Case of the Mondays: Waiver Wire Adds Week 8 and Fantasy Recap

There will be no pondering about the intro topic today guys. Julio and more or less Randall Cobb last week, now Reggie Wayne, Doug Martin, and Sam Bradford this week?? The season ending, or near season ending, injuries are starting to get ridiculous at this point. And those are just season enders! Jay Cutler will miss a good chunk of time after finally sneaking his way into fantasy lineups after some solidly consistent play, Jermichael Finley has undergone test on his neck after a scary play, Arian Foster went out with a hamstring injury and his timetable is unknown, and then his back up Ben Tate fractured his ribs. I’m worried I’m going to get injured just writing about all this!


Fortunately, it wasn’t all bad week 7. Let’s try to look at some of the positives, and see what we can take away from this week’s action.


Note 1: Megatron

-  Did you buy low? Hope so


Note 2: Eddie Lacy

-  68 carries in the last 3 games playing for the Green Bay Packers. That is top 10 stuff guys. He hasn’t really exploded yet, so if you can still finagle him from his owner, do it. This kid is the man in that backfield and the Packers will continue to be balanced with their pass catching injuries.


Note 3: Who makes who?

-  Well, ok, so it’s not that simple but many expected Matt Ryan to stumble to the mid ranks of QBs without his all world receivers out wide. Turns out, maybe he’s closer to the elite level guys than we thought. Like a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning would, Matt Ryan made stars of of names like Harry Douglas. He had his first 3 TD game of the season and will get Steven Jackson back soon to help take some pressure off of him. The Falcons have a pass happy attack, keep Ryan in your line ups

Case of the Mondays: Waiver Wire Adds Week 7 and Fantasy Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson

Such is the NFL right? Beat the 49ers and Seahawks in back to back weeks, lose to the Chargers. Who are you Colts? Fantasy owners can’t be happy with their Colts’ performances as the Chargers dominated time of possession on Monday Night. That is the funny thing about this game we play, ya just never know what you’re gonna get. Thad Lewis as the 5th highest scoring QB? Mike Glennon in the top 10? We have talked about it before and the quarterback carousel continues. Not to mention Brandon Jacobs and Mike Tolbert finding themselves in the top 10. Is it 2010? There were many other things that caught my eye in week 6, and it wasn’t just the cheerleaders. Let’s talk about them.


Note 1: RB Roulette

-  Brandon Jacobs, Mike Tolbert, Chris Ogbonnaya, and Andre Ellington all finished above names like Frank Gore, Adrian Peterson, Doug Martin, Matt Forte, CJ Spiller and more. The funny part is, I wouldn’t recommend any of them confidently going forward. If I had to take one, I would say Andre Ellington because he is young, looks talented, and the Cards needs a back. The other three are nothing special at this point and week 6 should be seen as the exception, not the rule.


Note 2: Injury Report

-  Jimmy Graham: Foot (minor injury, expected back after the bye) Don’t know what was up with zero catches though. I don’t care what DB is on him, 6’ 7” and his size? Throw it up Drew.

-  Randall Cobb: Broken fibula, out 6-8 weeks. This one hurts. James Jones also got hurt, but his seems more minor and he has a chance to play in week 7. Aaron Rodgers will need to lean even more on Jordy Nelson, Jermichael Finley, and Eddie Lacy. Go pick up Jarrett Boykin in the mean time.

-  DeMarco Murray: Knee. Originally ruled out for next week already, now there are conflicting reports that murray could be ok. Keep an eye on the situation and pick up Joseph Randle just in case. The other back up in Dallas, Lance Dunbar, also got hurt (hamstring) so there is a chance Randle could have the keys to the castle.


Note 3: Percy

-  He is running full speed. He has a chance to practice with the team as soon as next week. Get ready folks.

Fantasy Stock Watch - Week 5

Another week, and another Stock Watch. Blowouts, comebacks, and shockers, we had it all this weekend in the NFL. It was another one for the books, folks, and I am going do my best to walk you through the Wall Street of fantasy football player values. So read on and let me know what your think. Cheers to October and to being sports fans. Enjoy!



^ ^ ^ STOCK RISING ^ ^ ^


Alex Smith, KCC - As far as San Francisco is concerned, Alex Smith is making them look worse by the week. He is the pocket passing version of Tim Tebow. A bold statement, I know, but all the kid does is win. It may not be pretty, but this is football, RIGHT?! Consider this, in his starts since last year, Alex Smith led football teams are 12-1. And even better? Smith has compiled over 20 fantasy points in three of his four starts this year, making him something in 2013 with the Chiefs, that he was never able to be while with the 49ers. Alex Smith is a LEGIT fantasy football option for those in need of a QB. I love it. Go Hawks. Moving on...


Le’Veon Bell, PIT - I traded Bell last week for James Jones and felt pretty good about it considering Pittsburgh had only rushed for 51 yards a contest coming into week 4. After last weekend, I am not so sure I got the best out of this deal. Bell looked quick, agile and seemed to have a nose for the endzone, scoring two touchdowns on Sunday. Yes, he had only 57 yards on 16 attempts in his debut, but the Michigan State product also had four receptions increasing his value in PPR formats. Adding further value, Bell won’t face a rushing defense ranked higher than 14 from weeks 7-11. I see Bell as a borderline RB2-flex option at this point. Stay tuned...

Case of the Mondays: Waiver Wire Adds Week 6 and Fantasy Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson

                That is five weeks in the books. So, Peyton is good right? That Peyton Manning guy who has 20 touchdowns through 5 weeks? Yep, he’s good. Look, usually we ramble about a fun story or random knick knacks in these intros but when special things go down you best believe they will get acknowledged. Peyton freakin Manning has 20 freakin touchdowns through 5 weeks!!! That would be a pace of 64 on the season. Ummmm, what??? I was certainly higher on Manning than many coming into the season, but this is downright stupid. Not stupid in the sense of like Miley Cyrus’ hair stylist, stupid like Lebron James’ size/speed ratios. You get how absurd I’m talking now? Just in case the 20 freakin touchdowns in 5 games didn’t do it for you that is.



Ok, what else do we got?


Note 1: Speaking of historically stupid…

-          What Jimmy Graham is doing is on some Peyton Manning level of stupid. He isn’t the best tight end in football right now; he’s the best RECEIVER in football right now. Remember how crazy Gronk’s season was a couple years ago? Graham is on pace to blow all of that out of the water. 118 catches, 1897 yards, and over 19 touchdowns. Yeeeaaaaahhhh…..

Note 2: Sticking with tight ends

-          It wasn’t enough for Peyton to be throwing to DT, Eric Decker, and Wes Welker but the Broncos went ahead and unearthed the gem that is Orange Julius. Thomas is on pace for over 1400 yards and 19 TDs. If Jimmy Graham wasn’t unearthly right now, Thomas would be the story at the tight end position. Well, he and Jordan Cameron I guess… jeez, what is up with these tight ends??

Note 3: A sad day for myself

Case of the Mondays: Waiver Wire Adds Week 5 and Fantasy Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson

We have reached the quarter pole already. Wait, wait??? Doesn’t it seem like fantasy football season flies by like no other? Maybe that’s just me.


Ok, I will stop asking direct questions as if I will get a response. I think it is important at this time of the year to actually start making legitimate assessments. Four weeks is a pretty solid amount of time to determine whose stock is trending in a good direction and whose is not. And not just specific players, the fact that running backs are even more terrible as a group is a valuable trend to identify as well. So far, it’s pretty clear that there are only a few running backs these days really being relied upon to carry the load every single week. And we thought there were few to begin the season! It is certainly even less now. These are a couple examples of season long trends to be looking for as you continue in your league. As for week 4, let’s get into some of the specifics....


Note 1: Peyton Manning is in record breaking mode

-  When Tom Brady broke the touchdown record in 2007, everyone could tell the Patriots didn’t care about anybody’s feelings and they were going to put it on teams every single week. Well, the Broncos look to have that same gleam in their eyes. Peyton is a man on a mission right now and I would be utterly shocked at this point if he doesn’t top 50 touchdowns. There are too few teams that can stop their passing game.


Note 2: QBs are plentiful (verifying)

-  Sure Peyton is way out in the lead right now, but outside of him and maybe a couple others, QBs continue to support the theory that there are tons putting up stats. The top 12 highest scoring QBs in week 4 (without Drew Brees so far) include the names Philip Rivers, Alex Smith, Matt Schaub, Brian Hoyer, Jake Locker (and he didn’t even play a full game), Matt Cassel, and Jay Cutler. How many of those guys were drafted in the top 10 rounds?