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Case of the Mondays: Week 9 Waiver Wire Report and Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson


The most fun part about fantasy is that no matter how much you study or how far into a particular match up you delve into, in the end the game is always unpredictable. Case and point, LeSean McCoy went up against the number 1 ranked run defense in the NFL and made them look silly. Tom Brady went up against a Steelers pass defense that he has torched over and over again throughout his career and ended up with his worst week statistically this season. Point being, no matter where your record is, what you think your team looks like; hang in there. Anything can happen on any given Sunday and all you can do it prepare yourself the best you can and set the best line up you possibly can; from there, let the chips fall where they may. Hopefully, we at FFBLife can be a resourceful tool in you achieving that premier preparation level. Here are some of the things I noticed from week 5:


Note 1: The Dallas Star

-          If given the opportunity, I think DeMarco Murray is on his way to being a star in this league. If Jason Garrett would have gotten out of his own way and just stuck with the run, perhaps the Cowboys could have stayed in their game against the Eagles a little longer. I know that Murray’s two starts have come against two of the worst run D’s in the league but it is not necessarily “just” the stats that lead me to believe this. Murray looks decisive and explosive when he runs. He doesn’t hesitate to hit holes and he seems to run with good pad level. If Jerry Jones gets off of his Razorback brethren, Felix Jones, long enough to looks at what is in front of him, Murray should remain the starter upon Jones’ return. He is the better back overall, and I think Jones is actually better suited to share and play a third down role anyway.

Note 2: The Dallas Star that never was

Case of the Mondays: Week 8 Waiver Report and Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson


What a terrible week to be a running back. Rashard Mendenhall missed time, Darren McFadden left with an injury, Willis McGahee had his resurgence put on hold while Earnest Graham and Tim Hightower look like they will be waiting until next year to put on the pads again. As a fantasy football owner this year, running backs have been tough on us. In my opinion, it is more valuable than ever to have your star’s handcuff. Sure, the production from the cuff probably won’t be as impressive as your starter’s, but considering how few teams employ valuable running backs, it could be the difference between staying competitive at the running back position and not. We will touch on some of these situations more specifically below as it was an eventful week 7. Even if the games themselves were less than stellar.


Note 1: Breaking New Ground

Case of the Mondays: Week 6 Waiver Report and Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson


He’s baaaaaaaaaaaack! That’s right folks, Mr. Tebow is finally back. Barring a shocking decision from coach John Fox on Tuesday, Timothy is expected to be named the Denver Broncos starting quarterback for the foreseeable future. Despite what Trent Dilfer and all of the other hater analysts have to say about Tebow’s awful throwing motion or inaccuracies, there is one thing the Tebow does very well; score fantasy points. In one half Sunday, Tebow had more standard fantasy points than Tom Brady did in two halves. As fantasy owners, isn’t that all we really care about? I couldn’t care less if he is 5 for 25 so long as those numbers continually equate to strong fantasy scoring efforts, and looking back to last season I have yet to see that happen. In his 3 games as starter to end the year last year Tebow scored 24, 24, and 31 fantasy points in standard scoring formats. No matter how it happens, that is production. He also provides a level of excitement that just isn’t there with your average QB. Tebow time is back baby! Let’s see what else is going on around the league……


Who wants to Battle???

-          Jackie Battle that is. The Chiefs former 12th string running back, seems like that after all of the different backs people have owned on this time, made a serious dent in his case for the starting tailback job. After finishing the game off last week on the final drive, Coach Haley made good on his word to give Battle more chances and Battle took it from there. He finished with 19 carries for 119 yards (6.2 per carry!) and 2 catches for 21 yards. Almost more impressive to me moving forward is that Battle did a lot of his damage after the Chiefs had fallen behind 17 points at half. If the Chiefs are going to be a porous team all season, Battle will need to be able to succeed while trailing. He did that on Sunday and I think it is safe to say he has earned his larger role and we will be seeing a lot more Battle’ing on the other side of the Chiefs bye week. Get your nicknames and jokes ready!

Paging the Talented Mr. Ridley

Case of the Mondays: Week 7 Recap and Waiver Wire Pickups

Author: Kevin Nelson


The trade deadline is upon us. The Broncos and Rams got us started with the move of Brandon Lloyd to St. Louis where he will reunite with his ole’ buddy Josh McDaniels. Maybe now we will find out if Lloyd’s season was all fluke, part fluke, or no fluke. More impressive to me, maybe we can assess whether Sam Bradford has actually regressed in year two or not. I understand that Bradford has a lack of weapons on the outside, but as a number 1 pick that was fast tracked to stardom after his rookie year last season, I feel like he has gotten a pass on his poor performance. It won’t help that he may have a high ankle sprain which could limit him, but we will wait and see. As for Lloyd owners you have to be happy. He wasn’t looking all that reliable with his quarterback from last year in John Fox’s new scheme so I couldn’t imagine things getting much better with Tebow at the helm. Maybe the Rams and McDaniels can ignite some second half of the season fireworks and get “some kind of a show on turf” going. Here are some of my other notes from week 6:


Note 1: Madden Curse is alive and well

Case of the Mondays: Week 4 Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson


I love football. It seems like every week now we are seeing new records made. Cam Newton, Tom Brady, and now add Aaron Rodgers to the list. Can we all agree that this man is amazing? First QB in history to throw for 400 yards, 4 touchdowns, and run for another 2 touchdowns. Needless to say, that’s one heck of a fantasy day. His owner’s are a lot happier right now than the likes of Andre Johnson and Tim Hightower owners, for different reasons. The Bears went ahead and decided it might be beneficial for pass protection to try and run a little bit. 205 yards later, Matt Forte is earning himself quite a pretty penny in free agency.  Oh yeah, and the Patriots read my article, ran the ball in a more balanced offense and came away with a tough road win. Here are a few more notes from week four:


Note 1: Shananigans are back.

This one will be interesting to watch. Both coach and son have praised Hightower in their offense all off and preseason. A few games in, a little indecisiveness in Hightower’s running and a Torain sighting, things are getting a little cloudy. Reports are coming out now that Hightower actually injured his shoulder early in the Rams game which was the primary reason for Torain seeing much more time and not a demotion. Hmmm, we’ll see. With the Redskins on a bye in week 5, a lot of people have something to practice for as you would bet all three backs see the opportunity to be seized. For all of you getting ready to throw big budgets on Torain in waivers this week, one stat, 14 games in 4 seasons. Just saying. Expect a few nice games and a few more inactives.

Note 2: Andre Johnson is hurt