Championship Week

Happy shipping all!!! Yes for the fortunate few of you in fantasy world, this week is Championship Week setting up for a lot of gloating, horrible dancing, ill-timed rooting and yelling at TVs. For others, long silences with wives and husbands because they just don’t get it. Yes, it’s the time champions are crowned and trophies are displayed on Facebook and Instagram pages for all of the world to see what, to you, is bigger than any Super Bowl victory ever.


Though there are a million different ways you may have arrived at this point, Fantasy Football Life wants to take this time to wish you luck in the biggest game of the year.

Lions, Tigers and...Jaguars?

Lions, Tigers and…Jaguars???

With their starting running back out having only amassed a poor 20 fantasy points on the season and their defense ranking 30th overall, the Jacksonville boys finally decided to show up. I am sure that no one saw both Denard and Allen Robinson coming, and if you really like to live on the edge you might have went with Storm Johnson at the flex, though I hope you didn’t.  Hopefully you didn’t partner him with Alfred Morris or a Ben Tate or any one carrying the ball for the Bengals in week 7. The point being going forward you will have to think twice about scraping together waiver picks by using the "vs Jacksonville Jaguars" standard formula. As fantasy numbers go they are about to hit what may turn out to be a bit of a streak offensively. Consider that they will likely play the same game against Ryan Tannehill and shock the Dolphins (who are looking past them to San Diego), then Blake Bortles is setup for some pretty fun shoot outs in weeks 9 and 10. The chemistry between him and the young talent around him is growing each week. One thing is for certain, Bortles will have to keep throwing the ball and each week, but their defense is showing up more and more. In no way am I a believer that one win can change the culture of a franchise but i am acknowlegdging that the Jags are getting better and are perhaps a well of point catchers. It might be favorable to get yourself a swap meet pick up of your choosing between the Robinsons or Mr. Shorts III. These may be the moves to be made if you are teetering back and forth on the .500 line and are looking to surprise in some uncertain fantasy times.



Sale Items

Doug Baldwin 19.4% ESPN

Ronnie Hillman 11.9% ESPN

Tre Mason 2.3% ESPN

Odell Beckham Jr 20.2% ESPN

Colts Defense 12% ESPN

Case of the Mondays: Week 14 Waivers and Fantasy Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson

Playoffs!!!! Hopefully by the time you read this you are much more smiley than frowny and you have worked your way through the ups and downs of this fantasy season, into the playoffs. Many of you are on bye weeks, if so congrats, you’ve earned. For those still alive and now in that infamous must win situation, this week becomes the most important of the year. There are plenty of notes to go over from week 13, but how about those receiver performances??? The top 3 performances of the week were all WR, that’s right, all WR and no QBs in the top 3. That is rarer than a living steak. Both Josh Gordon and Alshon Jeffery topped the 200 yard mark with 2 TDs, Gordon going over 200 for an NFL record second straight game, and while he failed to hit 200 yards, Erik Decker burned the Chiefs D for a cool 174 and 4 TDs. Those are some get you into the playoff type performances! Decker of the 3 is the least reliable because of Manning’s propensity to spread the ball around, but all 3 are certainly must starts going into the playoffs. Let’s see what else we got….

Note 1: Ben Tate

-          That is the most valuable handcuff we were expecting. Tate is in a contract year and was really letting himself down with his performance in relief of Arian Foster thus far but broke out in a big way on Sunday. Tate ran all over the Pats for 102 yards and 3 TDs. He showed the burst he had been missing this season, and could be in for a nice finish for those who held on to him. Those ribs seem to be doing better, that’s for sure.

Note 2: Peyton Manning

-          Good lord…..

Note 3: The starter for the next 1000 years

Same Face, New Place 2014

Author: Kevin Nelson

With each new season comes the unwavering reality of players finding new situations. In the salary cap era, it is very difficult for any team, both good and bad, to remain the same from year to year. The important thing for us as fantasy football freakazoids, is to identify which movers will be shakers and which movers will be stankers. Here is a guide to some of the more important moves from this NFL offseason!




Matt Schaub (Hou-Oak) - Schaub wore out his welcome last year in Houston thanks in large part to his epic run of pick 6s. Oakland isn’t the softest landing spot to recover considering their weapons are nothing compared to what Houston had.

Move Excitement Level: Real Low


Josh McCown (Chi-TB) - McCown turned a great run in Chicago covering for Jay Cutler into a cushy new chance to start in Tampa Bay. Sure they have 2nd year Mike Glennon, but new coach Levie Smith is not tied to Glennon and will give the veteran McCown every chance to lead his offense. With Vincent Jackson, Doug Martin, and the additions of Mike Evans and Austin Sefarian-Jenkins, their are some weapons to be excited about if he wins.

Move Excitement Level: Medium-High


Other Moves


Ryan Fitzpatrick (Buf-Hou)


Michael Vick (Phi-NYJ)


Mark Sanchez (NYJ-Phi)





Chris Johnson (Ten-NYJ) - CJwhostiredoffiguringouthowmanyK has moved on from his Tennessee days. He takes with him his cocky attitude but unlikely the abilities that led him to be cocky. Rex will definitely try and run the ball in New York and the Jets might do some fun things with CJ and the Geno/Vick combo at QB, but it just hasn’t looked like CJ has had anything left in the tank (career low 3.9 YPC last year). Even if his motivation was renewed.

Move Excitement Level: Medium


Knowshon Moreno (Den-Mia) - Knowshon finally had a year like the Broncos had hoped for when he was drafted in the first round year ago. And how does he get rewarded?? He moves onto the mess that is the Miami Dolphins. A couple troubling things about Knowshon: Reports that his knee might require surgery and that even before that, Lamar Miller has been running circles around him at OTAs. Remember Lamar Miller?

Move Excitement Level: Low


Ben Tate (Hou-Cle) - It may not seem like it, but Cleveland has actually produced some decent RB fantasy years. Peyton Hillis a few ago and Trent RIchardson just a couple season past. Tate has been expected to blow once beyond the shadows of Arian Foster for awhile now but early impressions are that the OTA workload is already wearing on his body. What?! The OTA workload???? Sounds reliable......

Move Excitement Level: Medium


Toby Gerhart (Min-Jac) - Ok, let’s not get complicated. He’s the workhorse, he plays on Gus Bradley’s team (a guy from the Seahawks, who is trying to emmulate the Seahawks) and Gerhart is a big boy. They will give him the load, he will average between 3.8 and 4.1 YPC and he will get goal line work. Probably not a huge upside, but should be a solid back field option this season in Jacksonville.

Move Excitement Level: Medium High


Other Moves


Darren Sproles (NO-Phi)


Maurice Jones-Drew (Jac-Oak)





Desean Jackson (Phi-Was) - Good for you Chip Kelly. You made your point for your team that they had better buy in or they will be GONE! Welp, your loss is RG3s gain. RG3 loves to chuck it deep and guess what all my little fantasy fans..... D Jax loves to go deep. Love this addition.

Move Excitement Level: High


Emmanuel Sanders (Pit-Den) - I could tell you things like Sanders had 67 catches last year for the Steelers, or 37 first downs, or talk about how shifty he is and so on and so forth... blah blah blah... right? He’s starting on Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos.... any questions?

Move Excitement Level: High


Steve Smith (Car-Bal) Great player in his day, couldn’t make a big impact as Cam’s number 1 target, don’t see it as Flacco’s number 3. Yawn.

Move Excitement Level: Low


Hakeem Nicks (NYG-Ind) - I still remember the monster he was a couple years ago. I know injuries have sapped some of that monsterness over the past couple years but for some reason I am very intrigued by him joining Andrew Luck’s offense. Sometimes, a change of scenery does wonders for situations like these. Just remember his monsterness.

Move Excitement Level: Medium High

Golden Tate (Sea-Det) - We do this every year right? The new kid on the block opposite Calvin. Hey, it’s going to hit Blackjack sooner or later folks. And Golden is a playmaker. Big time.

Move Excitement Level: High


Eric Decker (Den-NYJ) - Sure, it was cute when it was with Peyton. Lots of catches, yards, TDs, he looked the part. Now he’s on the Jets, against number 1 corners, with two possible inaccurate QBs. Meh, somebody else can give it a whirl.

Move Excitement Level: Low


Other Moves


James Jones (GB-Oak)


Stevie Johnson (Buf-SF)

Case of the Mondays: Week 13 Waivers and Fantasy Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson


Boy, it looks like Josh Gordon is the real deal doesn’t it? At the beginning of the season, we were all on the Jordan Cameron bandwagon as he was dominating opposing defenses but as soon as Jason Campbell came in, Cameron went back to simply being the brother of Matt Leinart’s baby momma. Not Gordon. Gordon missed the first two games of the season due to suspension and is still 5th in the NFL in receiving yards. He is ahead of names like Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall, and Demaryius Thomas, none have which have missed games this season. So not only is Gordon dealing with Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell on a weekly basis, but it’s not exactly like there are many (ahem, any) weapons anywhere else on the Browns roster outside of Cameron to take attention from Gordon. He is doing this with the sole focus of the defense. Man, imagine if he would have been traded to a team with a real support system. That is just one of the take-aways from week 12’s action, here are some more!




Note 1: Bustin Bronco


-          He was a former number one pick who had become a running joke because of injuries and flat out poor performance but Knowshon Moreno has found the light bulb. (haha, running joke… get it) Culminating this last week with a career high 224 yards on, you ready, 37 rush attempts Moreno is having a career year and is a perfect complement to Peyton Manning. Excellent in pass protection, solid out of the backfield, and now is finally running well. Monte Ball was expected to become the man in an awesome system but there is no reason to replace a relatively young, 26, and spry, under 800 carry carries to date, at this point or in the near future.


Note 2: New England Carousel


-          When you think you know, you have no idea. It looked like Aaron Dobson was turning into a safe start for Tom Brady. After totaling 228 yards and 3 TDs in the past 3 games Dobson was poised for a good game in a shootout with the Pats. Instead, Dobson got benched again for Kenbrell Thompkins and did not have a target for the first time all season. Julian Edleman popped back up to the tune of 9 catches for 110 yards and 2 TDs, and the message is clear. Start Gronk every week, good luck with the recs.


Note3: Ray Rice