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January 2012

Fantasy Football - Peyton Chooses Broncos The NFL world was shaken today with Peyton Manning making the decision to go play quarterback for the Denver Broncos, a decision that, if healthy, instantly lifts that passing game and should bring more consistent fantasy numbers to others in that offense. But before jumping on the Manning bandwagon, temper your expectations on Peyton for a new team as there are many differences between the Colts with Manning the “Gun Slinger” and what could be his new role as Manning the “Game Manager”. The Colts with

Ok so let’s define this shall we. Everyone has a sleeper category and many people mean different things. Here at FFBLife and in my eyes I look at a sleeper as follows: A guy with abundantly more potential to blow up than his fellows. Make sense? It’s a guy who has one way or another caught my eye through some combination of talent and/or possible opportunity. If you are going to take a shot on a guy at the end of your roster, what’s the point of looking for a guy who