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Same Face, New Place - Peyton Manning

Author: Kevin Nelson


Alright folks let’s cut to the chase. This is the man we want to know about. This is the man who needs to bounce back and prove, to us all, that he can outperform the best in the league. The bar has been set high. I mean The Discount Double Check was one heck of a commercial. And if there was any debate, the sequel with BJ Raji was even better. Not only did Aaron Rodgers step into Peyton’s MVP shoes, but he stepped his commercial game up. Can Peyton bounce back? He’s been away for so long and we as fans are concerned. I guess only time will tell.

Oh quick side note. Peyton Manning switched teams this offseason and will now lead the Elway GM’ed Denver Broncos at Mile High. I suppose there are some people out there who might be wondering the fantasy implications of such a move and seeing how we like to play and discuss fantasy here, in addition to awesome commercials, I figure this a good time to share my thoughts.

First thought, I really have no idea how to rank this man at this time. A 16 game, healthy Peyton Manning is an automatic top 5 QB with 4000+ yards and 30+ TDS. The problem is a couple things strongly affect those numbers. Not only do we not know yet if the man is truly healthy, but this is the first time in his entire career that he will be in a new system. And when I say system I don’t just mean football. I mean life. New living situation, new driving route to work, new practice facility, new teammates, new lunch room, new coaching staff, new everything! Peyton might be one of the brightest football minds we have ever seen, but human nature is human nature and breaking such a strong familiarity can be a difficult transition. This is a big worry for me.

Same Face, New Place - Vincent Jackson

Author: Kevin Nelson


Have you ever thought you were pretty good at something but never really seemed to get the credit you thought you deserved? Well, meet Vincent Jackson. Now, on the flip side. Have you ever known someone who seemed to act like they thought they were much better and wanted more credit than you thought they deserved? Oh, I’m sorry, I think we met a little earlier Mr. Jackson.


If you hadn’t caught on, my point simply states that Vincent Jackson has acted like a premier receiver, vocally, for a couple years now. In fairness, when healthy the last few years, he has had no problem racking up 1000 yard seasons and good touchdown totals. The problem for me is he has yet to top 1167 yards or 9 touchdowns. That is not elite to me. That was without pointing to the fact he has played these last few years in a post LT passing offense led by one of the games premier QBs, Philip Rivers. Well he will have that luxury no longer.

Same Face, New Place - Michael Bush

Author: Kevin Nelson


The first guy I will be talking about in our running series regarding free agent movement is a guy I have liked for years now. As a Seattle Seahawks fan, I always secretly hoped this is the guy we would make a trade for. Some amazing beast mode runs later, I’m very happy to have Marshawn Lynch toting the rock in my favorite backfield and starring in blockbuster movies. (I use the word blockbuster loosely, kind of like their business model) Of course the gentleman I am referring to is none other than new Chicago Bears running back, Michael Bush.

While I may be in a small majority, the biggest domino, in my opinion, in this whole signing is the effect on Matt Forte. I do not foresee Bush’s numbers or role to be drastically different to what they were in Oakland while sharing with Darren McFadden. The only real difference being he produced more last year than ever before. He has experience with sharing the rock, he will still get the ball at the goal line, and he will be among the most valuable handcuffs in fantasy football. Pretty much like last year. Forte however, is hugely effected. A guy that would have been a first round no brainer is sliding drastically for me. It’s early to say, but I may go out on a limb and say he probably won’t be on any of my teams because I will not be taking him in the second round even at this point. Forte was already a terrible goal line guy so it’s clear Bush will be the guy in that situation. Forte played his guts out last year in trying to earn a new contract and what did it get him? A franchise tag and a better backfield mate. I can’t see Forte being as motivated to put his body on the line for his franchise with the way he has been treated, or at least feels he’s been treated. Forte also won’t have the luxury of being Cutler’s go to option in the passing game anymore either. With former teammate, Brandon Marshall, also coming over to Chicago, Matt Forte will no longer be leading the league in percentage of his teams’ touches/yards/etc. So let’s recap:

Case of the Mondays: Week 16 Waiver Report and Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson


Wanted: Armed and Dangerous

Well I figure since most are in their finals this week, the information changes a little. First off, congrats. Unless you are a loyal reader for the sake of my personal pride, you have reached the championship game and are playing for all the marbles. I hope that somewhere along the way this article, this website, and our thoughts and advice was helpful to you. We sincerely appreciate your support as we expand our FFBLife Empire and continue to give you the best possible information and advice in as many ways as possible. We will be working harder than ever this offseason to ensure we are back and better than ever next year, hopefully you will return.

But that can all wait! We have bigger fish to fry, larger trees to chop down, whinier wide receivers to lay out, and championships to win! Here are some of the notes from week 15 and some information to look to in heading towards that title game. Best of luck and thanks again!

Note 1: Down go the Packers!

Case of the Mondays: Week 15 Waiver Report and Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson


We did it! Semi-finals in most leagues, maybe quarters in some, but we are still alive! A big congrats to all of you because whether you follow some of our advice or not, it is ultimately your decision what you do with your team. You have directed them to the promise land, and only a few weeks separate you from immortality (and cash prizes). A lot of big performances to enjoy (or hate) in week 14 (MJD and Tony Romo to name a couple) and a few more key guys went down due to injuries (Greg Jennings). The important thing is, staying alive. Surviving. At this point in the season that is all we need to do. One game at a time. There is no bigger game of your season at this point than the one ahead of you in week 15, and so with that said, let's get to some thoughts about the week that was and what lies ahead.

Note 1: Injuries

Greg Jennings unfortunately will not help anyone win a championship this season. Aaron Rodgers’ favorite target will miss 2-3 weeks (aka the regular season) with a knee injury. I don’t think this will slow Rodgers down much; the Packers have one of the deeper receiving corps in the league, but if you have Jennings and are thin at receiver try and add James Jones or possibly Donald Driver. James Jones has the younger legs, the more athletic and playmaking ability at this point, but Driver has the experience and Rodgers’ trust. It could go either way but I like Jones ahead of Driver.