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Fantasy Football Matchups: Week 5

Another week has passed, and the injuries continue to pile up, perhaps as a result of poor conditioning due to a short offseason. Players returning from injuries had varying degrees of success this week, and as a result, some apparent depth chart changes have occurred. I’ll be taking all of this into account and more as I give you a stat-driven insight into what to expect from your fantasy players in Week 5, as well as some advice on for your pick’em leagues (13-3 last week). As always, I’d love to hear a

The Chiefs managed to scrape together a win last week against the Vikings, overcoming their multiple injuries.  Dwayne Bowe has had 14 receptions for 275 yards and two TDs over the past three games.  This is actually a much faster start than he had in his monster year last year, when he had 1162 yards and 15 TDs, despite his two catch, 17 yard game 1.  Bowe owners, you could be in for a heck of a ride.  Matt Cassel made some strides towards silencing his critics, with a mistake-free, 260 yard, one TD performance.  He got Steve Breaston more involved this week, but neither Cassel nor Breaston are reliable fantasy options.  Pick up Breaston if you need a fill-in for the bye week or Andre Johnson.  The running situation in Kansas City is an absolute mess in the absence of Jamaal Charles.  Thomas Jones is getting most of the carries, but to put that in perspective, last week he had 11 carries for 37 yards.  If that doesn’t dissuade you from owning any of the RBs in Kansas City, then listen to this.  The Chiefs have not scored a since rushing touchdown this season.  Yea, that’s what I thought….


The Colts cannot catch a break, as more players were struck with injuries.  Watching Peyton Manning slump down in his chair in the booth watching failed play after failed play on offense just might be the saddest thing I’ve seen all year.  From a fantasy perspective, QB Curtis Painter is making it tough to trust anyone involved in the passing game.  Reggie Wayne was leading the team in receiving yards until Pierre Garcon had his freak game last week with two receptions for 146 yards and two TDs.  You probably don’t want to play Wayne this week because the Chiefs shutdown corner Brandon Flowers will be all over him.  Garcon could have a good week again if Wayne gets most of the defensive attention.  The Chiefs have struggled covering TEs this year, so Dallas Clark is also a decent play.  Joseph Addai is playing well as the Colts try to take some pressure off Painter.


Winner: Kansas City

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