Case of the Mondays: Week 12 Waivers and Fantasy Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson

The last week of byes is finally upon us, but it will certainly not be gentle. Red hot Seahawks like Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson will be gone. AJ Green will be missed, that Bengals D that led so many to victory last weekend is no mas, and our red hot Eagles as well. Oh and the Bills, if you care. Free agents are becoming more and more sparse as we get towards the end of the season so hopefully you have the proper depth to survive these late byes and for those who don’t have any byes, have you set yourself up for your final playoff run? Only two weeks left to determine who gets in and who has to take the long, shameful walk to the August 2014 draft waiting area. Let’s quickly recap week 11 and get you some free agent ideas for the stretch run!

Note 1: Percy J

-          Did you have any doubt I would start with this guy. Ok, he didn’t make much of a fantasy impact, but if you were worried his explosiveness might not be back from the serious toll his injuries may have taken…. WRONG! It was all on display on that kick return before the half, and the athleticism on his only catch. Get him in your line up as soon as the Hawks come back from break, the wait is over. Well, after you wait this week.

Note 2: Megatron

-          This is just unbelievable. Dez, I love you a ton, and have you on pretty much all of my teams but to put yourself, or pretty much anybody else in history in the category of this man is embarrassing. And that has nothing to do with the immense talent Dez has.

Note 3: Pats Running Backs

Case of the Mondays: Week 11 Waiver Wire and Fantasy Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson

I personally don’t have a huge issue with horn tooting. After all, this is my forum to do with as I please right? I mentioned to you all many weeks ago that Andre Brown needed to be stashed. I continued to preach the pick up with the goal of week 10 being his return to the line up. I did NOT foresee what happened Sunday. Coach speak can sometimes be fairly recognizable and sometimes very difficult. Bill Belichick and Mike Shanahan are typically very good at the latter.  Tom Coughlin had no shot at fooling me week 10.


“Peyton Hillis will be our starter and get the majority of work”


Yeah, ok Tom. I’ll buy the “starter” thing but come on. He of the 2.8 YPC coming into the game is going to get the majority of the work when you have a fresh back coming in who scored in 8 out of the 10 games he played last year while averaging 5/3 YPC. The writing was on the wall and while his YPC weren’t great on Sunday, when you get 30 frickin carries it doesn’t have to be to make a great impact. Welcome back Andre Brown, I hope the rest of you jumped aboard.


What else we got from week 10?




Note 1: Peyton Manning


-          Yawn. Oh, wait he got hurt? He’ll be fine, he already could move less than the Statue of David.


Note 2: Injuries


-          Not too big this week, mentioned Manning briefly. Jake Locker is out for the year, Jay Cutler reinjured his man parts, and then Tony Gonzo hurt his toe which is only fitting for an Atlanta Falcons team that seemingly is having everything go wrong.


Note 3: Percy J

Case of the Mondays: Waiver Wire Adds Week 9 and Fantasy Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson

This was a big week. Like, real big. Four different 30+ point performances. Two performances with multi touchdown games from guys playing less than 20 snaps of action. Oh, and did we talk about the near record by the Transformer? We also finally got a week where we don’t need to dwell on devastating injuries! Hoo ray!! A lot to talk about this week, I’m excited. Let’s go


Note 1: Megatron vs Dez

-  Winner? Duh, it’s Calvin. Sorry Dez. You too are a freak and one of the very best in the league right now, but somehow Megatron got 16 targets to your 6 (all Romo’s fault?) and turned those into 14 catches for 329 yards receiving. Ummm, what??? Dez was no slouch with his 3 catches totaling 72 yards and 2 TDs, one of which was a spectacular David Tyree type catch, but this was Calvin’s show. Calvin is the best there is. Ever? Let’s keep that one stored away for now, but you can bet it will be brought up again at some point. This kid is amazing.


Note 2: Bengals

-  Ok, maybe the Bengals are for real? Andy Dalton certainly started the season slowly and made many an expert question if he was the guy who could lead this team deep into the postseason. Well, we won’t know that quite yet but he has over 1000 yards and 11 TDs in his past 3 games and Cinci looks tough to deal with. Marvin Jones might not play a lot of snaps yet, less than 20 in this game, but talk about maximizing your opportunity! 8 catches on 8 targets on a recorded 14 pass routes run for 122 yards and 4 TDs. Wow! Personally, I would sell Jones if possible as this run may be a bit of a fluke. Less than 20 snaps is a little hard to believe in for consistency but the kid has been performing. He is certainly making Dalton and the Bengals more dangerous.


Note 3: Jimmy Graham

Case of the Mondays: Week 10 Waiver Wire Adds and Fantasy Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson

I hate the COM’s that start with injury. I don’t care how sinister a fantasy owner you are, nobody wants the elite stars of the league to go down. Monday, we may have lost Aaron Rodgers for significant time, tests still to come. Oh and if you think Rodgers owners are the only ones who should be hurting, ummm nope. Jordy Nelson, James Jones, and Jarrett Boykin owners should be in the dumps as well. All of those players will take significant hits should Rodgers miss the rest of this season. I would worry about the stacked boxes Eddie Lacy will see, but it’s pretty clear he is a beast at this point and while his upside isn’t as high as it was on that first drive against Chicago and their two high safeties defending Rodgers, his workload should still be solid. Man, injuries are the worst. Fortunately there weren’t a ton this week but there are plenty of other tidbits for us to delve into…


Note 1: Brady Bunch

-          He’s baaaaaaack. Ok, I’m skeptical to this but the emergence of Aaron Dobson is the exact thing Brady has needed to become a reliable star again. We all know the Pats can run it up with the best of them when they are on their game, but Brady was missing a significant outside threat. Even with Gronk back, Brady hadn’t looked the same, but with Dobson playing the majority of snaps now outside and actually excelling, the whole field is opening up for the Golden Boy. It also doesn’t hurt that the dangerous pass catching back, Shane Vereen, is due back soon.

Note 2: Zac Stacy

-          Alfred Morris 2.0. Congrats to those who jumped on the bandwagon, it appears STL has found their guy. Two weeks in a row now, Stacy has not only put up great rushing performances, but looked really good in doing so. He’s decisive, he’s powerful, and he’s deceptively shifty. Oh, and he’s doing all of this with Kellen Clemens. Unfortunately, Clemens will remain his QB for the long haul this year but it doesn’t look like it will deter Stacy. The Rams know they have their guy, the workload will stay strong.

Note 3: TY Hilton

Fantasy Stock Watch - Week 8

As we approach the mid-way point of the 2013 NFL fantasy football season, some players have risen to stardom, and others, well, they haven’t. Stock watch is back for week 8 to try and guide you to solid, well thought out roster transactions to better cement yourself in your fantasy football playoffs!! And without further adieu, let’s get into the good stuff.



^ ^ ^ STOCK RISING ^ ^ ^


Andrew Luck, IND - After a subpar week 6, Luck was back at it again on Sunday Night Football against the Broncos. While the Stanford product was busy leading Indianapolis over Denver, he also had time to rack up three passing TD’s to go along with his rushing TD. This is nothing new for those of us on the West coast, who have been watching Luck dominate the Pac-12 for years. When the second year QB was drafted he had more promise than a wedding ring, and yet has done nothing but live up to it with recent impressive wins that include Seattle and San Francisco. You don’t have to have a degree from Stanford to figure out this kid is the real deal, and a no-doubt fantasy football starter.


Knowshon Moreno, DEN - Already one of the most pleasant surprises of the 2013 NFL season, Moreno continues to impress, and I, for one, am ready for the bandwagon. The fifth year RB out of Georgia hasn’t had less than 18 touches over the past three weeks, and after cementing himself as the Broncos lead back, I see much more of the same to come. If Moreno’s stats aren’t enough to sell you, consider this, with his skills in pass protection and Peyton Manning as his QB, this particular Denver RB stands to see A LOT of run. Given his recent consistency, expect to see this RB in the top 10 at his position by fantasy seasons end.


Harry Douglas, ATL - With injuries to Julio Jones and Roddy White, Matt Ryan has to throw the ball somewhere, right? Well, in week 7, we found out who. On Sunday, The 6th year Louisville product hauled in 7 passes for 149 yards and a score. Even with the return of White imminent, Douglas should still see plenty of targets the rest of season with Jones out for the year. I see the Atlanta wideout as a borderline WR2/flex option moving forward. If you can get your hands on him, and the price is right, pull the trigger like your name is Drew Carey.