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Fantasy Football Start Sit – Week 10

Congrats America, we all have our President for the next 4 years. Republicans I’m sorry things didn’t go your way, and Democrats it seemed you truly did have 99 problems but a Mitt wasn’t one. I’m not a big politics person and the last thing I want my fantasy readers to do is come to this website for political debates. This is our escape! That said, I just have one suggestion for the republicans, coming from an independent who has no problem rockin blue or red. Regardless of your feelings, policies, beliefs, or ideals if you want to win next election can you please get a guy who doesn’t seem ultra fake and corny for once? I get it, its politics and everyone is fake to an extent but come on. At least McCain was a war hero, but since that didn’t work at all you went with Romney??? Be honest, would you even feel comfortable buying a car from that guy? I wouldn’t and that is without knowing his agenda for standard warranties.  Again, policies aside, just one opinion/suggestion from a man who does not designate a specific party line.  Throwing it out there. Anyways, football right? Start Doug Martin. Did we learn that one? Yeah ok that is easy. What else, ummmm…..




Andrew Luck at JAC: They did just give up 4 rushing touchdowns to a team who typically throws 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. I know. But unlike Matt Stafford this season, Andrew Luck is on a role. The kid is hot, and the Colts want no part in taking the ball out of his hands. Luck does not force it to a superstar talent in hopes of the best, like Peyton Manning before him, he makes fantasy stars out of no namers because they are the best option. This kid is special already; he has the makings of being one of the greats.

Ryan Fitzpatrick at NE: After starting the season well Fitzpatrick has struggled more lately. The best possible cure all comes in the form of the New England Patriots this week. Last time Fitzpatrick faced the Patriots this year he had 350 yards and 4 touchdowns, and that was despite throwing 4 picks. The Patriots are coming off a bye and for me that bodes for more important for their offense than defense. They are going to torch the Bills, who will have no choice but to pass to catch up. CJ Spiller could be a huge asset in the screen game this week.

Other QBs worthy of a start: Josh Freeman vs SD, Carson Palmer at BAL, Ben Roethlisberger vs KC



Steven Ridley vs BUF: I mentioned it above but I think New England, barring unforeseen weather, is going to throttle the Bills. The worst run D in the league should give Ridley plenty of running room and a lot of opportunity to add to his 716 rushing yards already this season. He should score this week and will probably top 100 yards as well.