Case of the Mondays: Week 14 Waiver Wire and Fantasy Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson


Are you in? Does it come down to RG3 tonight? I assume if you still care, still have a workable computer that doesn’t have a remote control thrown through the screen, and are reading this sentence than of course you have made it! Congratulations are in order. The playoffs are upon us and there is no more room for error. Everything you worked for all season comes down to having one performance better than the team lining up across cyberspace. I could channel my inner Pachino in Any Given Sunday or some other great pregame speech but you guys are loyal readers and I know you don’t need it! It’s time, it’s your time, it’s title time! Let’s go!


Playoff notes……


Note 1: Bryce Brown

-          Love him.

Note 2: Injuries

-          I usually start with injuries, but I wanted to express my feelings for a particular player I will try not to spend too much time on.

-          Michael Vick – Will not be the starting quarterback for the rest of the season.

-          Lesean McCoy- Is in stage 3 of his recovery process. Michael Vick has been in stage 4 for the last 2 weeks. Bryce Brown owners unite, looks like we will get to see him some more. I’m a fan of Bryce Brown.

-          Ryan Broyles – Out for season with torn ACL. Was really starting to find his niche, too bad. He will probably be on sleeper lists next season if he is able to get healthy.

-          Jordy Nelson – Left the game with a hamstring injury and did not return. No updated news as of writing this, but keep updated throughout the week in case Jordy can’t go.

-          Erik Decker – Oh wait, never mind, he’s just stunk on his own lately.

-          Lesean McCoy owners who did not handcuff Bryce Brown. Brown has been awesome for the Eagles in McCoy’s absence, leaving many of us wondering what may happen this offseason.

-          Jonathan Stewart- High ankle sprain, is still not expected back this week.

-          Percy Harvin- Coach Leslie Frazier still is not speaking very positively about Harvin’s chances to return in week 14. A top option all season, Harvin has let his owners down at the worst possible time.

Note 3: Cowboys offense

Case of the Mondays: Week 13 Waiver Wire and Fantasy Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson


Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday weekend full of turkey, family, fun, football, and fantasy wins. Now that the tryptophan has hopefully worn off we can get down to brass tax in what really matters, the final week of the fantasy football regular season. Not for the faint of heart, playoff lives or made and broken in this very week. Many across the nation have their own dreams in their teams’ control, while many others will need help. To those who have the bye week or a playoff spot locked up, you must be our regulars on the site, congratulations. To the rest of you, the playoffs start right now. There are possible free agents that are available this week, there is plenty of news to help gain insight into the next week and there is a lot to watch and play for as we creep towards the end of this thing. Despite all the awesomeness to be thankful for over the weekend, there was football played. Here are some notable items from said football:


Note 1: Injuries

-          Andre Brown: Broken leg and out for the season. Ahmad Bradshaw will probably regain the goal line role that Brown had stolen and David Wilson maybe gets another chance to make his mark. Bradshaw owners should be excited.

-          Darren McFadden: Expected back this week. Marcel Reece, your work was truly admirable.

-          Lesean Mccoy and Michael Vick: Both out tonight, status going forward unknown.

-          Greg Jennings: Expected back next week. Cobb owners get more happy than sad. The game plan for the Giants last night was clearly to take Cobb away. Jennings will not cut into Cobb’s snaps, but probably the defensive attention paid to him. James Jones owners, sorry.

-          Matt Forte: Ankle injury and is seriously in doubt for week 13 vs Seattle. Michael Bush owners rejoice. Two touchdowns after Forte went out, and Seattle has recently struggled a bit at stopping the run, especially on the road.

-          Pierre Garcon: Looked good on turkey day and did not suffer any setbacks. Feel free to get Garcon back in lineups.

-          Miles Austin: Hip and hamstring injuries forced him from the game and is highly questionable in week 13. Probably want to keep him on the bench when considering his history with injuries, and more specifically hamstring injuries.

Note2: Mike Wallace

-          Charlie Batch?!??

Fantasy Football Trade Deadline Targets

Author: Kevin Nelson


Ahhh what to do, what to do? Trade deadline have not elapsed for all of us yet and so far those getting close to such a time, you may be wondering what to do with some of your first half starts. Those who have underperformed and have hopes of regaining some status, and those who may have over performed and could be solid trade assets for you stretch run. I’m going to do you all a solid and try and list some of these potential guys .Together, hopefully we can all make the most informed decision and while putting ourselves in the best possible position to win a title.


Look to make a move away from:


Tom Brady, NE: I was very high on Tom Terrific coming into this season. I thought he and Josh McDaniels would reunite their 2007 magic and Brady would finish as the season's number 1 fantasy player. Well, it hasn't gone that way. He has been very good, let's not go too far the other way with this, after all he is 5th in standard scoring. He does still carry the weight of his draft stock in the trade world. Brady faces Houston and San Fran in weeks 14 and 15 at home. Not only will he face great defenses, but there is also the possibility of terrible weather in New England. Ask Brady-Moss owners back in 07’ how those playoff performances turned out in the bad weather. If you are stacked everyone, rolling with Brady may be a good option. If you are looking for help, maybe grabbing a hot QB like a Josh Freeman and another great piece would be beneficial. Freeman has Phily at home, @NO and their historic defense, and then home against STL in weeks 14,15, 16. Just one idea of many possibilities


Stevan Ridley, NE: Ridley has been one of the great surprises this season. He has 5 games with at least 15 fantasy points, he runs for one of the most potent offenses in the league and he hasn’t gotten fewer than 15 carries since week 3. The worry I have is his week 14 and 15 schedule; Houston and San Fran at home. The at home is helpful but anytime you have a top 5 defense against your position it is not a great match up. Ridley has top 5 rushing defenses in 2 consecutive weeks through the playoffs. All of Ridley’s greatness will be for not if he puts up two stinkers. Running backs are hard to come by, so don’t just easily sell, but Ridley could bring back a nice package for somebody not considering the playoff schedule.


Frank Gore, SF: Frank Gore only has 3 single digit performances this year. That is outstandingly solid in this year of running backs. The reason I list Gore in this section however is his propensity to get worn down at the ends of seasons. The 49ers know they need Gore come playoff time which leads to mixing in more Kendall Hunter and possibly even Brandon Jacobs if need be. Gore hasn’t rushed for 100 yards in a game this late in the season since 2009. Like Ridley, Gore should be able to fetch a decent haul and could possibly net you somebody who may be more relied upon come playoff time.


Alfred Morris, WAS: It is not so much Morris’ schedule that worries me as much as it is the Washington offense the rest of the season. RG3 is really being exposed for the lack of weapons they have on offense to support he and Morris and they are becoming very predictable. He is a rookie who will be entering into the part of the season his body has never experienced before. He has only had 13 carries in each of the last two weeks and has not scored since week 6.

Case of the Mondays: Week 12 Waiver Wire and Fantasy Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson


The final bye week is finally finished. Unfortunately, so are a few of our reliable stars. Willis McGahee is out 6-8 weeks with a knee injury and looks done for the remainder of the fantasy season. Rob Gronkowski broke his forearm and while has been diagnosed with a 4-6 week timetable, he has stated he is shooting for a week 14 return. Therefore Gronk owners should indeed hold on to the star tight end should you be alive and kickin come playoff time. In other “finished” news, say good bye to the great production out of your Steelers’ offensive players until Big Ben returns. Leftwich broke two ribs, was unimpressive, and Charlie Batch is waiting in the wings next. That is the down side to the finish of bye weeks, the windows for our stars to heal their injuries becomes smaller and smaller. Any injury from this point out could mean don’t for the season, in fantasy terms at least. It is all the more reason to find your handcuffs wherever possible. If you read last week and listened, hopefully you Shady McCoy owners and Willis McGahee owners are a little less stressed at not having to worry about someone nabbing Bryce Brown or Ronnie Hillman from you. Preparation is always a must, offseason draft prep, early season trend prep, and now late season injury prep. Here are a few more preparation tips that come courtesy of week 11 in the NFL.


Note 1: Injuries

-          Willis McGahee: out 6-8 weeks which give Ronnie Hillman a shot. Lance Ball will probably be mixed in a bunch and may get the goal line, but I like Hillman for the pickup. He has been playing more and more recently which is a sign he is picking up the offense well enough for Peyton to approve. Hillman could be a big part of the Broncos plans so they would like nothing more for him to show out the rest of the way.

-          LeSean McCoy: concussion with status unknown. Bryce Brown is the clear pick up here is Shady is due to miss time. A bigger problem for Shady owners is Andy Reid’s absolute reluctance to run the ball. Starting a rookie QB in his first game and Shady still only got 15 carries. The offensive system is the biggest issue here but Brown would be a solid replacement.

-          Rob Gronkowski: broken forearm, 4-6 weeks but a stated target of week 14. Do not drop! There is no real handcuff value here but should Aaron Hernandez ever get healthy, his owners could finally be rewarded for their patience.


Note 2: Starting Running Backs

-          Rashad Jennings looked nothing like the guy he had in previous opportunities and has been replaced by Jalen Parmele. Parmele doesn’t seem to have much shiftiness but has some decent straight ahead ability. He ran 24 times for 80 yards against a tough Texans defense. He probably won’t win any hearts with his talent, but anybody getting 24 carries in this day and age in the NFL needs to be taken notice of.

Who to Target: Fantasy Football Trades Week 11

Author: Dan Croop


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I like to make fantasy football trades. Really, who doesn’t? We all look at other teams’ rosters, checking out who we might be able to snag without giving up too much, who can make our teams better, who someone might be too low on, etc. Fantasy football trades are fun. Each week, I’ll be writing a column describing some guys I’d be trading for and why. Usually, they’ll be “buy low” guys, but sometimes they’ll just be guys that I might be higher on than most. I’ll also be giving you some sell high guys who you should try to trade away while their values are high. We’re just about a week away from the trade deadline, so get those trades in order while there’s still time left to improve your team!

Buy Low

Andrew Luck (QB, IND) – There aren’t many quarterbacks I would want the rest of the way than the star rookie. I know he struggled on the road against Jacksonville (excluding the rushing touchdowns), but we’ve seen what he’s capable of. Look at his schedule the rest of the season: New England, Buffalo, Detroit, Tennessee, Houston, Kansas City, Houston (again). Given that most fantasy leagues wrap up before week 17, he only has one rough matchup the rest of the season, and that is week 15 against Houston. Let me put it this way. If I had Luck the rest of the season and someone else for week 15 (like Josh Freeman against New Orleans or Alex Smith against New England), I’d be very happy with my quarterback situation. And, obviously, it helps that he’s coming off of a rough outing.

Willis McGahee (RB, DEN) – Denver has the third easiest schedule facing rushing defenses the rest of the way. Sold, right? You should be. McGahee has been getting enough work to succeed (averaging 20 carries per game the last three weeks), but he hasn’t been finding the end zone. As all you savvy fantasy owners know, touchdowns generally tend to even out over the course of the season. With games left against Kansas City, Baltimore, Oakland and Cleveland, expect McGahee to go off at least twice and possibly win you a fantasy game over this last stretch of the season.