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Fantasy Stock Market: Chris Johnson

Well, if you were one of the fantasy owners to take CJ2K in the 1st round of this year’s draft, things haven’t quite worked out the way you’d hoped now have they? Now you’re forced to take all of the annoying calls from other owners who offer you pennies on the dollar for your star. Or maybe you’re the owner that offends everyone by trying to trade him based on his potential and his name by offering him straight up for Calvin Johnson (you know who you are). Well I’m here to help with a decision on the Titans star as to hold, buy or sell the man many regard as the best running back in the league.

Hold: If you’re one of the lucky ones where CJ’s production hasn’t affected your record much and you’re still one of the front runners in the league at 5-0, 4-1 or even 3-2. If you’ve already got a strong team surrounding Johnson, keep him. Things will surely get better in Tennessee for Johnson as he faces a Texans defense without Mario Williams, the Colts (twice), Bengals, Panthers, Falcons who were gashed by Lesean McCoy, Bucs, Bills, Saints and finally the Jags to end the season. That’s a pretty favorable season and the Titans can’t rely on the arm of Matt Hasselbeck all season to win games.

Buy: If you’re in a position to get Johnson, get him now! Now is the single best time to make a move on Johnson as it may be his lowest price of the year. Many owners panic about bye weeks and always feel the need to win. Grab CJ with the bye, look at his schedule and smile as he helps you with your late season push.

“Sell Mortimer Sell”: Sell CJ only, and I mean ONLY, if your team is not in a position to sustain being without him this week. If you’re on the low end of your league because he hasn’t produced like other 1st round picks, it may be time to salvage your season. Don’t take pennies on the dollar, you have to trade him and substantially upgrade at another position, preferably a quarterback as if you don’t have one of those in a passing league life could be tough on you this season. Try to pull off a good 2 for 1 or package in receiving a strong set of players like a highly ranked QB (Philip Rivers, etc…) or shoot for a consistent, productive WR (Greg Jennings).

Overall I have patience with the CJ situation. My recommendation is to Buy/Hold on CJ2K.