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Fantasy Football News

  1. Sign up for Fantasy Football Leagues first and Ten in 2019

The best time for preseason is here: the call to join our fantasy football leagues for the 2019 season. Whether you consider yourself an expert or a beginner, we have different options, some with Live Draft from Mexico City, others with Online Draft, standard formats, Half PPR, etc.

To participate, you only have to leave your data in the league you want to be part of. In the following days, you will receive an email with the confirmation of your entry and the deposit account to pay for your registration. You will have three working days from the date of sending that email to liquidate your listing, otherwise, your place will be given to whoever is on the waiting list.

  1. Will it be worth taking Elliott and Gordon in the first round of Fantasy?

In the Season 2018 Fantasy Football, Ezekiel Elliott (252.2) and Melvin Gordon (225.5) finished fifth and sixth respectively in total points, that is to say, that both RB should be selected in the first round. However, so far, they are absent from their teams ‘ training in search of a new contract. Is it worth the risk and will it be worth taking Elliott and Gordon in the first round of Fantasy? Do you repeat the history of Le Veon Bell and the Steelers?

“Zeke” is the mainstay of the Cowboys ‘ offensive. In each of his three seasons, he has exceeded the total 1 200 yards from the scrimmage line and accumulates 34 TD in total. His production is unquestionable: 16.8 points per match in FF in 2018. The weight it takes away from Dak Prescott helps the QB continue to maintain the offensive while ensuring opportunities for Elliott to accumulate points, a” virtuous circle.” To top it all off, Elliot’s Air-effective.

Although Jerry Jones, owner of the Cowboys, said that “you don’t need to have the leader in yard-to-ground to win championships,” he also stated that “I’ve always concluded contractual agreements.” Elliott would also have already received offers. Even in 2017, the season in which he has suspended six games and had more than 1 200 yds total, was worth taking in the first round for his long-term production. In conclusion, Dallas knows she has to give him the contract she wants, because they need it, and because she’s earned it in the field. He no longer wants to be under his rookie contract and has justified it. Zeke isn’t just a first-round player; he’s a Fantasy Football Top 3.

  1. Are McCaffrey and Barkley the best RB of Fantasy in 2019?

The 2019 NFL season is approaching and with it a new Fantasy Football campaign. Like every year, it’s about analyzing who are the best players to take with the first picks in the Fantasy Draft. This year, the running backs Christian McCaffrey and Saquon Barkley. While Ezekiel Elliott is not very far away from them and also receive passes with frequency, the contributions from McCaffrey and Barkley puts them early as the best RB in Fantasy in 2019, and these are the reasons.

Why Christian McCaffrey?

No matter who the center quarterback is in the Panthers (in 2018 Cam Newton, Taylor Heinicke, and Kyle Allen played), McCaffrey remained the soul of the offensive. While Ron Rivera is defensive-minded, offensive coordinator Norv Turner knows what he’s doing with a talent offensive. However, all the weight fell on Stanford’s graduate runner and, although they did not make the playoffs because of the deficiencies in QB’s position and the instability of the defense, he kept them afloat when they were worse off. Before Cam Newton was the soul of the offensive; now, both by land and air, the pillar is McCaffrey.