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Fantasy Football Sleepers

Ok so let’s define this shall we. Everyone has a sleeper category and many people mean different things. Here at FFBLife and in my eyes I look at a sleeper as follows:

A guy with abundantly more potential to blow up than his fellows.

Make sense? It’s a guy who has one way or another caught my eye through some combination of talent and/or possible opportunity. If you are going to take a shot on a guy at the end of your roster, what’s the point of looking for a guy who may be ok from time to time? You don’t win championships with a team full of safe guys. The guys who will win the title in your league is going to have some record setter, a great group of superstars that particular year, or be the one who found some sleepers to blow up and supplement his stars. That is where I am looking in this section. And here we go:


Josh Freeman, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, QB: Josh Freeman was a popular breakout candidate going into last season following a 25 TD to 6 INT season that saw him run for the second most yards of any QB. Obviously last year didn’t go as planned for Freeman or the Bucs but that doesn’t mean the potential wasn’t there. First, the Bucs added Vincent Jackson which automatically improves Mike Williams chances to rebound from a sophomore slump and gives Freeman two legitimate weapons on the outside. Dallas Clark, if healthy could really test the middle of the field and the Bucs drafted a RB in Doug Martin that is far better at receiving the ball than what they had last season. Freeman will certainly be in some potential shootouts going against the Saints, Falcons and Cam Newton led Panthers twice each and could be a great gamble late. – Kevin Nelson

Jake Locker, Tennessee Titans, QB
I have a sneaking suspicion that the Titans have actually already decided to start Locker this year. He looked decent in his limited action last year and the drafting of Kendall Wright is a perfect final piece in a Locker-friendly offense. If you look at their receivers, Kenny Britt, Nate Washington and Kendall Wright, with Jared Cook at tight end, they are all big receivers who love to go deep. Their size compensate somewhat for Locker’s accuracy, while their speed will show off his arm-strength. Because Chris Johnson should rebound and the offensive line is excellent in pass protection, it’s relatively safe to start Locker and expect some success. Locker has to deal with the Texans and Jaguars defenses twice a year, but he will have every opportunity to rack up points against the Colts twice. The Titans should be a competitive team next year, Locker is worth picking up, even if as a backup initially, because of his potential upside. – Cian Fahey