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Fantasy Football Start Sit – Week 2

Looking back at week 1 we will, as the passing game, just keeps churning. Highest percentage of total yards in the passing department in week 1 history. Highest per game scoring average in week one history. If anything, the league is trying to make us happy as stat mongrels. But one week a season does not make! We know running backs are scarce due to the lack of running, we know quarterbacks and wide receivers are gold now, but the thing I may have learned even more so than before is the number of tight ends that put up points. 9 tight ends scored a touchdown and had between 9-14 fantasy points. That did not include Antonio Gates, Owen Daniels, Brandon Pettigrew, Jared Cook, or Greg Olsen. Tight end is DEEP. Flip a coin at which guy will get 50-70 yards and a TD every week outside of Graham and Gronk. OK, it’s Thursday, we got a big game tonight, and week 2 is ready for their predictions…… let’s get it!

Start ‘Em


Robert Griffin III, WAS @STL: One of my few good calls last week, I am salivating to watch RG3 on another turf field against a sub standard opponent this time. The great thing about last week, vs most against the Saints, is RG3’s stats were not the result of garbage time stats in catch up mode. He built those up throughout the natural flow of the game to take the lead. The kid looks like he has all the tools and is ready to put them to work. I am really liking the look of this offense.

Jay Cutler, CHI at GB: I think we are going to see a shootout tonight. Green Bay’s defense looked like what I expected in week 1, and will struggle again to slow teams down. Cutler-Marshall was in full effect last week, and the Bears look like another one of those teams ready to unleash their quarterback on the fantasy world this season. Back and forth between Rodgers and Cutler, it should be a great game tonight, both in fantasy and in real life.

Other QBs in a pinch: Josh Freeman @NYG, Andrew Luck vs MIN, Carson Palmer @MIA



Adrian Peterson, MIN @IND: Charmin Ultra laughs at the current softness of the Colts run D. Let’s see, a healthy looking Adrian Peterson vs a soft run d? Which way do I lean???? Back in your lineups folks. Across the board.

CJ Spiller, BUF vs KC: In the 7 games, final 6 of last year and first of this year, in which Spiller got a starter’s workload he’s posted 118 total yards per game with 6 touchdowns. Week 1 against the Jets, in a blowout LOSS mind you, he totaled 169 yards on 14 carries. Spiller was compared to Chris Johnson when he came out in the draft a couple years ago, and he’s looking an awful like a young and hungry Chris Johnson from a few years ago. Until Fred Jackson comes back, Spiller is a must start, starting now.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis, CIN vs CLE: While not so much for the Bengals team, it was a highly successful debut for Green-Ellis against a tough Ravens defense. Totaling 91 yards on 18 carries with a touchdown, Green-Ellis is definitely the man in this backfield situation. The Law Firm now takes on a Cleveland team without an offense and in a game that he will be used throughout the game without fear of being abandoned to catch up. Benjarvus Green-Ellis in week 2, he’ll take the case.

Other RBs in a pinch: Alfred Morris at STL, Jonathan Dwyer  vs NYJ, Michael Bush @GB



James Jones/Randall Cobb, GB vs CHI: Greg Jennings is doubtful for tonight’s game. Jones will start in his place but Cobb will be utilized plenty. Like I have said before, I love for this game just to be a shootout and Rodgers will be hell bent on bouncing back after last week’s loss to his hometown team. James Jones should see plenty of work on the outside, and Cobb will be featured down the seams of that cover 2 and out of the backfield, Darren Sproles style. I like the potential of both guys.

Brandon LaFell, CAR, vs NO: A popular sleeper coming into the season and a solid performance in the week’s first showing. Lafell now gets the Saints D who just gave up over 300 yards passing to a rookie in his first game. Cam Newton should be plenty up to the task of trying to match Drew Brees and LaFell should have an abundance of opportunity to make it two solid weeks in a row.

Aldrick Robinson, WAS, at STL: Pierre Garcon is questionable this week with a foot injury. IF, he sits, I really like Robinson’s chances this week for a very solid game. A relative no namer coming into the season, he showed great chemistry with RG3 week 1 and could really enjoy some of RG3’s success on the turf in St. Louis.

Other WRs in a pinch: Michael Crabtree vs DET, Lance Moore at CAR, Torrey Smith @PHI


Coby Fleener, IND vs MIN: Fleener had a very solid debut with his rookie counterpart and I think that should continue this week against the Vikings. Minnesota allowed Marcedes Lewis to score his first TD in over a year and Fleener has a good chance to follow suit.


Sit ‘Em



Michael Vick, PHI, vs BAL: Vick played a terrible game against the Cleveland Browns last week, but his stat line was saved by the Eagles come from behind 4th quarter. I mean 56 pass attempts???? That is an anomaly. Add in the 4 picks and you have a quarterback leading a team lucky to be 1-0 against a Browns team that will most likely be contemplating Matt Barkley next offseason. Up next Ed Reed, Uncle Ray Ray, and the Ravens. The Ravens looked locked and loaded on Monday night, even without T Sizzle, Terrell Suggs. If I took another quality QB to safeguard a Vick injury, this might be a good week to take a look at him.

Tony Romo, DAL, at SEA: I know he performed amazing in week 1, and you probably aren’t sitting him after that, but I caution you to be wary of his stat line. Outside of one 70 yard drive to end the game, the Seahawks were sitting on 180 total yards against on the road last week. Yes, the Cardinals offense is no Cowboys, but the Seahawks secondary is no Giants. The first game of the season at Centurylink field is going to be rockin, and the Cowboys o line could struggle with crowd noise. Again, I know you are probably not sitting him, but, I’m nervous about the match up.

Other QBs worth a sit: Kevin Kolb @NE, Mark Sanchez @PIT, Sam Bradford vs WAS



Chris Johnson, TEN at SD: 4 yards rushing. 4 yards. Wow. The Chargers just held Darren McFadden to under 40 yards rushing and Chris Johnson is still putting up under 10 yard games. The game is in San Diego, Johnson just doesn’t seem to trust his scheme or o line and isn’t working for his yards like he used to. Let’s face it, after one week, he looks far closer to last year’s CJ1K than the old CJ2K we were hoping to see bounce back.

cjsitKevin Smith, DET, at SF: When the man is healthy, he is fantasy gold. Plain and simple. He’s healthy going into week 2 and yet I still have him in the sit section, why you ask? There are a few things I whole heartedly believe, Snake on the old Nokias is still the greatest cell phone game ever made, avocados are truly a great super food, and do not start running backs against the San Francisco 49ers if you aren’t absolutely forced to. Just sayin.

Cedric Benson, GB, vs CHI: Yes, I believe it will be a shoot out and no, I was not impressed by Cedric Benson. Sure, he went up against the 49ers and we all know how I feel about running backs against them but Cedric Benson is what he is. He goes to the middle of the line and tries to burrow his way to 3 yards. The problem is, he will never get enough carries for that to matter, the Packers love to throw at the goal line, the Packers love giving it to John Kuhn at the goal line, and the Bears are no slouch themselves at run D. Sometimes a “starter” isn’t all they are cracked up to be.

Other RBs worth a sit: Beanie Wells @NE, Michael Turner vs DEN, Reggie Bush vs OAK



Santonio Holmes, NYJ @PIT: The Jets probably turned in their best offensive performance of the season in week 1, but at least we know it’s possible. We may see the other extreme this week in Pittsburgh. Coming off a loss and now playing at home, the Steelers D will be fired up to get in Mark Sanchez’s face and put him in the turf. Holmes will be motivated to play against his old team, but I’m sure the feeling will be mutual. Pittsburgh has one of the best pass d’s in the league but if they do have a weakness it’s the big plays, which I think Stephen Hill may have a shot at more so than Santonio.

Kevin Ogletree, DAL @SEA: see Tony Romo above. In addition, don’t chase last week’s points here. Maybe Ogletree turns into a Laurent Robinson light, and maybe he doesn’t. But this match up presents a far lower chance of success than last week. Witten will be more involved and the Seahawks actually have a quality, and deeper secondary to deal with. These won’t be fifth or sixth stringers anymore.

Titus Young, DET at SF: This guy is turning into an ultimate head case. First the preseason fight with his own teammates and now a head butt in game? Mr. Young was a huge breakout candidate this season but his start could not be much worse. Coach Jim Schwartz has no choice but to get his young wide receiver in order and may punish him with lack of playing time. The last thing you want is a healthy scratch and a big zero because of his knucklehead antics. Young needs to be on your bench until he proves worthy of at least getting off Detroit’s.

Other WRs worth a sit: Brian Quick vs WAS, Kenny Britt @SD, Laurent Robinson vs HOU



Brandon Pettigrew, DET @SF: I love Pettigrew this season, but not this game. Those 49ers linebackers are the strength of an amazing defense and they cover very well. Red zone TDs are very hard to come by against San Fran and if Pettigrew can’t score, there are a bevy of tight ends that will in this day and age. I would take a shot on a better match up.

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