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Case of the Mondays: Week 14 Waivers and Fantasy Recap

Playoffs!!!! Hopefully by the time you read this you are much more smiley than frowny and you have worked your way through the ups and downs of this fantasy season, into the playoffs. Many of you are on bye weeks, if so congrats, you’ve earned. For those still alive and now in that infamous must win situation, this week becomes the most important of the year. There are plenty of notes to go over from week 13, but how about those receiver performances??? The top 3 performances of the week were all WR, that’s right, all WR and no QBs in the top 3. That is rarer than a living steak. Both Josh Gordon and Alshon Jeffery topped the 200 yard mark with 2 TDs, Gordon going over 200 for an NFL record second straight game, and while he failed to hit 200 yards, Erik Decker burned the Chiefs D for a cool 174 and 4 TDs. Those are some get you into the playoff type performances! Decker of the 3 is the least reliable because of Manning’s propensity to spread the ball around, but all 3 are certainly must starts going into the playoffs. Let’s see what else we got….

Note 1: Ben Tate

–          That is the most valuable handcuff we were expecting. Tate is in a contract year and was really letting himself down with his performance in relief of Arian Foster thus far but broke out in a big way on Sunday. Tate ran all over the Pats for 102 yards and 3 TDs. He showed the burst he had been missing this season, and could be in for a nice finish for those who held on to him. Those ribs seem to be doing better, that’s for sure.

Note 2: Peyton Manning

–          Good lord…..

Note 3: The starter for the next 1000 years

–          Maybe a little tongue in cheek right? I guess Chip Kelly could have some sort of youth elixir but I’m assuming he doesn’t and Nick Foles will more so just be the start for the foreseeable future. Up to 19 TDs to zero picks. He has Detroit, Minnesota, and Chicago over the fantasy playoffs. Must start.

Note 4: Bitterness

–          Just so you guys know, because I am sure you are curious. I was the leading scorer in my own main fantasy league, didn’t make the playoffs. Thems the breaks folks. Gotta love (or is it hate) fantasy.

Note 5: Percy Harvin

–          I write about him every week. What a bummer. You can drop him now. The Hawks will play it safe for the remainder of the season after the most recent flair up. Seattle has no reason to play him before the playoffs anymore.

Note 6: Michael Crabtree

–          A little rusty but played over 40 snaps. He can be inserted into line ups immediately. Tough match up with Seattle this week but Kap looked for Crabtree nearly exclusively last year and as Crabtree gets his legs back, it will most likely happen again.

Note 7: Matt Flynn

–          Ha, what a difference in the last two times he played Detroit.

Note 8: Michael Floyd

–          Another receiver who is heating up is Michael Floyd. Floyd has been quietly solid for the Cardinals all year, but is now becoming a must start in fantasy. Floyd has 396 yards over the past 3 weeks and a couple TDs. He has flashed big play ability and looks like a wonderful compliment to Larry Fitzgerald. He is a must start over the next few weeks as well.

Note 9: Roddy White

–          Don’t leave him for dead quite yet! Get him back in your line up, stat. Finally healthy it seems, he will gobble up targets like an over anxious Hungry Hungry Hippos champion.

Note 10: Don’t lose!!

Note 11: End of season predictions

–          Since most of you will start to trail off once this week is over, I thought I would give my Super Bowl predictions for all you betters who want a sure thing. I’ve thought long and hard about this, you ready?

Seahawks – Patriots

Nobody is beating Seattle in Seattle. That one is easy.

The AFC is full of teams just not that good and the Pats have the most experience, coaching, and clutchness. I have said for years Manning is not, and we will find out again with Manning playing outdoors in the playoffs. Brady owns Manning, and nearly everyone owns Manning in the playoffs. Broncos don’t make it.

Super Bowl Champs: Seattle Seahawks

Waiver Wire for week 14


Donald Brown **** (if still available somehow)

Jonathan Stewart *** (Got 14 carries and maybe DeAngelo will have a setback)


Michael Crabtree***** (just in case)

Julian Edelman***** (Dobson and Thompkins injuries push Edelman back into larger playing time role)


Ladarius Green***

Zach Ertz***