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Case of the Mondays: Week 4 Recap

I love football. It seems like every week now we are seeing new records made. Cam Newton, Tom Brady, and now add Aaron Rodgers to the list. Can we all agree that this man is amazing? First QB in history to throw for 400 yards, 4 touchdowns, and run for another 2 touchdowns. Needless to say, that’s one heck of a fantasy day. His owner’s are a lot happier right now than the likes of Andre Johnson and Tim Hightower owners, for different reasons. The Bears went ahead and decided it might be beneficial for pass protection to try and run a little bit. 205 yards later, Matt Forte is earning himself quite a pretty penny in free agency. Oh yeah, and the Patriots read my article, ran the ball in a more balanced offense and came away with a tough road win. Here are a few more notes from week four:


Note 1: Shananigans are back.

This one will be interesting to watch. Both coach and son have praised Hightower in their offense all off and preseason. A few games in, a little indecisiveness in Hightower’s running and a Torain sighting, things are getting a little cloudy. Reports are coming out now that Hightower actually injured his shoulder early in the Rams game which was the primary reason for Torain seeing much more time and not a demotion. Hmmm, we’ll see. With the Redskins on a bye in week 5, a lot of people have something to practice for as you would bet all three backs see the opportunity to be seized. For all of you getting ready to throw big budgets on Torain in waivers this week, one stat, 14 games in 4 seasons. Just saying. Expect a few nice games and a few more inactives.

Note 2: Andre Johnson is hurt
I’m tired of injuries to big names. After initially scaring the daylights out of fantasy owners everyone, it appears Johnson avoided any serious damage. He will probably be out multiple weeks with a hamstring injury and you can bet the Texans will be careful after their experience with Arian Foster. Get well soon Andre. Speaking of Arian Foster…..

arianfoster4Note 3: That is why Foster was preseason number 1 to many

Ben Tate was good, I admit he was good. He played well in Foster’s absence, but quite frankly he SHOULD have in that system. Houston has the best running system in the league right now and a back featured in the offense should be solid at minimum. The difference is that Foster is elite in the system and Tate is simply solid. In his first FULL game of the season, Foster destroyed the Steelers to the tune of 30 carries (guess the hammy is fine) for 155 yards and a touchdown. That’s right, against the Steelers. In the same game that the Texans’ biggest weapon, Andre, went out with an injury. Those of you who bought low, held tight, or even overpaid; congratulations. You are about to be rewarded, enjoy!


Note 4: Welcome back Mike Vick

Please stay healthy now!!!


Note 5: The Seahawks actually have a relevant fantasy player

That’s right, start Sidney Rice in all leagues. I don’t care how bad Tarvaris Jackson can be or has been, he likes Rice. No, he loves Rice. Rice has double digit fantasy points in both games he has played this season, and considering it couldn’t get much worse for the Seahawks offense, he has some serious potential going forward. Rice is clearly Jackson’s first and second choice and has no problem throwing balls up for grabs to let Sidney go get them. Rice certainly has the talent, he just needs to keep his health now.


Note 6: Big Ben goes down

It’s not a fracture, just a sprain, but that o line is just getting Ben killed right now. His status for week 5 is unknown so keep an eye on that, but hopefully that offensive line improves or he won’t last very long regardless.


Waiver Wire Adds from week 4



-Â Curtis Painter ***



-Â Stevan Ridley *****

-Â Ryan Torain *****

-Â Lex Hilliard **

-Â Marion Barber **



-Â Victor Cruz ****

-Â Michael Jenkins ***

-Â Titus Young ***

-Â Doug Baldwin **

-Â Laurent Robinson **

-Â Darrius Heyward-Bey **

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