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Case of the Mondays: Week 13 Waivers and Fantasy Recap

Boy, it looks like Josh Gordon is the real deal doesn’t it? At the beginning of the season, we were all on the Jordan Cameron bandwagon as he was dominating opposing defenses but as soon as Jason Campbell came in, Cameron went back to simply being the brother of Matt Leinart’s baby momma. Not Gordon. Gordon missed the first two games of the season due to suspension and is still 5th in the NFL in receiving yards. He is ahead of names like Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall, and Demaryius Thomas, none have which have missed games this season. So not only is Gordon dealing with Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell on a weekly basis, but it’s not exactly like there are many (ahem, any) weapons anywhere else on the Browns roster outside of Cameron to take attention from Gordon. He is doing this with the sole focus of the defense. Man, imagine if he would have been traded to a team with a real support system. That is just one of the take-aways from week 12’s action, here are some more!


Note 1: Bustin Bronco


–          He was a former number one pick who had become a running joke because of injuries and flat out poor performance but Knowshon Moreno has found the light bulb. (haha, running joke… get it) Culminating this last week with a career high 224 yards on, you ready, 37 rush attempts Moreno is having a career year and is a perfect complement to Peyton Manning. Excellent in pass protection, solid out of the backfield, and now is finally running well. Monte Ball was expected to become the man in an awesome system but there is no reason to replace a relatively young, 26, and spry, under 800 carry carries to date, at this point or in the near future.


Note 2: New England Carousel


–          When you think you know, you have no idea. It looked like Aaron Dobson was turning into a safe start for Tom Brady. After totaling 228 yards and 3 TDs in the past 3 games Dobson was poised for a good game in a shootout with the Pats. Instead, Dobson got benched again for Kenbrell Thompkins and did not have a target for the first time all season. Julian Edleman popped back up to the tune of 9 catches for 110 yards and 2 TDs, and the message is clear. Start Gronk every week, good luck with the recs.


Note3: Ray Rice


–          Look’s like my jinx only had one week power.


Note 4: Workhorse


–          Since week 5, Eddie Lacy has had less than 22 carries ONE time. That is UNheard of in today’s NFL. To give you some perspective on that workload, since week 5 Adrian Peterson has less than 22 carries FIVE times. It doesn’t matter the quarterback, this kid is a stud.


Note 5: Oakland Ineptitude


–          I like Kendall Wright and I like Justin Hunter, but the Raiders are the note here. They gave up 7 TD passes to Nick Foles, they gave up 252 yards to Andre Johnson and Garrett Graham, and now they gave up this to the Titans. The Raiders are a match up you want for your QB and/or Recs over the last few weeks.


Note 6: Mike Wallace


–          Hey!!!!! 5 catches for 127 yards and a touchdown! There ya go Miami, you did pay a lot of money for the guy for crying out loud.


Note 7: Bobby Rainey


–          I tongue in cheek said to Cameron after last week’s performance, “Bobby Rainey will not have that many fantasy points the rest of his career.” Was a little exaggerated, or was it?


Note 8: Another Breakout Performer


–          I mentioned at the top it might be time to anoint Josh Gordon as having “arrived”, well, similarly it might be the case for Antonio Brown. All Brown is doing is quietly leading the league in receptions, is top 5 in yards, and just did something AJ Green couldn’t do (twice) nor most others who tried this season, get the best of Joe Haden. 6 catches for 92 yards and a TD against a premier corner is getting it done folks. Brown is a big time must start.


Note 9: Ben Tate


–          Ugh. So much for the best handcuff in the game.


Note 10: Speed


–          Tavon is fast. Like, really fast. He also still only had two catches. He’s not must start, just must watch….. highlights.


Note 11: RG3


–          Ok, I’m sick of this. Personally I have been flummoxed by the Redskins strategy all year. They seem to run the ball with ease until they decide the RG3 should win the game for them, which he never does. If his name was not RG3 would you be able to tell the difference between him and the bad Michael Vick? And how is he so bad at avoiding hits???? Even when he tries to go out of bounds and gets slightly shoved, he flies to the ground like a got t-boned in an intersection. RG3 right now screams diva to me and I heard a great analogy on the radio this morning that fits well for me. You never want to date the 6 who thinks she/he is a 9. Right now, RG3 is a 6 who thinks he is a 12.


Note 12: Injuries:


  • Knowshon – ankle – Should be good to go


  • Eddie Lacy – Asthma – yea…..


  • Scott Tolzein – Pride – You just got benched for a Matt Flynn cut by the Raiders and Bills. Sweet spin move though bro


  • Zac Stacy – concussion – big time danger of missing week 13. Needs to pass concussion protocol and then would get the SF 49ers to bang on his drum (brain/head) all day.


  • Daniel Thomas – Being terrible (but really an ankle) – Ok Lamar, whatcha got


–          Matt Forte – Embarassment – For being so terrible at the goal line that the Bears consciously still choose to go to Michael Bush. And a knee that it looks like should be A ok.


Week 13 Waiver




Matt Flynn *** (Last time he played Detroit, well, he got PAID)




Benny Cunningham *** (If Stacy is out, Cunningham will start. But he will get the 9ers.)


Dennis Johnson *** (maybe it’s Tate’s ribs but Tate looks like a soggy Tot (Tater tots, do you guys still follow me on these anymore) and Johnson actually looked good.)


Brandon Bolden ** (Everyone else fumbles on that team)




Nate Burleson ***** (good start to his comeback)


Justin Hunter *** (love his talent)