week. We have seen 60 minutes worth of football and opinions, gut feelings, emotions, and research has all gone waaaaaaaaay out the window. Dez and Calvin are bums. Julius Thomas is the new Jimmy Graham (ok he could be but still). There are a million examples but you get the point. Do all of you

Better late than never right? It’s not how early you get the right line up set, it’s that the right line up gets set! Start QB: Russell Wilson at ATL: Did you forget about that playoff game last year? I’ll tell you what, Russell didn’t. 385 yards passing and 60 rushing. Oh, and Atlanta was good back then. Nick Foles at GB: We know it’s Chip Kelly’s offense and they want to score. When a guy comes off 7 touchdown passes and is the quarterback of a fast paced offense like the Eagles you know Latest Videos from for Seattle Seahawks NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport: Linebacker Bruce Irvin's option too pricey for Seattle Seahawks NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport discusses why the Seattle Seahawks declined to pick up linebacker Bruce Irvin's fifth-year option. Is Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson using baseball as bargaining chip? NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport discusses whether or not Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is using baseball as a negotiating point for his new contract. Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll: 'I'm fueled' by Super Bowl loss NFL Latest Videos from for Carolina Panthers What's the future for Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton? Our "NFL GameDay" crew discusses what Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton needs to succeed in the future. Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton: 'We have to learn from this' Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton discusses his team's loss to the Seattle Seahawks and how the Panthers will improve in the future. Ron Rivera on Seattle Seahawks: There's a reason they're in the position they are in Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera reacts after