Kevin Nelson

Notable Nonsense - Fantasy Offseason Guide

Author: Kevin Nelson


Welcome to the first edition of Notable Nonsense here at I am very excited to get the opportunity to share all of the random and useless, yet sometimes life-altering, fantasy football information I have running amuck throughout my stat-filled noggin. Before I get into my first column, I would like to take a moment to give you a little insight into what you will have to look forward to as we embark on this yearly quest for the coveted title of a fantasy football champion.

Genius. Clairvoyant. Nostradamus. Prodigy. Yeah, it’s tough to live up to such amazing descriptions, and yet people tell me I do it with such ease and grandeur. And believe me it isn’t easy, but who I am to deny others these gifts that have been bestowed upon me.

“With great power, comes great responsibility.” (decent movies, terrible acting by the way)

Realizing this responsibility, and finally having the forum to spread such powers to the masses, I am happy to say……….. don’t listen to me. Or do listen to me. Do whatever makes you feel best about your chances and your efforts in managing your team(s) during the year. You see that is the most fun part of this childish game of fantasy football. Everybody knows everything and yet nobody knows anything. This game, like any other gambling forum, requires a skosh of luck at minimum. On the other hand I do not believe it is completely dictated by luck. Being more prepared than your opponents is the key ingredient to achieving wizard status, such as myself. That is all I can give. When the day comes when science allows me to share my brain with others, we can talk about my standard fee and go from there. In the meantime, welcome to Notable Nonsense.

-The Fantasy Football Offseason Guide-