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Fantasy Football Start Sit - Week 4

Author: Kevin Nelson


It’s a love hate relationship. The passion, the craziness, the raw emotion that sports evoke is unparalleled. It’s what draws us to stadiums, to the couch from morning to night on Sundays, or to drop huge amounts of our discretionary income supporting the teams and players we love so much. It’s awesome in a way that if a person doesn’t understand, they probably never will. Then there is the flip side. The line that most of us can see, but need not cross because at the end of the day we know, these are still just sports. Everyone knows what happened on Monday Night Football this week. If you read my COM column on Monday you know that I was passionately rooting for the Seahawks in that game. For that reason, I won’t get into what happened because frankly a win is a win, and if a person doesn’t think we “deserved” to win despite 8 first half sacks, holding a trio of star receivers to their lowest total combined in their history as teammates, and Aaron Rodgers to zero touchdown passes, well again this is sports and said person is certainly entitled to their own opinion. But the vitriol that fans have sent Golden Tate’s way is what I am referring to in this love/hate debate. Does anybody fault a basketball player who gets away with a foul at the end of a game? I don’t know; say like a Lebron James on Kevin Durant at the end of an NBA finals game? Of course not, it’s in the heat of the battle and stuff happens, its part of the game. To call Golden Tate a cheater and other vicious expletives because he pushed somebody in the middle of the most intense game of flyers up you’ve ever seen is saddening. It extends to us fantasy people. For many, we wait all week looking forward to our game on Sunday. We have unrelenting passion for a game that we have essentially no control over. It’s beautiful, most of the time. In the end, everyone has been on the positive side of a supremely fortunate victory and conversely on the porous side of a gut wrenching defeat. The game goes on and there is always next week. We continue to prepare, we continue to talk trash, and we continue to exercise our unrelenting passion for the games that drive us mad. And to aid that preparation, let’s get to this week’s start em sit em!

PS – TJ Lang, really dude? An offensive lineman who helped give up 8 sacks in one half of an NFL football game is whining about deserving to win and about integrity? Look in the mirror home boy.

PSS – A fantasy note of interest going forward in regards to the thankful resolution of the referee lockout. I think this will have a positive effect on all of the quarterbacks that have started slowly. The worst calls game to game were consistently defensive pass interference, defense holding, illegal contact, etc. The game went far too fast for the replacement refs to keep up with what was happening on the back end. I think getting the ole’ vets back in there will do wonders for our studs quarterbacks. Last chance, if you can buy low on the Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Matt Stafford type gunslingers that have started very slow, I think it’s the last chance you will get.

Good luck week 4!



The SUPER studs (Rodgers, Brady, and Brees) – So this might seem like a cop out because most start em sit em columns around the countries always preface their article with the typical, “We will not tell you to start Rodgers, Brady, Foster, etc.” Well after multiple weeks of poor performances (Aaron Rodgers last two weeks combined is a lower total than his lowest last season) many owners may have an up and coming back up they are considering for good reason, but, not this week. Hold off one more week my friends. In addition to my point above about the refs, I think these guys all have great match ups to exploit. Don’t give up yet. Keep these studs going.

Joe Flacco, BAL, vs CLE – The Browns defense is still without elite cover corner Joe Haden and have already given up 8 touchdown passes this season to Michael Vick, Andy Dalton, and Ryan Fitzpatrick. We all have been told over and over by everyone on television that Flacco is taking the reins of this team and if that is true, he should light up the scoreboard on Thursday night football tonight.

Other QBs worth a start - Christian Ponder @DET, Andy Dalton @JAC, Philip Rivers @KC


Ryan Mathews, SD, at KC – Mathews looked solid in his first game back from injury save a big fumble lost inside the 10 yard line. There should be some worry for Mathew’s owners going forward that he may lose a little goal line work to Jackie Battle but for this week Mathews should be back in line ups. The Chiefs are in the bottom 3rd of the league in rushing defense this year and their offense won’t be able to jump out to a big league like Atlanta’s did. Consider last week Mathews’ preseason action and he will be ready to roll this Sunday.

Fantasy Football Start Sit - Week 3

Author: Kevin Nelson


Welcome to week 3 FFBLifers! Hope you are all 2-0 and working on getting to 3-0. As an avid fantasy football fan, each part of a season always has its special appeal. First you have the lead up, the drafting, the breakouts, and busts, etc. Then the season starts and we enter the current phase with the overreactions and freak outs. It is hard to say this is my absolute favorite part, but it is so much fun in its own way. All the fantasy conversations you have had with your friends for months start to change. The guy that thought Chris Johnson would break 2000 yards again thinks he’s a bum. A huge Dez Bryant fan now won’t move Danny Amendola for him. Some things are happening just as many thought they would, some aren’t, but either way we have finished two of 16 weeks’ worth of stats. For the most part, nobody is as good or as bad as you think. Except maybe Chris Johnson. Or maybe not.




Robert Griffin III, WAS, vs CIN: 3 weeks in a row, but I know a lot of people still haven’t put him in their line up so I’m going to still put him here because I have him as my number 1 overall QB this week. With Brady and Brees struggling, Aaron Rodgers against a very tough opponent on the road, and RG3’s match up I feel like it’s time. Cincinnati just gave up 300 yards passing and 2 TDs to Brandon Wheeden! The same Brandon Wheeden who had a 5 QB rating the week prior was made to look like a regular Aaron Rodgers. Now it’s RG3’s turn.

Tony Romo, DAL, vs TB: That was ugly in Seattle, no doubt about it. The good news is, Tampa Bay’s secondary is not Seattle’s and the Cowboys are finally at home. The very same Tampa Bay team we just saw give up over 500 yards passing to Eli Manning last week. I have to believe there is something on tape that the Cowboys can exploit. Look for Romo to bounce back with a very nice game in his first home game of the year.

Other QBs worth a look: Andrew Luck vs JAC, Eli Manning at CAR, Andy Dalton at WAS


Fantasy Football Start Sit - Week 2

Author: Kevin Nelson


Looking back at week 1 we will, as the passing game, just keeps churning. Highest percentage of total yards in the passing department in week 1 history. Highest per game scoring average in week one history. If anything, the league is trying to make us happy as stat mongrels. But one week a season does not make! We know running backs are scarce due to the lack of running, we know quarterbacks and wide receivers are gold now, but the thing I may have learned even more so than before is the number of tight ends that put up points. 9 tight ends scored a touchdown and had between 9-14 fantasy points. That did not include Antonio Gates, Owen Daniels, Brandon Pettigrew, Jared Cook, or Greg Olsen. Tight end is DEEP. Flip a coin at which guy will get 50-70 yards and a TD every week outside of Graham and Gronk. OK, it’s Thursday, we got a big game tonight, and week 2 is ready for their predictions…… let’s get it!

Start ‘Em


Robert Griffin III, WAS @STL: One of my few good calls last week, I am salivating to watch RG3 on another turf field against a sub standard opponent this time. The great thing about last week, vs most against the Saints, is RG3’s stats were not the result of garbage time stats in catch up mode. He built those up throughout the natural flow of the game to take the lead. The kid looks like he has all the tools and is ready to put them to work. I am really liking the look of this offense.

Jay Cutler, CHI at GB: I think we are going to see a shootout tonight. Green Bay’s defense looked like what I expected in week 1, and will struggle again to slow teams down. Cutler-Marshall was in full effect last week, and the Bears look like another one of those teams ready to unleash their quarterback on the fantasy world this season. Back and forth between Rodgers and Cutler, it should be a great game tonight, both in fantasy and in real life.

Other QBs in a pinch: Josh Freeman @NYG, Andrew Luck vs MIN, Carson Palmer @MIA



Adrian Peterson, MIN @IND: Charmin Ultra laughs at the current softness of the Colts run D. Let’s see, a healthy looking Adrian Peterson vs a soft run d? Which way do I lean???? Back in your lineups folks. Across the board.