Case of the Mondays: Waiver Wire Adds Week 2 and Fantasy Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson

Peyton Manning opponents, Reggie Bush opponents, Calvin Johnson owners, Dez Bryant owners and so on, welcome. Welcome to the first edition of 2013’s Case of the Mondays. Every week of every season there are plenty of noteworthy items to talk about, but week one is always a little more special. It’s the first time we actually have real action to base future predictions on. Peyton Manning is worth Drew Brees and AP in a trade, getting Julian Edelman for Calvin Johnson would be a steal, ya know, those types of predictions.

Deep breath…. Deep breath.


Ok, but in all seriousness, we all have reason to freak out. One way or another the sky is probably falling or you have already locked up the championship. In the meantime, there are plenty of interesting points to consider as we let week two and beyond play out. Such as….


Note 1: Ummm, running backs?

-          One 100 yard rusher so far? ONE??? And it was Shane Vareen? We knew going into the season that stud running backs would be scarce but this was even more shocking than anyone could have guessed. Fortunately many put up stats in the form of receiving (Bush, Sproles, Vareen) or touchdowns (AP, Bell, many more) but the usage really laid confirmation to the value of the studs.

Note 2: A passing league

-          Three 400 yard passing games to start the season (whatever happened to the defenses are further along than offense week 1) and 17 threw for at least two touchdowns! In standard scoring, the difference between Drew Brees and EJ Manuel was four points. Pretty strong support to the whole “Quarterbacks are deep” philosophy that got hammered this offseason.

Note 3: Tim Tebow 2.0

Tips For Surviving Your Fantasy League

Tips on Surviving Your First Fantasy League


The craziest time of the year has just arrived for the American football fans; the NFL season has also kick started NFL betting activities. American football is, undoubtedly, one of the most patriotically followed sports, not only in the United States, but in some other parts of the world, as well. Needless to say, it generates a very high level of interest and excitement among football fanatics. The years of popularity and crazy fan-following has even produced another popular version of this game - the Fantasy Football League. Perhaps, many football fans have heard this term before, and have often related it with some kind of a daydreaming thing that the crazy football fans have devised for wasting time. However, it is something completely different than this absurd thought.

Fantasy Football is a complete, virtual football game that is normally played by hardcore enthusiasts and some casual fans, as well. People who love betting on the NFL games can also be seen playing fantasy football. Fantasy football brings out the inner talent of the football fanatic, and helps them put together a winning team. It puts the user in the front office, or into the shoes of the general manager or the coach of a football team. From the NFL leagues to the fully customizable football leagues, NFL provides several opportunities to football enthusiasts for starting their own fantasy season. They just need to get the best players on the roster, and set them to compete with each other on a weekly basis. The on-field performances of the players help earn fantasy points on the board, thereby determining the final rewards.

Since most of these leagues are organized online, following the NFL betting trends and earning some money by betting on a fantasy league is quite easy. For the more traditional followers of the game, playing fantasy football might not be that difficult. However, for the relatively novel fans, this could be a tad challenging. This is where NFL betting sportsbooks tips at and other golden tips for surviving your first NFL fantasy league come into play. For those who are indulging in their first fantasy league, or are looking forward to where to bet on the NFL fantasy league for the first time, these tips might appear to be quite beneficial.


Never Ever Give Up

Fantasy Football Sleepers - 2013

Beauty, cells, and sofas; all famous sleepers. While not directly related in context, that is the very theme of this article ahead, finding the next famous sleeper. Many people have different ideas of what a sleeper is so I always like to give a quick frame of reference on mine before I begin. A sleeper is a back up or at minimum a later round pick. Despite never starting, I do not consider David Wilson a sleeper because he has a 3rd round ADP or the equivalent of a terrible REM cycle. No, no we are talking the later the better. We are talking the guys that will be viewed as roster fillers to start the year, but potential game/season changers as the calendar turns. First round picks rarely win you a fantasy championship. Typically everyone has a solid first round pick. The best way to differentiate yourself and win that elusive title is to find those Prince Charming picks that will wake up the right sleeper and lead you to happily ever after. Hard to find? No worries, I got you.

Carson Palmer, QB (ARI) – Who would have thunk it at this stage in Carson Palmer’s career he would be viewed as a sleeper? Well think it! Palmer moved from Oakland to Arizona this offseason and awaiting him is new coach Bruce Arians. Arians helped Andrew Luck achieve great rookie success last year and was the orchestrator of some of Ben Roethlisberger’s best statistical seasons. He has weapons in Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd, and Andre Roberts outside that are certainly better than what he worked with in Oakland last year where he threw for over 4000 yards and 22 TDs. He is certainly not mobile and he goes up against some tough defenses in the NFC West, but if the o-line can pass protect, Arians will get Palmer on the page that could amount to some very nice fantasy games.

2013 Fantasy Football Bold Predictions

Author: Kevin Nelson

Every year us at the Fantasy Football Life offices get together and throw around crazy talk according to the current standard ADPs. Sometimes we're right. The key for you is to pick which ones we're right about. Our gut always tells us something. Here are the 2013 Fantasy Football Bold Predictions:

CJ Spiller will top 2000 total yards: I have been high on Spiller for two years now and I don’t care how bad the rest of the Buffalo offense might be. They aren’t worse than last year, and Spiller averaged more yards per touch than any back in the league. I believe the quote was “feed him until he throws up” right? – Kevin Nelson

Larry Fitzgerald will finish as a top three WR

Larry Fitzgerald is a great WR. Check. Can catch anything in his area code. Check. Last year’s Cardinals’ QBs couldn’t get it in his time zone. Check. This year’s can. Check. Bruce Arian. Check. See Reggie Wayne in 2012, then give Reggie Wayne Fitzgerald’s talent. – Cameron Sparks

Dez Bryant finishes with more fantasy points than Calvin Johnson: I know, I know. Calvin Johnson has led fantasy receivers two straight years and conventional thinking says he should get much worse seeing as his 5 touchdowns was a fluke last season. But there was something special that clicked for Dez Bryant last year. His final eight games he was playing at a pace of 1758 yards and 20 touchdowns over a 16 game schedule. Maybe he doesn’t hit that, but even if he doesn’t, Calvin better bring it if he’s at all close. Dallas has a lot more weapons to free Dez up than Detroit. – Kevin Nelson

Arian Foster will finish outside the top eight RBs

Every year they say “this is the year all that wear and tear finally gets to” (insert overworked RB here). Well…this is the year all that wear and tear finally gets to Arian Foster. Foster will miss too much time to finish at the top. – Cameron Sparks

Fantasy Football Busts - 2013

Author: Kevin Nelson

Nobody likes this part. Everyone is trying their best out there and nobody likes rooting for failure, unless of course it’s your rival but there exceptions to every rule. Unfortunately it happens every year. Guys who were expected to excel fall short of those glorious expectations. For whatever reason, all of us geniuses out here are actually wrong about players! What?!?!? So to eliminate the embarrassment of being one of “those” geniuses I went ahead and took a little of the guesswork out. I  have identify some of these gentlemen who look like underperformance could be in their near future for one reason are another. Of course injuries will play a large part in this and Miss Cleo in her heyday couldn’t even predict those so, let’s put injury prediction aside for now. That said, watch out for…..

Tom Brady (NE) – Quick!! Loudest gasp possible!! I think I got an air ear flick simply for writing the Golden Boy’s name in a negative context. Oh well, we have a job to do right, and FFBLife will bring the best information to your eyes whether ears are flicked or not! Brady might be the best QB of all time, which is not up for debate. But any QB who loses 70% of his targets from one year to next could find himself in a little trouble. It doesn’t help when your largest addition to offset that loss is a receiver who has missed 1/3 of his potential career already. No Welker, No Hernandez and “Party Gronk” has now become “Questionable Gronk.” Brady wasn’t always a fantasy monster and with the way other QBs accumulate ridiculous stats in this era, it is completely fathomable for Tom Terrific to lead his Patriots to wins in a more conservative fashion again. I think Brady will be really good, just not top five this year.