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Fantasy Football Start Sit Week 11

Trent Richardson, Doug Martin, CJ Spiller, Ray Rice…. man. We always know some guys in the top 12 won’t end up being what we thought but what a year of busts! CJ Spiller at least occasionally flashes his owner a big game but these other guys just make me feel like the morning after a terrible binging decision. When you just shake your head and wonder why. When the moment came, it seemed like a wonderful idea. You had a blast, you were excited, and then the ride started. Now you are just left with the regretful aftermath.

I am typically a positive person, so starting off an article with such negative undertones is really against my preferential nature. Because of this, I would like each of you to put up your right hand. Face your palm center. Put up your left hand and face it inward as well. Now give yourself a big high five and let’s get our lineups right!!!!





Russell Wilson vs MIN: I have harped on how Russell Wilson was the number one fantasy quarterback during the second half of last season exponentially. All offseason, early season, and now I will drop a reminder. It seems there is something about Pete Carroll’s strategy that lends to improving as the year goes on. He has 4 straight games with multiple TDs and will have a wonderful opportunity to continue that success against a terrible Minnesota pass defense in the friendly confines of Centurylink field. There was one more thing I wanted to add, but I can’t…. what was…. hmmmm.. OH YEAH! Percy Harvin is back.

Nick Foles vs WAS: 16 TDs to 0 interceptions. He leads an offense that plays fast, they take shots, and he has weapons all around. We knew coming in that the Eagles would have a good offense with Chip Kelly at the helm IF they could get solid QB play. Well, Foles has provided that in spades. Look for him to stay hot against the Redskins 25th ranked pass defense.

Other QBs to feel good about: Case Keenum vs OAK, Mike Glennon vs ATL, Ben Roethlisberger vs DET



Andre Brown vs GB: 30 carries in his first game back in nearly a year. There is nobody else to share carries with in that backfield. Tom Couglin absolutely loves him. So should you. Let’s not complicate things.

Ben Tate vs OAK: The ribs are still sore which is clearly limiting him some. But with Foster officially shelved for the season, Tate knows these next few weeks will decide his monetary value for the rest of his life. Best believe he will be ready. Oakland is middle of the road at stopping the run and Case Keenum will be able to keep the defense off balance enough to let Tate get off.

Andre Ellington at JAC: “13 carries is perfect.” Quote from coach Bruce Arians. “Peyton Hillis is our start and Andre Brown will be mixed and eased back in.” Quote from caoch Tom Coughlin before last week’s game. See how coach speak works guys? I’m not buying the Ellington talk from Arians. Mendenhall fumbled late again and Ellington is clearly the superior talent. Jacksonville is a great match up and Ellington will do work this week.

Gio Bernard vs CLE: Cleveland was as a tough match up for backs early in the season but have leveled off at 14th toughest. The key point here is the Bengals sometimes explosive offense is clearly learning what they have in Gio Bernard and they know it’s special. I’m sure they wanted to ease him in and let him feel comfortable but he had 22 touches last week and has scored 3 times in the past 2. Bernard might have been the most talented back coming out last year and he is getting the rock. Let him tote it.

Other RBs to feel good about: Rashad Jennings at HOU, Shane Vereen at CAR, Ryan Mathews at MIA



Pierre Garcon at PHI: Despite starting the season rather slow, like most of the Redskins offense, Garcon has yet to catch less than 5 passes in a game. Now that it looks like Washington’s offense is starting to come together a bit, Garcon has totaled 14 catches for 291 yards and 1 TD over the past two weeks. This week he gets the number 32 ranked defense against fantasy wide receivers. Smoke em while ya got em!!

Riley Cooper vs WAS: Rinse, start, repeat. We have talked Cooper for weeks now and he keeps coming through. With 241 yards and 5 TDs the past two weeks, Cooper is scorching hot. He and Foles clearly have a wonderful thing going and as I mentioned with Foles, the Redskins, uh, struggle to defend the pass. Green light go.

Percy Harvin vs MIN: See Tom Coughlin quote about Andre Brown last week. One Minnesota Vikings player said it best, “If it wasn’t bad enough that we have to play against Percy Harvin, we have to play against him with fresh legs, AND he’s pissed at us!” Don’t be scared.

Marvin Jones vs CLE: Joe Haden effect. Jones finally fell back to earth last week but should be able to jump back into the stratosphere this week as Joe Haden aims to lock down all world receiver AJ Green across the way. Last time these two teams played Haden held Green to 7 catches for just 51 yards. There should be a lot of opportunity for Jones in this one.

Other WRs to feel good about: Emmanuel Sanders vs DET, Golden Tate vs MIN, Josh Gordon at CIN



Jordan Reed at PHI: Reed has 31 catches over his last 5 games. Watching the Redskins, it is absolutely crystal clear that they put a huge emphasis in involving him in a multitude of ways. This game looks like a shootout and like I mentioned with Garcon, the Eagles can’t defend the pass.




Colin Kaepernick at NO: Captain Kap was a guy I pegged as a buy low for the end of the season. Well, combining his current schedule of defenses with losing Vernon Davis off and on and not yet getting Crabtree back, has kind of put that excitement on old. Not only has Kap not thrown for over 300 yards since week 1, he has only topped 200 yards twice this entire season! New Orleans just completely shut down Tony Romo and a far greater passing offense in the Dallas Cowboys which leads to the theory that the 49ers will have to pound the ball to beat New Orleans. That might limit Kap’s stats once more.

Matt Ryan at TB: Matt Ryan’s last solid game was against these very Tampa Bay Bucs and that was without Roddy White. White is back this week so why am I putting Matt Ryan in the “sit” category this week? Well, simple, he stinks right now. The Bucs have been playing far more inspired football the past few weeks and Matt Ryan’s offensive line is beyond offensive right now. The lack of time is hurting Ryan’s ability to get the ball out and while Revis Island isn’t as scary as it once was, with Roddy on it, Harry Douglas limited with a hammy, and Tony Gonzo having a little injury bug himself, Ryan could be in for another long Sunday.

Other QBs to feel nervous about: Andy Dalton vs CLE, Jason Campbell at CIN, Geno Smith at BUF



Saints Backs vs SF: I liked what I saw from Ingram last week, but let’s not go crazy. The 49ers in a nearly must win game are no Dallas Cowboys defense. Even Darren Sproles makes me a little nervous against the 49ers linebacking crew.

Tampa Backs vs ATL: Mike James actually looked good for his last 5 quarters. Just when the Bucs were finally on to something in the run game, James breaks his ankle and goes on the IR to join Mr. Douglas Martin. Brian Leonard and Bobby Rainey are back ups guys. In fact, they are the back ups back ups. The whole plug and play thing only goes so far. And, uh, not that far. Did you really get that excited about your back up back up choice for prom? I mean, it was fun, but….

Ray Rice at CHI: Just bench him. Ahhhh man, just bench him. He’s been outscored by Trent Richardson (and think about that), Green-Ellis, Jaquizz Rodgers, heck even Joique Bell! These aren’t big time starting running backs I’m naming right now guys. Well Trent is, but lordy has he been bad. Just sit Rice guys, you have to have somebody better.

Other RBs to feel nervous about: Bills RBs vs NYJ, Stevan Ridley at CAR, Steven Jackson at TB



Calvin Johnson at PIT: Just kidding… never ever.

But seriously…. ever

AJ Green vs CLE: You aren’t going to sit him, duh. But he had 7 for 51 vs Haden last time and could struggle against one of the up and coming premier corners. Just a head’s up.

Roddy White at TB: Like I mentioned above, Revis Island isn’t what it once was but he will clearly be on Roddy with the lack of options the Falcons currently present in the passing game. We still haven’t seen anything out of Roddy to suggest he is ready to excel so don’t get too excited with this match up. It’s been tough to watch one of the most reliable players in fantasy football over the last 8ish years

Cecil Shorts vs ARI: Arizona is boasting one of the hottest defenses in the NFL right now and let’s face it, these are still the Jaguars. Shorts will draw Patrick Peterson and while his “shutdown” skills aren’t quite up their with the big boys yet, we all know they are on their way. He did an amazing job against Andre Johnson last week, and I don’t know how to break it to you Cecil Shorts owners, well actually yes I do, Shorts is no Andre. Period.

Other WRs to feel nervous about: Greg Jennings at SEA, Hakeem Nicks vs GB, Kenny Stills vs SF




John Carlson at SEA: Last week was a fluke. Come on now, John Carlson? I don’t care if it’s against his former team. I’m not buying, there are greater spot start options.