Case of the Mondays: Week 11 Waiver Wire and Fantasy Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson


3 more weeks. It’s really getting down to the wire here, no pun intended. The next 3 games could determine if you spend the final 3 weeks focused on a championship or if you spend them acting like fantasy football is stupid anyway. After all, who likes when their QB goes out with a concussion (Michael Vick, Alex Smith, Jay Cutler), or you have a player who plays in the Sunday Night Game and becomes a last minute scratch (Owen Daniels). Things don’t always go the way we hope, and then sometimes they go exactly that way (Tony Gonzalez and Jimmy Graham owners stand up). Either way, we have 3 monster weeks ahead and only one final week of byes. The waiver wire isn’t flooded with options but that doesn’t mean its void of help. Hopefully you grabbed Denario Alexander last week instead of needing to this week but hey, we offer as we may. Before we get to all that good stuff, let’s take a look at a few things worth mentioning from week 10.


Note 1: Injuries:

-          Concussion abound! Vick, Cutler, and Smith all left their games with concussions. Vick’s so far seems the most serious but keep an ear/eye out for news on the others. None of the back ups were overly impressive but if you needed to pick up one for some reason, I would go with Foles. He has the best match up this coming week against the Redskins secondary while the Bears and 49ers play each other in what could be an exciting game of the league’s two best defenses against back up QBs. Yay, Monday Night Football.

-          Fred Jackson has already been ruled out for week 11. Also concussion like symptoms. CJ Spiller owners just strained their face muscles. You can only smile so big people, relax.

-          Oakland backs. Both McFadden and Goodson are both still in walking boots and nobody did well to replace them. Carson Palmer owners are waiting in line at the doctor’s office behind the CJ Spiller owners.

Case of the Mondays: Week 10 Waiver Wire and Fantasy Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson


What an epic performance by rookie Doug Martin. Back to back games actually have vaulted this young rookie into must start and elite running back status. This last performance was so profound; he deserves my attention for my entire intro. I remember just a few short weeks ago I was getting all kinds of questions about selling on Doug Martin, sitting Doug Martin, and how many people thought he was a bust. I preached to my close friends and my distant readers to express patience. Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected what just happened but the kid is special. He every bit has the Ray Rice element that many were preaching coming into the season. He’s tough, explosive, and can catch the ball with regularity. I don’t care what any expert tells you, Doug Martin is an elite fantasy running back. Why do I say that with no equivocation, because how many backs in the NFL can put up 51 points in standard scoring, even more for those with long TD bonuses? They just don’t exist. In an era when stud running backs are shrinking every year, Doug Martin is a monster. You own him, you start him. With Carl Nicks or without. The only downside was for Vincent Jackson owners like me. It was hard to get V Jax stats when Martin would take every other carry to the house!


Let’s see what else happened in week 9:


Note 1: McFadden Wins/loses

-          I had to put this first. I touted him in the offseason, I bold predicted him in the preseason, and I have held out hope during the regular season. I just did my 1st half busts a few days ago and sometimes things just work themselves out. Calvin went for 129 and McFadden has one point before leaving the game with the annual injury. Darren, we are through. This new Oakland scheme does not fit his talents and this season has been a disaster. Frustrating.

Note 2: Injuries

-          Darren McFadden: Ankle injury, severity unknown

-          Antonio Brown: “mild” high ankle sprain. I don’t know what mild means in this case. All I know is every time the phrase “high ankle sprain” is involved I feel like it is 4-6 weeks minimum. I would be nervous as a Brown owner.

-          Jordy Nelson did not re-aggravate his hamstring but he did hurt his ankle. The Packers have a bye this week so his status will probably be unknown for awhile.

-          Percy Harvin also injured his ankle and while he seems to have avoided the “high ankle sprain” he is currently on crutches and is very questionable to play this week. With a bye the following week, the Vikings could choose to give Harvin multiple weeks of recovery.

Guys, how about we invest in some new ankle tapers?!

Fantasy Football Midseason Awards

Author: Kevin Nelson


Sadness engulfs us all. We are half way through the magically beauty that is the fantasy football season but fear not my faithful football fanatics as we are going glass half full at FFBLife. We still get 8 weeks of awesomeness and we should all remember to enjoy every minute! Until then though, we go back. As we have reached the half way point, it is always fun to look back and acknowledge the studs and duds that caused so many of us the pains and joys throughout the first 8 weeks. Once we give those awards, we will give a quick second half preview and give you some names to look for in having big second half surges.

Drum roll please………


Fantasy MVP: Robert Griffin III (Runners up: Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Victor Cruz, AJ Green, Arian Foster)

-          Wow, a rookie quarterback. It blows my mind to be giving this award out but there can be no denying the young phenom. Griffin leads all players in standard league scoring, he was picked up at a great value, and he has won games on his own. With only one single digit game of scoring, he has been surprisingly consistent and has not trailed off yet as Cam Newton started to do a bit around this time in the season. Manning has been impressive with his comeback, Rodgers and Brees are doing what they do, as is Arian Foster, and the two receivers are absolute studs, but Griffin has topped them all.


Waiver Wire Gem: Alfred Morris (Runners up: Randall Cobb)

-          There really isn’t a runner up needed yet. Morris has run away with this award. A virtual nobody until the very end of the preseason, the Redskins back made believers out of the most hated Shanahan fans. A rookie who many didn’t even realize was in the league is the 5th highest scoring running back at the halfway mark. Now that is a gem.

Who to Target: Fantasy Football Trades Week 10

Author: Dan Croop


I like to make fantasy football trades. Really, who doesn’t? We all look at other teams’ rosters, checking out who we might be able to snag without giving up too much, who can make our teams better, who someone might be too low on, etc. Fantasy football trades are fun. Each week, I’ll be writing a column describing some guys I’d be trading for and why. Usually, they’ll be “buy low” guys, but sometimes they’ll just be guys that I might be higher on than most. I’ll also be giving you some sell high guys who you should try to trade away while their values are high. We’re now two weeks away from the trade deadline, so start making moves to improve your team while you still can!

Buy Low

Eli Manning (QB, NYG) – So, call me a homer. Yes, I’m a Giants fan, but I also know what Manning is capable of. He has 32 points over the last four games. That’s just eight points per game, which usually doesn’t even merit being a backup on most teams. Take into account, though, that he faced the 2nd, 30th, 5th and 1st (San Francisco, Washington, Dallas and Pittsburgh) ranked passing defenses the past four weeks. In that week seven contest against Washington, he did put up 13 points, which isn’t terrible. Over the rest of the season, Manning doesn’t face another defense currently ranked higher than 14th (Atlanta). There’s no doubt in my mind he will still finish in the top eight at his position, and if you can give up a similar quarterback while also gaining a coveted piece for a playoff run, then take advantage of it.

Ryan Mathews (RB, SD) – Owners have to be VERY frustrated with Mathews by now. A first round draft pick by most fantasy owners, he started the season off injured and missed the first two games. Then, in his six games that he’s played in this season, he has averaged less than nine points per game. What gives? Well, for starters, Norv Turner wasn’t very fond of his fumbling struggles earlier in the season. There’s also the fact that the Chargers are just plain terrible. They’re almost always playing from behind, which means they end up throwing a ton, and Mathews ends up taking a back seat. The good news is that he seems to have solved his fumbling issues, and in the carries he has been given, he’s run very well (4.4 yards per carry). I’d bet on him having a big game soon, and you might want to have him on your side before it happens.

Case of the Mondays: Week 9 Waiver Wire Pickups and Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson


First and foremost my thoughts and well wishes are with those bunkering down on the East Coast in preparation for Hurricane Sandy. I have family there myself, and I pray for the safety of them and all others who are about to be forced to endure the difficulties that may lie ahead. Sports can be a fine place to find solace in disaster but it does not relieve many of the destruction that can be caused. I am fortunate to be void of worry to my own well-being on the west coast, but the lack of direct effect does not leave me without heaviness on my heart and mind. Please be well my East Coast crew.

As we look upon that solace we look back to the week that was; a few great performances and many leaving more to be desired. It seems that week 8 was a little down on the average. None the less, there are still a few talking points worth noting. Also, as a heads up, once tonight’s game is in the books we will have reached the halfway point in the season. Later on in the week I will release my mid season fantasy awards with a quick look-ahead preview to the second half. Check back soon for that. Week 8? Here it is.

Note 1: Injuries

-          Calvin Johnson- While we do not seem to have any serious injuries to report following week 8, Megatron leads the way in the minor category. Johnson is nursing a sore knee which he says played a large part in his 3 catch 46 yard effort. I didn’t have the guts to rank Johnson lower before the season because he truly is in a class by himself, but he is not on any of my own teams because I secretly can’t take a player on the cover of Madden. I pledged my allegiance to this cause following Shaun Alexander’s misfortune years ago. If continues to amaze me. Megatron only has 3 double digit scoring games and has scored one touchdown. I don’t care what people say, that is not what a top 5-6 pick at wide receiver should be doing when looking for an “advantage” at that position. Darn you John Madden.

-          Trent Richardson played great week 8 and has been reported no worse for wear going into week 9. He should be safe to resume counting on in your line ups.

-          MJD has already been ruled out for week 9 in case you were curious.

-          Pierre Garcon is still not expected to return from his foot injury until after the week 10 bye at the earliest.

-          Not injury related, but there is a lot of buzz about Nick Foles starting over Michael Vick this week. For those of you in QB troubles, or bye week issues, Foles could be an interesting addition should he get that job. The Eagles have weapons and a pass happy offense should Foles get acclimated quickly. Oh, and he plays the Saints defense this week. Just a heads up.


Note 2: The Lions