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Case of the Mondays: Week 3 Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson


Ok, new philosophy going forward. Start all offensive players playing New England. Period. It’s as close as we have to automatic right now and I just don’t understand. I will be the first person to eat crow on my very early assessment that Brady probably wouldn’t finish top 5 and owners hoping for that automatic elite production might be disappointed. Yes, I appear to be wrong and I accept it. But Sunday proves exactly why my logic made sense. I mean what is Belichick doing? This is supposed to be the greatest coach of our generation and a defensive mastermind yet he has a defense giving up an average of 469 yards and over 26 points per game? Prior to Josh McDaniels taking over as offensive coordinator in 2006 Brady had only thrown for 4000 yards 1 time in his career, and that was 2005 when it was rumored McDaniels called plays without the official title. Guess how many championships the Patriots have won since then? That would be as many as I’ve coached in. Look, if Belichick is a Tom Brady fantasy owner I get it. This philosophy puts up amazing fantasy numbers and for our sake, that is what we care about. Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski owners know what I’m talking about! It is also what seems to get the Patriots in trouble later in the season every year. It is what lost them the game verses Buffalo. I have a hard time believing the best coach in the NFL wouldn’t try and institute just a bit more running game and clock management to lessen the time his young defense needs to be on the field. I’m not saying sell all your Patriots because that would be ludicrous, but if you happen to have an outrageous offer, it might be something to consider. Keep in mind Brady lost a lot of titles in 2007 when the weather got bad. When November comes New England plays in the following cities: Pitt, Foxboro, New York, Foxboro, Philly, Foxboro, Washington DC, Denver, Foxboro, Foxboro. Nothing is guaranteed with weather, but that is a tough weather schedule during winter months. Again, I want to make clear, its only week 3 and I do not want you all to give away your Patriots because they might be making a poor team decision, in favor of a fantasy decision. But keep it in mind if you start to see the signs.


Ok moving on, here are some more notes from week 3:

Case of the Mondays: Week 2 Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson


Week 2 is in the books and wouldn’t ya know it we saw a bunch more of the aerial assaults week one brought. A shootout between Jason Campbell and Ryan Fitzpatrick, Cam Newton torching the defending champs, and a surprising offensive philosophy in New England to let Tom Brady throw some more. I know this, I sure wouldn’t want to be a Defensive Coordinator these days. Let’s get to some week 2 notes and waiver wire pickups as we head into week 3.


Note 1: Injuries again

I understand that this is the NFL and injuries will always happen due to the violent nature of the sport, but I had a bad feeling we might see even more due to the lock out and lack of actually practice time. I have never personally played professional football, but I would be willing to bet there is a pretty big difference between running stairs or a treadmill, and running into Ray Lewis. Just saying. With that being said, a couple more big names went down week 2, the biggest of course being Jamaal Charles who is out for the season with a torn ACL.  A common top 5 pick this season, Charles will leave a lot of fantasy teams hurting for that number 1 running back that seems to be so hard to find in this passing era we seem to be in. Thomas Jones will take over as the running back in KC, but don’t sleep on Dexter McCluster who has multiple position eligibility in certain leagues. He’s super light, so he won’t carry the ball excessively, but Todd Haley has to find a way to get the ball in his hands. It has to go somewhere.

Miles Austin had an amazing 3 touchdown day that came to an end late when he re injured his hamstring. The prognosis seems to say he will be out through the Cowboys week 5 bye.

Michael Vick was knocked out of the Eagles-Falcons game in the third quarter with a concussion. His status is questionable for week 3.

Mario Manningham was also concussed in week 2 and his status for next week is also unknown.

Tony Romo and Felix Jones both suffered injuries and both came back in and played through them. Romo cracked a rib and punctured his lung while Jones separated his shoulder. Both are questionable for Monday Night Football/

Case of the Mondays: Week 1 Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson


What an opening Sunday of football! 11 quarterbacks threw for over 300 yards on opening weekend and we still have 4 to go! What happened to the notion that defenses start ahead of offenses and teams will be hurt by the lockout? Tell that to rookie Cam Newton (422 yards 3 total TDs), newly acquired Kevin Kolb (309 yards 2 TDs), and who needs preseason or American freedom’s Kenny Britt (136 yards 2 TDs). And this is just a taste of the awesomeness that has been opening weekend. In a quick recap of what some of it may mean, here is your Case of the Mondays.

Note 1: RBBC is alive and runnin!

TB: Top 20 back LaGarrette Blount had a whopping 5 carries against Detroit and was a complete after thought on 3rd downs. While Coach Morris has already come out and said he was disappointed in their use of Blount, he has also said he doesn’t believe Blount is ready for 3rd downs, a very evident fact on Sunday.

NO: Ingram had the most carries, Pierre Thomas looked like the more effective runner, and Sproles was in for the most plays and looked the most dangerous. This will continue to be a week to week thing. All guys look like flex plays for now (Pierre being the worst with a role less clearly defined) with Ingram being the play in touchdown heavy leagues.

GB: Carries split nearly even at 12-9, Starks looked like the FAR more explosive player. Grant was successful when he found running lanes but struggled upon first contact and didn’t look to have the same burst that he had two years ago. Starks also seemed to be the back of choice every time Green Bay visited the red zone.

Notable Nonsense: Fantasy Football Draft Guide

Author: Kevin Nelson

ray ricePreseason Draft Guide

Well, you are a glutton for punishment. Back for more huh, or maybe just back for the first time? Either way I’m glad to have you along for the ride and hope to provide you with more completely useless yet extremely invaluable information. If you missed the first edition, please feel free to check it out here as it will provide a great base for heading into your upcoming draft. Not everyone has gotten the chance to read the Yoda of fantasy football share his thoughts. “Win your league you will.” Most Sunday’s I just sit back and let the force take care of the rest. That is why your draft is so important, it’s not the end all be all, but it’s important. It can be the difference between being the Jedi Master, and being the one left with a weird alien on a planet filled with sand. What? Ok I’m done with the Star Wars, I swear, maybe.  So let’s get to it. I gave you the offseason guide and hopefully by now you are a bunch of sponges ready for the next step in reaching fantasy football glory! This is my preseason draft guide, enjoy.

How to Study


Hey Rook, Grab Your Playbook - Daniel Thomas

Author: Kevin Nelson

daniel-thomas-kansas-stateDaniel Thomas: Coming into the 2011 draft, the Miami Dolphins were widely projected to take Mark Ingram with their first round selection. To the shock and dismay of every football fan across the world however, the Dolphins actually went against the Mcshays and Kipers (GASP, can’t get a good draft grade when you do that!!) and took Mike Pouncey from Florida. A highly rated guard/center whose twin brother, center Maurkice Pouncey from the Steelers, was an offensive rookie of the year candidate in 2010. The Dolphins then addressed the running back position in a less heralded manor by selecting Daniel Thomas from Kansas State in the second round. Lesean Mccoy, Matt Forte, Ray Rice, and Jamaal Charles all have what in common? Other than the fact that they like double letters in their names (Ray, maybe you should think about Riice?), they all were second or third round choices over the last few years and have found a lot of success early in their careers. Opportunity and circumstance are two very big keys to finding that type of success for a rookie running back and Daniel Thomas could have just hit the jackpot. Quick review:

-Miami believes in running the football (number 11 in attempts in 2010, number 3 in 2009) and just added a highly regarded guard/center in the first round to aid that rushing attack

- Miami’s top TWO backs from last season are unrestricted free agents and are not expected to return. The only rusher under contract for 2011 is FB Lousaka Polite, and he rushed 26 times for 62 yards.