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Lions, Tigers and…Jaguars?

With their starting running back out having only amassed a poor 20 fantasy points on the season and their defense ranking 30th overall, the Jacksonville boys finally decided to show up. I am sure that no one saw both Denard and Allen Robinson coming, and if you really like to live on the edge you might have went with Storm Johnson at the flex, though I hope you didn’t.  Hopefully you didn’t partner him with Alfred Morris or a Ben Tate or any one carrying the ball for the Bengals in week 7. The point being going forward you will have to think twice about scraping together waiver picks by using the “vs Jacksonville Jaguars” standard formula. As fantasy numbers go they are about to hit what may turn out to be a bit of a streak offensively. Consider that they will likely play the same game against Ryan Tannehill and shock the Dolphins (who are looking past them to San Diego), then Blake Bortles is setup for some pretty fun shoot outs in weeks 9 and 10. The chemistry between him and the young talent around him is growing each week. One thing is for certain, Bortles will have to keep throwing the ball and each week, but their defense is showing up more and more. In no way am I a believer that one win can change the culture of a franchise but i am acknowlegdging that the Jags are getting better and are perhaps a well of point catchers. It might be favorable to get yourself a swap meet pick up of your choosing between the Robinsons or Mr. Shorts III. These may be the moves to be made if you are teetering back and forth on the .500 line and are looking to surprise in some uncertain fantasy times.


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Doug Baldwin 19.4% ESPN

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