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Fantasy Football Start Sit - Week 13

Author: Kevin Nelson


“This is it, don’t get scared now.”

-          Kevin McCallister

Ahhhhh the holiday season means catching up on classic holiday movies. Being a blonde headed kid named Kevin always brings me back to one of my childhood wheelhouse movies, Home Alone, and all the kids who would slap their faces and scream at me for no apparent reason. The act has fortunately worn off slightly as I’ve gotten older but I still get an occasional fantasy football fan doing something similar. But the popular quote reigns true for our circumstances today as we have reached week 13, the all important week before the playoffs. Hopefully most of you who have followed us throughout the year find yourself safely secured into a nice seed but sometimes even the best of us have occasional misfortunes. This could be THE week that defines your season. I’m sure there are plenty of people who are in the infamous, “win and you’re in” situation and we need to do everything we can as an FFBLife team to get them from the precipice of disaster to the pinnacle of success.

“You guys give up, or ya thirsty for more??”

Let’s get to week 13.




Tony Romo vs PHI: For the most part this season, Tony Romo has been utterly underwhelming. Currently, he is coming off of his best performance of the season against the Washington Redskins. Romo has topped 300 yards passing in 4 of his last 5 games, 2 of which he topped 400 yards and he is taking on an Eagles team that have packed it in. They haven’t been good on D all season, including the portion when they gave effort. Where we sit today, the Eagles currently have given up the most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season. Lastly, Romo has the benefit of one Dez Bryant turning into the Dez Braynt we all, me especially, have been waiting for. I expect Romo to light up the Eagles like a Chevy Chase Christmas light decoration.

Peyton Manning vs TB: He’s great, at home, and Tampa Bay stinks at stopping the passing game.

Matt Ryan vs NO: It’s the New Orleans D. These Thursday night games have disappointed throughout the season but this one has shootout written all over it. I had the feeling when I heard Matt Ryan talking about the game and a fake Santa told him, “You’ll shoot your eye out kid.” From that moment on, I knew.

Ryan Fitzpatrick vs JAC: Put Chad Henne in your lineup and become an offensive juggernaut huh? That’s the recipe apparently, considering 61 points scored in the previous two weeks when it took them the 4 weeks combined before that to reach the similar total. The defense however is still a sieve against the pass. Currently the Jags rank as the 4th worse against defending the quarterback in the NFL so expect Ryan Fitzpatrick to take advantage in a week in which his coach backed him as the potential future QB, again.

Other QBs worthy of a start: Eli Manning at WAS, Brandon Weeden at OAK, Jake Locker vs HOU



Bryce Brown at DAL: The match up isn’t anything uber special I just think the kid is. Ever since the preseason Bryce Brown has excited me with his talent. The former number 1 overall recruit in the nation took an odd path to his NFL future, but his talent level is immense. With Shady McCoy expected to miss this week again, expect Bryce Brown not to be laying down as he plays for his future. I love what this kid brings, evidenced by what he did to Carolina last week. The Cowboys are not Carolina on D, but the Eagles need to run through Bryce Brown and see what they’ve got. Oh, and hold on to the football bud.

Fantasy Football Start Sit - Week 12

Author: Kevin Nelson


My stomach is rumbling just thinking about the pinnacle of days for men across America. The one day of every year where people are fully expected to eat amazing food until their body forces them to stop and at the same time, watch football all day. I mean, really? Happy Thanksgiving to all of you FFBLifers our there. To our East Coast friends, I hope this finds you doing well in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. May everyone’s holidays be truly blessed as we look upon all that we are thankful for. Great food and football is merely a sliver of a larger pie many of us are lucky to experience. I have much to be thankful for, of which I include each one of you for reading this or any other piece posted on this site. There are many fantasy football options on the internet these days and we at FFBLife are grateful for your readership. We strive very hard to bring you great content and as we move forward hopefully even more.


Now, having said all that, there is the task at hand and that is looking forward to week 12. The time for our weekly start/sits has arrived. Hope you enjoy, the advice and the meal tomorrow!






Andy Dalton vs OAK: While not overly spectacular this season, Dalton has been uber solid. He only has 2 single digit fantasy performances this entire season, while the popular Eli Manning has 3 in the past 3 weeks. This week he gets the Oakland Raiders, who have been torched by any and everyone who has played against them recently. On the season, only 3 teams give up more fantasy points to QBs than the Raiders.


Andrew Luck vs BUF: In standard scoring this season, the fewest Andrew Luck has accumulated at home is 18 points. The Colts play against Buffalo at home this week and the Bills are currently 24th in the NFL at defending QBs. Rookie QBs are far more successful in the confines of their own homes, especially studs like Luck.


Other QBs worthy of a start: Tony Romo vs WAS, Colin Kaepernick at NO, Jake Locker at JAC



Fantasy Football Start Sit - Week 11

Author: Kevin Nelson


Week 11 is our final week of byes folks! Finally! One last week of roster adjustments before we can lock our studs in and straight line it to the playoffs. This week has a few more things to look at besides bye weeks though as we had a huge number of quarterback injuries in week 10. As opposed to other positions, like running back, where the injury may just affect that player’s owner and then maybe the owner of the backup, a quarterback can affect many owners. Big Ben’s injury has an impact on Mike Wallace; Michael Vick can affect Maclin, Jackson, and Shady owners. So not only do we consider these week 11 byes but we consider the injury repercussions as well. Just another reason you need to make important calls with who gets in your line up and who needs to wait a week. Here are a few of mine:





Carson Palmer, OAK vs NO: Welcome back to relevance Carson! In his last 3 games Carson Palmer has thrown for 991 yards and 8 touchdowns, which includes averaging 53 attempts per over the last two. Since Darren McFadden was injured a couple weeks ago the Raiders offense has been the Palmer show. This Sunday, there is no reason to expect there won’t be more of the same. The running backs are still out and Carson takes on our favorite match up, the New Orleans Saints. Start with confidence.

Cam Newton, CAR vs TB: No doubt, Cam has had a terrible season in comparison to what was expected of him. He redefined the term “sophomore slump”. Getting the Bucs at home, however, is a great match up for Newton. The Bucs offense has been really hot lately so the Panthers will need to score to keep up. In addition, Tampa Bay has given up the third most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season. Cam needs his confidence and swagger back, and this could be just the game to aid that process.

Other QBs worthy of a start: Nick Foles at WAS, Josh Freeman at CAR, Andrew Luck at NE




CJ Spiller, BUF vs MIA: Miami is top 5 in run defense and Thursday night performances are typically less flattering to the fantasy landscape. So why Kevin, why would you do such a thing? Well my wonderful friends the answer is simple, CJ Spiller is auto start! For any of you who read the COM articles towards the beginning of the season when Fred Jackson was out, CJ Spiller was arguably the best running back in football. Even with Fred Jackson healthy, Spiller has averaged over 100 yards per game over his last 4 and is averaging a ridiculous 8 yards per touch this season. Fred Jackson is out this week. I don’t care where Miami ranks, start CJ Spiller.