2012 NFL Draft Coverage - Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins

Author: Kevin Nelson


Robert Griffin III - Washington Redskins – Pick 2

Cian Fahey (@cianaf): He may be the second quarterback off the board in real life, but he should be taken a lot higher than Luck in fantasy. The Washington Redskins have an excellently designed offense but have been hindered over the years by their quarterback play.

Griffin comes in with the potential to have a Cam Newton like year destroying defenses with his dynamism. The Redskins will look to limit his attempts with a strong running game, make sure to pick up Roy Helu this year, but when Griffin passes the ball it should be for chunks of yardage rather than dinking and dunking for minimal gain.

The Redskins will run a lot of play action for Griffin allowing him to rack up the yards on the ground also while he and Pierre Garcon should supply some big down field shots on play action. With an explosive, reliable tight end in Fred Davis, a rookie quarterback's best friend, Robert Griffin III is a viable starting quarterback to take this year.

Projection: 3,900 yards, 16 touchdowns, 12 interceptions. 500 yards rushing, five touchdowns.

Kevin Nelson (@k9_swag): Unlike Luck, I actually like Griffin’s chances to put together a solid rookie campaign from a fantasy perspective. While they may not have the Packers’ weapons or anything, the Redskins have put together some decent pieces around their future QB. Last years’ rookie runner Roy Helu certainly showed flashes as a 3 down back and should serve as a nice rushing/receiving combo and a quality dump pass outlet for the young RG3. On the outside the Skins will deploy the veteran Santana Moss, newly acquired Pierre Garcon, Jabar Gaffney, newly acquired Josh Morgan, and returning to health TEs Fred Davis and Chris Cooley. Between those weapons and a Shanahan’s desire to run waggles and bootlegs, RG3 will get plenty of chances to use his world class speed and rack up rushing stats as well. RG3 will obviously have to beat our Rex Grossman for the starting jo….. wait, oh yeah, Rex Grossman. Needless to say, RG3 will be taking the helm sooner rather than later. I like RG3 to be drafted as a high end upside QB2 so you can be in the position to reap the rewards if he can summon some of that Cam Newton magic, but also be able to wait out potential early season struggles.

2012 NFL Draft Coverage - Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts

Author: Cian Fahey


Andrew Luck – Indianapolis Colts – Pick 1

Kevin Nelson: The next Peyton Manning huh? As fantasy players everywhere sprint to the front of the Luck bandwagon, I caution you to pull that little running parachute thing to slow down. As good as Andrew Luck might be, and with these Manning comparisons it is expected to be very, he is not going to the best situation. Luck might be the most prepared QB entering the NFL in history. His experience in running a pro offense and making calls and adjustments on the fly to get into better plays might be better than many QBs currently in the league. The problem for our purpose is the Colts. The great Peyton Manning threw for 3700 yards, 26 Tds, and 28 INTs his rookie year. That was with Marshall Faulk in the backfield and a young Marvin Harrison on the outside. I don’t see that type of explosiveness in the Colts offense currently. Luck will have Donald Brown in the backfield and an aging Reggie Wayne flanking him out wide. Gone are Dallas Clark, Jacob Tamme, and Pierre Garcon. Joseph Addai is a free agent. Cam Newton came in last year and set the world on fire but at least he had Steve Smith to throw to and Jon Stewart and DeAngelo Williams in the backfield taking some of the pressure off of him. Newton was also aided greatly by his ridiculous rushing TD totals. A number I certainly don’t expect Luck to reach. Keeper leagues by all means, take the shot on the next Peyton Manning. Give the Colts some time to get the man weapons and I’m sure he will be in the conversation for QB1 soon. For this year, there are just too many options in a pass happy league to recommend Luck as anything more than a low end QB2 initially.

Cian Fahey: Everyone and their dog knows that Andrew Luck is going to be an Indianapolis Colts' quarterback now that Ryan Grigson confirmed it publicly. Luck shouldn't be a major player in fantasy this year despite his unnatural talent and Cam Newton's success last year.

Luck's biggest test as a rookie will come in the form of his own offense. With an offensive line which will likely need time to develop, and a running game which still isn't completely reliable, the Colts will be asking too much of their young quarterback if they want him to put up big numbers. He should link up well with Reggie Wayne and Austin Collie but not well enough to be a serious starting consideration in fantasy football.

Playing in the AFC South really hurts his value also as the Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars have strong defenses while the Tennessee Titans are looking to improve over last year.

Projection: 3,000 yards, 16 touchdowns, 16 interceptions. 200 yards rushing, one touchdown.

2012 NFL Mock Draft

Author: Dana Tade


So one of our fellow FFBLifers, Dana Tade, took a shot at laying out your 2012 NFL Draft. We think, what the hell, he knows as good as any. What about you? What do you think of Dana's take? Did yur team get who you want? Let him know!