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Fantasy Football Start Sit – Week 7

Does anybody else get tired of player/coach interviews? Tom Brady tried to say he didn’t remember whether or not he said anything during the game to Richard Sherman. Jim Harbaugh said in his media interview for his upcoming game, pretty much nothing. The most nondescript interview I’ve ever heard. Until players and coach’s all take more of a Mike Leech approach, and if you don’t know what I mean go Google the new Washington State football head coach and listen to some of his interviews this year, I think the requirements should go down. Is anybody dying to hear Gregg Popovich’s one word answers at the end of the 3rd quarter during NBA games? Postgame coaches’ interviews, want to bet the coach uses the phrase, “we got beat in all three phases”? It happens every week. I hate when the media and the fans blast the people who actually speak the truth.  So until everybody decides to interview like the player formally known as Chad Johnson or a Keyshawn Johnson, I would ask all sports to try and cut back on all of these required interviews. My brain can only take so much mundaneness. What is not mundane however are the match ups for the coming week. Don’t worry folks; I have binders full of players to fill your lineups. Binders. Let’s go.




Josh Freeman vs NO: Freeman finally showed a little something to all of his fantasy owners last week as he carved up the Kansas City Chiefs for 328 yards and 3 touchdowns. Believe it or not, things actually get EASIER this coming week as he gets the New Orleans Saints defense. A group of men who thought dressing up way early as defensive players for Halloween and showing up on Sundays would be funny and alleviate some of the Bounty focus. It didn’t work. Oh well, great news for Freeman owners. Just don’t eat too much candy.

Andy Dalton vs PIT: Everybody get your houses in order as a sign of the end must be near. A start recommendation has been made against the Steelers defense. Yeah, I said it. I feel like the term “Steelers defense” should be retermed like “teelers defense” or “Steelers fense” or something I don’t know yet, because it is just incomplete without Troy Polomalu. Matt Hasslebeck threw for 290 yards last week against them for goodness sakes. Matt Hasslebeck. Do you know how many completions it must take to get 290 yards out of Matt Hasslebecks arm???? (25 in this base but still!) Dalton has topped 300 yards 3 times already this season and is throwing to an AJ Green playing like the best receiver in the league right now.

Other QBs worthy of a start: Mark Sanchez at NE, Tony Romo vs CAR, Andrew Luck vs CLE



Felix Jones at CAR: Demarco Murray is out this week and Felix gets the ball to himself this week. Before this season I had no interest in Felix Jones because I felt like he had been given multiple chances to get it done and failed in every one. That was true. But after watching him run last week when Murray went out of the game, and after seeing what the thought of losing a job has done to both Ahmad Bradshaw and Shonn Greene in recent weeks, I am intrigued by Jones’ chance against a defense giving up the 3rd most points to running backs. Show me whatcha got Felix.