Off Season Files - Round 2 Draft Talents of Steven Jackson

Please remember that when #1 pick in the draft type talent meets opportunity, in the right scheme, you ALWAYS get excellent results.  

-The Coaches and Schemes -

OC Dirk Koetter has found his new toy in Steven Jackson. Steven is coming to a Modified Spread Offense from a Tradition Pro Offense in St. Louis. The difference is that in ATL he will be able to get that ball in space or out of the backfield and the offense will create more running lanes because of the spread formation and 3 WR sets. This means that there will be less defenders crowding the box like it was back in ST. Louis. Before the departure of Michael Turner they never really could get that offense clicking like they wanted due to to Michael Turners one dimensional play. They had to use 2 backs to make a whole and that's why JaQuizz Rodgers got extra time. Now that Steve is in town he is perfect for the scheme. He can catch the ball out of the backfield and he can also mash up the middle and hit the outside. Steven will get the bulk of the carries and he has more than proven that he can still tote the rock at a very high level. Steven Jackson is about to have a career year in ATL.


-The Opportunity-

In the Modified Spread Offense there is no room for a fullback due to the extra receiver on the field. JaQuizz nor Jason Snelling has never proven themselves to be worthy of the spot outright. Now with Jackson in the mix they can run the offense full throttle. Like I said earlier when Turner was there they had to come out of the Spread Offense and line up in Base which tipped the defense off to stack the box and stop the run. Well not anymore because a new back has showed up on the scene. Now in Base packages it is more of a run first offense like the Rams currently run. That's why Turner was perfect for that scheme and ran the ball around 300 times a season. A Modified spread Offense may call for at or around 200-250 but you also are in line to catch 40-65 passes out of the backfield in space. This is where the value for Jackson rises the most. Look for Jackson to easily get 300 touches in this offense.

 -The Talent-

Steven Jackson comes from Oregon State and has secured at least 8 1,000 yard seasons facing a loaded box. This will be the first time in his professional career where he will have some room to roam. If you watched any of the Rams games last year you can clearly see that Jackson has a lot left to offer. Greg Cosell of NFL Films said this about Jackson on twitter  "He's still a very, very good player," said Cosell.  and he still got some quickness. You don't call him a speed back -- he's not that guy -- but he still has some ability to get outside. He's always been a finisher. He's a guy with natural power. He's both strong and physical." CLICK HERE FOR HIGHLIGHTS 2012  In my dynasty league I scooped up Jackson quickly trading my 2014 Rd #1 and #2 to secure him to my roster now you go and act accordingly. Remember I always say " Never tell a player who he is watch the coaching staff, the scheme, and the talent and let them tell you who they are.   


#1 pick in the draft type talent meets opportunity, in the right scheme, you ALWAYS get excellent results. 


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Fantasy Football: 2013 Free Agent Destinations

Author: Kevin Nelson


Vacations? We don’t need no stinkin’ vacations!!! All a football offseason means is who wants to be prepared to win the following year. The separation is in the preparation people!

As such, it seemed like an appropriate time to touch base with those of you who enjoy that little bit extra information in the offseason and go over some offseason watch lists. The 2013 NFL year officially starts March 13th so there will be no official news until then at the earliest. Reports are already circulating in regards to the Alex Smith trade to Kansas City and many others in regards to the possible free agent movement but the lack of certainty allows us to do what we do best, speculate! Who doesn’t enjoy a nice “what if” conversation in regards to their favorite football team/fantasy landscape.


Let’s hit a few and see where we might see them/like them to go:


Alex Smith: The rumors are already getting pretty confirmed in this one and the destination looks like Kansas City. If Joe Montana can do it right? Hmmmm. Well if there was a coach who could continue to maximize Alex Smith’s talents, I believe it could be Andy Reid. A West Coach QB guru who made temporary stars of guys like Kevin Kolb and AJ Feely once upon a time. He will rely on quick hitting passes, probably a nice screen game with Jamaal Charles (ala Brian Westbrook days), and accurate throws. Smith was among the league leaders in QB rating so we know he can be efficient. The weapons in KC don’t scream QB1 potential, but it should be a solid fit.

Matt Flynn: With Smith supposedly gone, Flynn would seem like the logical next domino. He probably can’t go to the Cardinals being in division, so the Jags would be a great possibility. New Jags coach Gus Bradley comes over from Seattle so he has been in many a meeting with the Hawks brass that discussed acquiring Flynn themselves so he will have a pretty good idea of whether he is worth a shot. Flynn has always impressed when given a chance and believe it or not, there are some weapons in Jacksonville now. With MJD healthy in the backfield and now Cecil Shorts and Justin Blackmon on the outside, Flynn could put up some decent numbers with the Jags.



Steven Jackson: Jackson has voided the last year of his deal and will become a free agent. Nearly before ESPN or anybody else could tweet the story, the Falcons were chomping at the bit to get in line for Jackson’s services. It is widely believed, if not forgone conclusioned (made that word up), that Michael Turner will be cut and the Falcons will be in the market. Jackson, while not beastly to the same extent he was 5 years ago, still quietly churns out solid seasons while wasting away in St. Louis. In Atlanta, he would have a playoff invigoration as well as a team around him that would take a whole lot more defensive attention away from him. No disrespect to Danny Amendola and Brandon Gibson but let’s Libra Scale those wide receiving cores. Yeah, Jackson could be a very solid fantasy back next year if ended up with Atlanta.

Case of the Mondays: Week 16 Waiver Wire and Fantasy Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson


“Insert sad, memorable song about good times here”


I can’t believe it is really coming to an end! It seems like only yesterday we were debating whether AP was a worthy 2nd or 3rd round pick, if Matt Stafford was a first rounder, and which sleepers and breakouts would make their moves. Now here we find ourselves in the final week, and hopefully, playing for a title! Considering we have reached the final week, it doesn’t seem to make much sense to go over possible waiver wire options. It has been 15 weeks and if you have made it this far, you probably have a pretty set line up to go to battle with. I’ll spend the remainder of the final COM of the 2012 season going over notes that may be relevant moving forward into this championship week. Fortunately all teams still have something at stake so nobody should be pulling back quite yet. Again, I want to express thanks to those of you who have joined us on our journey this year at We hope we have in some ways aided in your journey to fantasy football stardom and will continue do our best to bring you the very best fantasy information possible. Keep on the lookout during the offseason as we further our reach and access to bringing you the best. Good luck this week!

Note 1: Start AP

-          He’s good. Wow. Can Wade Phillips do anything to slow him down this week in Houston? I don’t understand how nobody has been able to. Minnesota is so void of weapons without Percy Harvin. AP is just that amazing right now. Should be a fun match up.


Note 2: Injuries

-          RG3: Cousins looked good in relief, keep an eye on news throughout the week as to RG3’s upcoming availability. Redskins have a division to win.

-          Ahmad Bradshaw: Says he will play week 16. That was a quick audition for David Wilson and his numbers did not overwhelm. The fact is, the score prevented Wilson from doing much.

-          Aaron Rodgers: Tweaked his ankle but should be fine Sunday.

-          Dez Bryant: Still performed well with his finger issue. It looked like it may have affected him at times, but was still able to post solid stat lines. Keep him in your line ups.


Note 3: Semi busts

Fantasy Football: 2013 Year in Review

Author: Kevin Nelson


I always love this time of year because the NFL playoffs are always so full of storylines and captivating and at the same time I am typically watching with the glow of a fantasy champion. I’m most of you reading this and have frequented our site share a similar glow at this time of year. It’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Just tell your league mates when they start to get sick of said glow, “Haters gotta hate!”

The sucky part about this time of year is that it’s over!! We spend all summer, offseason, preseason, etc prepping for the draft. We spend all season glued to our computer screens and televisions hanging on every carry, pass, or reception. Then nothing. Each carry, pass, and reception has lost its luster. An 8 yard reception by Andre Johnson in the 4th quarter could be the difference between taking the lead or losing the league, and now it probably just moves the Texans from the 31 to the 39 yard line. It also means it’s time to look back. It’s time to get nostalgic. High school graduation, a wedding day, and so forth when good times are culminated it is only human nature to look back at the great moments and the not so great moments. Our time is now…..

I hope you’ve….. had…… the time of your life……

Until next year that is!


Quarterback Position

-          I for one was a huge advocate of taking big time QBs this year because they were automatic and could single handedly win you games. While there wasn’t the huge separation that there was last year, the big time QBs still led many teams the playoffs and championships. Brees continued his dominance, as did Brady and Rodgers as a familiar 3 finished at the top once again. It’s pretty automatic with these guys year in and year out.

-          Projections for rookie QBs rose a little bit this year thanks to the emergence of Cam Newton the year before, but once again they exceeded even the most bullish optimists. Both Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III finished in the top 9 in standard scoring ahead of the likes of Mathew Stafford and Eli Manning. Griffin even led the league for a majority of the season until a knee injury and concussion slowed him down late in the year. Griffin looks like he may be the new Michael Vick going forward from the perspective of questioning his ability to play 16 games. Extremely dangerous and talented but takes too many hits. Also, don’t sleep on Russell Wilson going into next year. Quietly, he finished 11th and only 4 points behind Matt Stafford. As the Seahawks have become more comfortable giving him a full load, he has been a fantasy stud both running, passing, and not making mistakes.

-          Busts were all over the quarterback top 10 predictions as the likes of Eli Manning, Philip Rivers and Big Ben all finished 15th or lower. As did Matt Schaub and popular sleeper candidate Jay Cutler.

-          Looking ahead: Next year the QB position will be deeper than ever, especially if RG3 is ready by opening day. I will never be opposed to taking one of those sure fire top studs, but there is a lot of depth behind them these days with Luck, Griffin, and Wilson all jumping to fantasy starter capabilities. Then guys like Freeman and Andy Dalton who showed some good things and could be ready for big break outs with another offseason of work.

Best Picks: (The Big 3), Peyton Manning, Robert Griffin III, Matt Ryan, Andrew Luck

Worst Picks: Eli Manning, Mathew Stafford, Philip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger


Running Back Position

Case of the Mondays: Week 15 Waiver Wire Pickups and Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson


In this week’s COM I want to emphasize to all of you that I follow my own advice. I don’t just come on here and spout nonsense that I don’t believe. I have played fantasy football for awhile now and I have been very successful. It would not behoove me to hold out on my feelings and thoughts in anyway. That said, I started Bryce Brown in every single league I am a part of. Yes, I got a zero or 2, or whatever terrible number your league scores his effort from one of my running back positions in week 1 of the playoffs. Sure, the bye week teams were only affected in total season point accumulation, but the point is, when I go hard on something on this site, I bask in the glow and suffer with all who follow. Brown did not come through for us this week and it is just one of those things. He had all the makings of a late season playoff stealer. He still very well could be. But yes, that hurt. He was not the only player expected to post big stats and faltered however, here’s lookin at you Aaron Rodgers, AJ Green, CJ Spiller, Chris Johnson, and others. Hopefully you had as few of the mis-hits as possible and are able to survive. If so, there are semi-finals games to look forward to. Brush that dirt of your shoulder and let’s keep it pushin!


Note 1: Bryce Brown

-          What a jerk.

Note 2: Injuries

-          Fred Jackson: Out for season. CJ Spiller owners unite. Tough match up against a hot Seattle D, but is really good when he is the main focus.

-          Robert Griffin the Third: Sprained knee and is questionable for Sunday’s game. This is a big one as RG3 has carried many teams to the postseason this year. Garcon owners also patiently await the news.

-          Lesean McCoy: Seeing a concussion specialist. Looks more and more likely he will be shut down. Time to bounce back Mr. Brown.

-          Ahmad Bradshaw: Knee injury and status unknown. He missed time in the first half but did come back some for the second. No update quite yet, but rookie David Wilson certainly took advantage of his opportunity. You may see his name again in this article.

-          Jay Cutler: Neck injury should be good to go this week against the Packers.

Note 3: Aaron Rodgers