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Case of the Mondays: Week 11 Waiver Wire and Fantasy Recap

I personally don’t have a huge issue with horn tooting. After all, this is my forum to do with as I please right? I mentioned to you all many weeks ago that Andre Brown needed to be stashed. I continued to preach the pick up with the goal of week 10 being his return to the line up. I did NOT foresee what happened Sunday. Coach speak can sometimes be fairly recognizable and sometimes very difficult. Bill Belichick and Mike Shanahan are typically very good at the latter. Tom Coughlin had no shot at fooling me week 10.


“Peyton Hillis will be our starter and get the majority of work”


Yeah, ok Tom. I’ll buy the “starter” thing but come on. He of the 2.8 YPC coming into the game is going to get the majority of the work when you have a fresh back coming in who scored in 8 out of the 10 games he played last year while averaging 5/3 YPC. The writing was on the wall and while his YPC weren’t great on Sunday, when you get 30 frickin carries it doesn’t have to be to make a great impact. Welcome back Andre Brown, I hope the rest of you jumped aboard.


What else we got from week 10?




Note 1: Peyton Manning


–          Yawn. Oh, wait he got hurt? He’ll be fine, he already could move less than the Statue of David.


Note 2: Injuries


–          Not too big this week, mentioned Manning briefly. Jake Locker is out for the year, Jay Cutler reinjured his man parts, and then Tony Gonzo hurt his toe which is only fitting for an Atlanta Falcons team that seemingly is having everything go wrong.


Note 3: Percy J


–          He’s active. Oh boy!


Note 4: Nick Foles


–          Ok, so there is the 16 TDs to 0 interceptions and then there are the people who will tell you how big of a fluke that is. You know what else is a fluke, the ducks that Peyton Manning throws all over the field. At some point, maybe things aren’t flukes after all. When you are in a good system, sometimes all it takes is putting the ball out there for your playmakers to make plays. 16-0 may be a fluke, but not many people have done it soooo…. With the schedule Foles has coming up, he should be solid starting consideration.


Note5: TY


–          Star. Feels good.


Note 6: Tavon Austin


–          Speed is very real. Watching him streak down those sidelines was almost unreal. If he doesn’t get a 99 speed on Madden I don’t know who deserves it. The downside is, it may have been a bit of a fluke. He only got two catches and the Colts were just flummoxed by everything all game. If he is available, sure take a flyer to see if they can involve him in the offense, but the Rams are on bye this week so we are running short on time. Hopefully the Rams use the bye week to incorporate more for him finally because that speed was like woah.


Note 7: Oh speaking of the Eagles


–          Riley Cooper is clearly a must start while Nick Foles is QB. Foles can’t take his eyes of Cooper, it’s kind of dreamy in a way. When I say dreamy, imagine if your dreams were always as good as over 92 yards per game and 6 touchdowns over the past 5 weeks. He gets the Washington secondary this week. Yay!


Note 8: Mark Ingram


–          Admittedly, I have never liked Mark Ingram and let’s be honest, who really has. Coming into this season he was a career 3.9 YPC back who hasn’t topped 602 yards in a season. But the guy we saw on Sunday night was a different man. Looking much slimmer than years past since coming back from injury, Ingram looked explosive, spry, and elusive. Words I NEVER imagined would have described him. If he is available, and he should be, he could provide a huge boost to your running game down the stretch. Clearly the Saints have a quality line and a decent enough (wink) passing game to create holes.


Note 9: Rishard Matthews??


–          Ummmm, he doesn’t even know how to spell his own name. Worth a look but, the Dolphins are a mess.


Note 10: Did I mention Percy was back this week??


–          I’m excited.


Note 11: The Packers


–          Might be in a little bit of trouble. I’m confident in the Packers system but at some point, needing to sign a Matt Flynn who wasn’t worthy of being on the Raiders or Bills rosters this season becomes troublesome. The Bills and Raiders aren’t exactly known for stellar QB play here. Scott Tolzien wasn’t awful considering where he had to be with practice time just two weeks ago, but the fantasy relevant players (Nelson, Lacy, Jones, Boykin) might be quite spotty until Double Check gets back. This will be a big swing week.


Waiver Wire Week 11




Josh McCown *** (has been solid with those weapons if in a pinch)




Mark Ingram *****


Andre Brown ***** (really?)


Shane Vereen ***** (is he available?? Possibly back this week)




Aaron Dobson ***** (still available off bye?)


Tavon Austin **** (take the flyer)


Rishard Matthews ***