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Fantasy Football Start Sit - Week 1

Author: Kevin Nelson


People….. it feels so good to be back! A Super Bowl, an NFL Draft, mini camps, OTAs, hold outs, injuries, free agency, draft kits, rankings, studying, the drafting of your team, and low and behold here we are on the door step of show time. The 2012 season is finally upon us and the long summer of waiting has come to an end. For those of you who have spent some time with us, be it studying, drafting, social networking, or forum’ing, thank you. We are working hard to bring you the best fantasy football experience possible and we are excited to begin our full second year with you. I could continue on with filler and some catchy metaphors that may or may not strike a chord in some way or another, but its week one, I think we are all just ready for some football. Let’s go. Rules first:

Start Ems and Sit Ems will debut every Wednesday during the fantasy season. If you want to know if you should start Tom Brady, Arian Foster, or Calvin Johnson, ask your mom, girlfriend, or a person you know with hardly any football knowledge and they will be able to help you with that decision. These are typically middle of the road to low end guys who could surprise or may have some advantage we thought might be valuable to point out. Conversely, we won’t tell you to sit a fullback or the backup QB. Any questions? No time, sorry, we have football matters to attend to. Down, set………..


Start Em


Jake Locker – TEN vs. NE: 292 yards per game. 292. Per game. That was the average total that they New England Patriots gave up through the air last season. Sure things can change over the course of a full offseason but is there some coincidence that the Packers, Patriots, Saints and Giants were the 4 teams that gave up the most passing yards per game? 4 teams that happen to all be among the top teams in the league in pass attempts? Of course there is a correlation. The Patriots throw the ball all over the field, they score points and thus get into shootouts. Conversely, their opponents are baited into a similar required strategy to repeat. Locker will get a pristine opportunity right out of the gate to test out the Titans new Run N Shoot offense they hope to excel with.

Robert Griffin III– WAS @ NO: Similar to Locker vs. the Pats, the Saints also give up their fair share of passing yards. The first game post “Bountygate” for the Saints D and the big time rookies’ first game could provide a Newton like coming out party. The Saints will be ready to score quickly and score big to prove to the world they will be ready for this season’s challenges and RG3 will be forced to air it out in return. Add in that RG3 will get to use his world class speed on the fast track in the Super Dome and his rushing stats could be a very nice addition for his week one owners.

Other guys in a pinch: Russell Wilson @ARI, Sam Bradford @DET, Josh Freeman vs. CAR


Start 'Em Sit 'Em: Week 4

Author: Kevin Nelson




Eli Manning @ ARI: Well that was certainly unexpected. After starting awful to start the season Eli has slowly gotten himself going a bit. His completion percentage and touchdowns have both risen in each game and he is finally settling in with his new group. Eli put up 4 touchdowns against the vaunted Eagles secondary and he did it with his number 2 option (Manningham) out and Hakeem Nicks not a factor. That bodes well going forward. This week he gets a Cardinals team who hasn’t had much success stopping the pass. Manningham is back this week, and I like Eli to keep his momentum going.


Matt Ryan @ SEA: The Falcons offense has been far from the next Greatest Show on Turf that Roddy White proclaimed this offseason, but there are positive signs. For Ryan, they are definitely forcing the passing game. Bell cow Michael Turner has games of 10 and 11 carries through 3 games but both Tony Gonzalez and Julio Jones have begun to step their game’s up. This week the Falcons will be in Seattle, which while it is a tough place to play; it’s an even tougher place to run. The Hawk’s have a very good run D, and are built to stop a back like Turner. The Falcons are 1-2 and need to get a big win to gains some confidence going forward. A game against the Seahawks could be just what the doctor ordered.

Other QBs who you might feel good about starting: Jason Campbell vs NE, Jay Cutler vs CAR


Preseason Overreactions: Week 1

colt-mccoyEvery year we wait the grueling summer for football to begin, this year with moreso with the NFL Lockout hanging it's head over us. Then we get that sweet day of football and we hang on every play and highlight, wondering if what we saw was indicative of the future and whether or not we found the next fantasy sleeper or breakout. Fantasy Football Life is here to temper your excitement and clarify what you see throughout the preseason. So don't rush to judgement but pay close attention.



Rex Grossman, WAS – 19/26 207 yards and 1 TD

Coming off his prediction that the Redskins would win the NFC East, Sexy Rexy showed up and left Rex GROSSman in the tunnel. Playing against the Steelers, one could be pretty impressed with the half that Grossman put together on Saturday. He was efficient, he did not turn the ball over, and he led the first team like a successful quarterback should. I’m not buying. Mike Shanahan has a nose for making 1000 yard rushers out of no namers. He does not have the same track record in churning out stat filling QBs. This will be Grossman’s ninth NFL season and I’m going to go out on a limb and say the light didn’t just suddenly turn on in year nine after one preseason game. Oh, and following that game, Shanahan quickly put Grossman back with the number two offense. Looks like I’m not the only one skeptical. – Kevin Nelson