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Case of the Mondays: Week 10 Waiver Wire Adds and Fantasy Recap

I hate the COM’s that start with injury. I don’t care how sinister a fantasy owner you are, nobody wants the elite stars of the league to go down. Monday, we may have lost Aaron Rodgers for significant time, tests still to come. Oh and if you think Rodgers owners are the only ones who should be hurting, ummm nope. Jordy Nelson, James Jones, and Jarrett Boykin owners should be in the dumps as well. All of those players will take significant hits should Rodgers miss the rest of this season. I would worry about the stacked boxes Eddie Lacy will see, but it’s pretty clear he is a beast at this point and while his upside isn’t as high as it was on that first drive against Chicago and their two high safeties defending Rodgers, his workload should still be solid. Man, injuries are the worst. Fortunately there weren’t a ton this week but there are plenty of other tidbits for us to delve into…


Note 1: Brady Bunch

  • – He’s baaaaaaack. Ok, I’m skeptical to this but the emergence of Aaron Dobson is the exact thing Brady has needed to become a reliable star again. We all know the Pats can run it up with the best of them when they are on their game, but Brady was missing a significant outside threat. Even with Gronk back, Brady hadn’t looked the same, but with Dobson playing the majority of snaps now outside and actually excelling, the whole field is opening up for the Golden Boy. It also doesn’t hurt that the dangerous pass catching back, Shane Vereen, is due back soon.

Note 2: Zac Stacy

  • – Alfred Morris 2.0. Congrats to those who jumped on the bandwagon, it appears STL has found their guy. Two weeks in a row now, Stacy has not only put up great rushing performances, but looked really good in doing so. He’s decisive, he’s powerful, and he’s deceptively shifty. Oh, and he’s doing all of this with Kellen Clemens. Unfortunately, Clemens will remain his QB for the long haul this year but it doesn’t look like it will deter Stacy. The Rams know they have their guy, the workload will stay strong.

Note 3: TY Hilton

–          I’ve had TY’s back all year long and even I put him on the sit list this last week because I thought his first foray into WR1 role would be met with some friction against the tough Texans secondary. Hahahahahaha. Nope. Over 100 yards and 3 TDs later it’s pretty clear we have a star in the making. Congrats to those who rode out the wave, while we all waited for the Colts to give TY the proper snap count to match his skill set. It took an injury, but we have arrived.

Note 4: Chris Johnson

  • – Now THAT is the CJ of old! It just looked different ya know? CJ cut through the holes on Sunday and immediately looked like he might take it to the house on every touch. Granted, it was against the Rams sieve of a run D, but hey, better than not doing it at all. CJ is far more dangerous with the threat of Jake Locker than Ryan Fitzpatrick. Back to solid RB2.

Note 5: Nick Foles

  • – Really? Okaaaaaay, pick him up. He’s currently the starter of Chip Kelley’s (reeaaaaallly???) offense and has a ton of weapons at his disposal. Wait, reaaaally? 7 touchdowns? We will throw Riley Cooper in because we can’t ignore 139 and 3 TDs but…. Really??

Note 6: Alfred Morris

  • – First it was Roy Helu stealing 3 TDs from Morris a few weeks ago, this time it was Darrel Young stealing 3, from the ONE yard line. Now even the offspring is playing Shanahanigans!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Note 7: Darren McInjury

  • – Water is wet, Jay Z is rich, Darren McFadden is hurt. Theme? You got it, Rashad Jennings looked good. Get em.

Note 8: Jimmy Graham:

  • – Newsflash, wow.

Note 9: Andre Johnson

  • – Houston got bad luck with the terrible Gary Kubiak thing at halftime because they should have beaten the Colts. Case Keenum led a Texans offense that I think we have all expected from them for the past few years with Matt Schaub. Schaub hasn’t been able to do it and Andre Johnson owners can’t be happier. Johnson’s 3 TDs almost half what he usually gets every year and it is clear Keenum will look for Johnson in the red zone far more the Schaub did. Andre looked like the 1st round fantasy receiver many have always wanted him to be.

Note 10: G G G Gio…….

  • – Love Gio Bernard’s explosiveness and ability. Hey Bengals, more than 9 rushes perhaps going forward?? Only topped 10 carries twice this entire season? Unacceptable.

Note 11: Week 10

  • – Are we in double digit weeks already? Where does the time go.

Note 12: New Charger in town

  • – How about this Keenen Allen kid? Being a Pac 12 homer I was shocked Allen fell so low in the draft but not having off the charts measurable will do that sometimes I guess. Man, this kid can play. Rivers was always a guy who could slang it, but it is now clear that his weapons were just, sorry for this… piss poor. Allen now has 100 yards and a TD in 3 of his last 4 games and is clearly entrenched as a WR2.

Waiver Wire for week 10



Nick Foles ***** (really??)

Jason Campbell ***



Rashad Jennings *****

Darrel Young (STOP it, that was a test)

Chris Ivory *****



Aaron Dobson *****

Marlon Brown ***

Riley Cooper ***

Doug Baldwin **