FF Player Spotlight - Ryan Broyles

Hey fantasy footballers it’s me, “THE FANTASY TYPHOON” and it’s about time to rock and roll with the 2013 fantasy football season player spotlight series. During this series I will be spotlighting certain players who are inches away from breaking out in 2013. This will help give you an edge on your competition as you research and prepare for your 2013 fantasy football drafts. Training camp is around the corner and these player spotlights are designed to help you see for yourselves the triggers that needs to be activated for the player to vault to the next level. This way you can use your own judgment and see through the smoke screen and not fall victim to the training camp hype. Make no mistake this will be league dominating information folks, and I will start this player spotlight series off with Ryan Broyles.

I have been watching the tape on Ryan Broyles this week and I just love what I see. The kid has speed, excellent route running skills, the ability to get separation, and is considered an occasional deep threat. I am very well aware of the injury last season but he is way ahead of schedule. He has already practiced at full speed in minicamp. He also should be up for the starting role opposite Megatron. This guy is going way too late in 2013 drafts and is sometimes going undrafted. This is insane folks. He will be a major target for Stafford Calvin Johnson Help?because Mega will draw double and even triple team coverage which almost assures us that Broyles will ALWAYS face 1 on 1 coverage. Broyles has proven that he can destroy 1 on 1 coverage consistently. The talent is there, the situation is there, and the scheme is there, the trigger that needs to be activated is trust.


The only thing I can foresee holding Broyles back is the timing he needs to cement with Stafford. While I was watching the Houston game Staff missed Broyles on some huge plays where Broyles was wide open. This was unacceptable. He also missed Broyles on a deep pass that could have went for 55 or so yards and a TD. They need more time together to learn each other a little better and become one. Once they bond this relationship to where Broyles can be trusted and his movements more anticipated by Stafford, Broyles will then BREAKOUT! That’s the only ingredient missing here. While Broyles was considered a slot guy or “W” receiver in the Houston Texans game he did come off of the field some on first and second downs. He was utilized the most in the slot but don’t be deceived because he can be an outside receiver as well. This should show up sometime during the 2013 season and Broyles will be the owner of a #2 WR spot in Detroit.


Fantasy Football Draft Guide 2013

Author: Kevin Nelson

2013 Fantasy Football Draft Guide

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Hello fantasy footballers it’s me again “THE FANTASY TYPHOON” here to bring you your first installment of the “STRATEGY SESSION” In this episode we will discuss and learn the different offensive schemes throughout the NFL. Now the reason why the strategy session was conceived is because this is the template that NFL owners and coaches use to dominate over other teams on Sunday. Your team should closely mirror the real NFL team situations and their front office views. Once mastered you can do this with consistency without weekly rankings and guesswork.  
Strategy Session helps us to spot and learn each individual teams personnel requirements so that when they are not being met at a NFL level we know what changes are coming. Then we can be proactive in accepting or denying trades proposals in our fantasy leagues. Knowing what they are trying to accomplish on the field on Sunday gives you a fantasy advantage on Sunday. When learning each team’s offense you immediately know what to expect from the players, therefore giving yourself a superior edge on draft day and in season wavier pickups and line up formations. It removes guesswork from the equation. For instance here are the
offenses currently running the NFL. 

10 Players to Watch for Fantasy Football 2013

Top 10 Players to Watch for Fantasy Football 2013

Sleepers in fantasy football are becoming more and more non-existent as the game advances, GM’s get savvier with news sources, and the abundance of media outlets to leak stories chronicling the entire offseason.  So I created a “watch list” which gives you an idea into players that can provide you great value based on opportunity and potential draft position.  We all want to catch a few diamonds in the mid to late rounds, but it also feels good to see your later round picks outperform an opponent’s early rounder.  Here are some guys to watch out for that may fit that bill.

10) TE Dustin Keller:

Keller may have landed in the perfect situation to flourish based on his skill set.  The Dolphins have two legit outside threats in Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline.  These two guys will demand attention while the middle of the field will belong to Keller.  He is a quick, athletic tight end with good hands, and could cause matchup problems.  Their main slot guy Devon Bess is no longer with the team so he left a void Keller can fill nicely.  He had an injury plagued 2012, but he led the Jets in receiving in 2011 with 65 catches for 815yds/5tds.  He is very capable of being Tannehill’s midfield target.  This is a potential late round gem as a tight end which is rare.


9) WR Kenny Britt:

Many have probably lost faith in Kenny Britt (rightfully so) but I think this may be the year to have him.  Britt has never had more than 775yds in a season but he is also going into only his 5th year in which the last two have been bogged down with injuries to his knees.  Last year he was healthy enough to play but struggled to regain his form (had a tough time getting separation from corners). Britt had a stretch in which he caught 12tds in a span of 11 games before the injuries started to mount.  The word out of Titans camp is that he looks explosive again which is a great early sign for the talented receiver.  It’s also worth noting they drafted a potential replacement this year in the 2nd round, plus it is also the ever so mythical “contract year” so the motivation factor will be at an all-time high.  Late….Round…..Steal!

8) WR Hakeem Nicks:

Nicks has proven constantly that when healthy he can produce, but that is the key word “when” healthy.  In back to back years of ‘10/’11 he was a locked in over 1,000yd receiver. In 2012 he rushed back from a broken foot and was never the same which caused more injuries.  Nicks is the #1 receiver on a team with an elite passing game.  He is also the top redzone target where he excels tremendously and that boosts his value.  It has been reported he didn’t show up for OTA’s but he already said he will be there.  I think he will be healthy and focused for 2013 which could put most fantasy owners in position to get a #1 receiver in the middle of the draft. Also worth noting V. Cruz may hold out which puts more onus on Nicks to perform.  Keep an eye on Nicks leading into training camp. 

7) RB Shane Vereen:

Danny Woodhead’s departure to San Diego puts Vereen squarely on radar for a guy who holds value.  His value is based mainly on his uptick in playing time which he deserves.  Vereen and Woodhead had a combined 186 touches last year, so that can be a small indication as to what type of action Vereen has in store.  Vereen played 12% of the snaps last year, while Woodhead played 34% and those percentages can be rounded into assumption that Vereen will at least play 35 to 40% of snaps based on those measures.  The Patriots ran the most plays in the NFL last year so that opportunity to be produce will be there.  When taken into account that Vereen is a more physically gifted athlete than Woodhead he could have a great season if given the chance.  Only question is how much Brandon Bolden factors into Belichick’s game plans.  However, my last bit of “stat vomit” for you is if you combine Vereen and Woodhead’s numbers, you are looking at a guy who could give you a bit over 600yds rushing/600yds receiving and 11td’s.  Not bad for a potential #2Rb in the late rounds.


Fantasy Football - Dynasty Rookie Rankings

Hello fantasy footballers it’s me again “THE FANTASY TYPHOON” coming back as promised with another informative dynasty league dominating article. This time we will get you prepared to face your dynasty rookie drafts. Please be advised that these tiers are for a 3 year window so once these top tier 1 players are secured to your rosters give them the ample time to blossom before you get discouraged. Dynasty fantasy football is all about talent and patience folks because talent plays on Sundays.


Before all of the calculator fantasy football rankers can get their algorithms in place talent has to be evident in the players DNA. We break talent before other websites because we measure the talent, the scheme, the coach and most importantly the role they were drafted to fill. This formula keeps you from making big mistakes by following what’s trending on twitter from someone who woke up with a feeling in his gut about a player. We watch the film and then make suggestions to try and help you avoid the pitfalls and the buyer’s remorse that comes along with it. Our recommendations go against the grain a bit but I guarantee that you will be jumping up and down when the real training camp battles are won by your drafted players. So let’s break the 2013 rookie class into tiers for your dynasty drafts.


TIER I Can’t Miss Talent

The guys below will make out our top tier recommendations. We project that these guys will have long pro bowl fantasy stat stuffing careers. Isn’t this what you want from your first round dynasty rookie pick?


Justin Hunter – Tennessee Titans          

We have Justin Hunter at the top of our board based on talent and potential only. He has the shell of AJ Green. We don’t care where he lands he will produce for you in the allotted 3 year rookie dynasty window. You will not be disappointed.


Robert Woods – Buffalo Bills       

Crisp route runner with the ability to beat the jam at the line of scrimmage in college, now as a NFL rookie. Might not be the fastest but has sure hands and should shoulder a long prosperous NFL career as well. That’s what we are looking for in dynasty formats.


LeVeon Bell – Pittsburgh Steelers          

We love the talent and situation that Leveon Bell has found himself in. He is a talented back that is now in a Traditional Pro-Style Offense and we expect to see some good numbers from him once he gets settled. He should be entrenched as the bell cow well within the 3 year rookie window.