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Case of the Mondays: Week 9 Waiver Wire Report and Recap

The most fun part about fantasy is that no matter how much you study or how far into a particular match up you delve into, in the end the game is always unpredictable. Case and point, LeSean McCoy went up against the number 1 ranked run defense in the NFL and made them look silly. Tom Brady went up against a Steelers pass defense that he has torched over and over again throughout his career and ended up with his worst week statistically this season. Point being, no matter where your record is, what you think your team looks like; hang in there. Anything can happen on any given Sunday and all you can do it prepare yourself the best you can and set the best line up you possibly can; from there, let the chips fall where they may. Hopefully, we at FFBLife can be a resourceful tool in you achieving that premier preparation level. Here are some of the things I noticed from week 5:


Note 1: The Dallas Star

-         If given the opportunity, I think DeMarco Murray is on his way to being a star in this league. If Jason Garrett would have gotten out of his own way and just stuck with the run, perhaps the Cowboys could have stayed in their game against the Eagles a little longer. I know that Murray’s two starts have come against two of the worst run D’s in the league but it is not necessarily “just” the stats that lead me to believe this. Murray looks decisive and explosive when he runs. He doesn’t hesitate to hit holes and he seems to run with good pad level. If Jerry Jones gets off of his Razorback brethren, Felix Jones, long enough to looks at what is in front of him, Murray should remain the starter upon Jones’ return. He is the better back overall, and I think Jones is actually better suited to share and play a third down role anyway.

Note 2: The Dallas Star that never was
-Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Keep an eye on what happens with Tashard Choice, the former Cowboys running back that was released over the weekend. I may be beating a dead horse here but I think there is more potential to this guy than he has shown. Prior to this year, he always flashed potential when given a shot but was never given an extended look behind Marion Barber, Felix Jones, etc. I truly believe that his lack of opportunities in Dallas really wore on his motivation level, which is what caused his performance this year to be so subpar. There are plenty of examples of players not working out for one team and completely turning it around with a fresh start. If you have room for a speculative add, maybe take a shot at Choice and hope he lands somewhere with a good chance to play.

*Claimed by Washington Redskins (with Torain’s inffectiveness, def worth a shot)

Note 3: Chris Johnson

-         As a buddy said to me recently, Johnson is reaching legendary bust status. It is a very difficult task to go back in fantasy history and find many running backs who have fallen so far so fast without being victim to a major injury. In 8 weeks, Johnson has gone from surefire top 5 pick to what? A flex play? I mean the dude can’t even top 50 yards and just a couple years ago, he broke 50 yard runs at record setting pace. Now, his head coach has admitted that he will go with a committee approach with Javon Ringer. Wow. Chris Johnson will always have a special place in my fantasy history as he has taken me to multiple titles, but this is a historic fall from grace. I also think it accentuates the point that players, running backs especially, who hold out during for long periods need to drop in rankings. They just need to put in the work to be successful.

eaglesNote 4: The Tim Tebow Experiment

-         I am a fantasy GM. I am not an NFL GM. I don’t care how ugly Tebow looks doing whatever he does, the fact is, he makes things happen. Did he have a great game, both fantasy or in NFL terms, absolutely not. We told you to sit him if you could in last week’s Start Em Sit ‘Em. He had a very tough match up against a dangerous Lions’ front and the Broncos just don’t have enough weapons to deter the Lions’ pass rush. None the less, Tebow scored more fantasy points in standard scoring leagues than Tony Romo or Drew Brees. He scored two less than Tom Brady. The man finds a way. Unfortunately his job is now in question because he has been horribly inaccurate. Personally, I don’t understand that. If I am John Elway my team is 2-5 and not going anywhere this year. Kyle Orton is not any more capable at leading my team to victories, which he has proven over and over again, and Brady Quinn is…. Please. The fans of Denver want Tebow and the fact remains he has only started 5 NFL games. Despite his inaccuracies he has 9 passing TDs to 4 INTs and plenty of rookie QBs over the years have started slow. The worst that can happen in Denver by letting Tebow finish the season is you lose games and let the fans see that Tebow will not be the guy. You will sell tickets and create interest in the meantime; all while maybe, just maybe finding something. If not, you draft a QB next year and move on. Point being, I hardly think 5 games is a large enough sample size to say Tebow is just done. He has nothing around him on that team to help him and needs play calling to support his strengths as a football player. If you own him, keep starting him and hope the Broncos don’t make a chance.


Note 5: The Dream Team

-         Ok, so was the flip switched or something? That Eagles team we saw on Sunday night was what we all expected when the year started. LeSean McCoy ran rough shot over the previously ranked number 1 run defense in the NFL. Michael Vick did whatever he wanted and spread the ball to his entire team. Heck, even Brent Celek showed up! I’m not sure why Dallas seemed so unprepared to handle the Philly offense, or if it is just a credit to Andy Reid and his guys, but those Eagles looked darn good. If they can keep this up, the arrows point up on all Eagles players, EXCEPT Desean Jackson. Jackson owners usually draft him to be their number 1 and the unfortunate truth is he is far too often a decoy, per Andy Reid during his press conference, to be counted on as such. Mike Vick has become much more efficient spreading the ball to Maclin, Avant, McCoy, and Celek to get consistent stats for Jackson. He will obviously have the big play every now and then, but that suits him much better as a WR2 who can explode or bust on any given week.

Free Agent Adds:


Carson Palmer ****

Tarvaris Jackon ***


Tashard Choice****

Chris Ogbonnaya***


Jon Baldwin****

Braylon Edwards ****

Brent Celek ***

Jason Hill ***

Jake Ballard ***

Damian Williams ***

Laurent Robinson **

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