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Fantasy Football Start Sit Week 16

Author: Kevin Nelson


Insert Rocky music here. Eye of the Tiger, Hearts on Fire, etc; they all need to be at the forefront of you playlist right now! It title time gang! We have had nail biting wins, heart breaking losses, dominating blow outs, and games where our fellas just didn’t bring their A game, but now is the time. Recite your favorite pregame speech, get the blood boiling, forget about your friendly alliances for the week because its war time.

Ok, I had to get that out of the way. Back to the matter at hand and the most important line up decisions of the season. We will all have moments in our lives in which we make big decisions. Which college to go to or not go to, getting married, buying a house, Pepsi or Coke, and who to start in a championship game all have results that can alter the course of our everyday being. We never want to make a wrong decision when this type of magnitude is attached which makes setting our line ups all the more important this week. This week is about more than a win. It’s about the pride, about the glory, it’s about the ultimate power you gain over your friends for an entire offseason because you were better than them.


This is the stuff of legends. As the great Ric Flair once said, “Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.”





Tony Romo vs NO: Now admittedly, New Orleans is not the automatic start that they were a few weeks ago. They have played much better lately but I’m still buying Romo in this one. Playing at home against a team that will score, Romo will need to score to keep the Cowboys playoff hopes alive. Romo has topped 300 yards in 6 of his last 8 games, with double digit touchdowns in 3 of his last 4. The Saints don’t seem like the kind of team that would be an outlier to those trends, especially at home where Romo has topped 300 yards in every game since week 3 against Tampa Bay.

Russell Wilson vs SF: Yeah, this one is a little outside the box but my eyes are telling me something lately. This kid is special. If his name was Andrew Luck or RG3 we would have no hesitation, and lately Wilson has been playing better than both. Since Wilson last played at San Fran in week 7, he has accounted for multiple touchdowns in every game but one. He has averaged 40 yards rushing per game over that span. The 49ers are typically hard to run on, despite Seattle usually having more success than most in this regard, and the ball will be put in Wilson’s hands in this NFC West clash.

Other QBs worthy of a start: Matt Ryan at DET, Sam Bradford at TB, Chad Henne vs NE



CJ Spiller at MIA: You guys know my rule by now. Just reiterating.

Vick Ballard at KC: Kansas City is done. Their coach is a goner, their GB, and they just got blanked by the hapless Raiders. Ballard has amassed 199 rushing over the past two weeks and with Brown out for the year will be the man again this week. The Colts should have a quick lead in this game and will be able to run the ball a lot. Ballard should push for 20+ carries and should score this week as well.

Fantasy Football Start Sit - Week 15

Author: Kevin Nelson


With the playoffs in full effect, a situation has arisen that has me vexed to say the least. The age old fantasy question of, never sit your studs. Case in point, Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers was the number 1 pick in many leagues this season. He has never finished outside the top 3 in fantasy since becoming a starter and has carried many to fantasy glory along the way, this guy included. But at what point does all of that start to lose weight? Since week 7, Rodgers has one game with more than 15 points in standard scoring which include a 15, 14, two 13s, and a 10. If you still care about this rant, it fortunately hasn’t cost you,, yet. Now Rodgers goes to Chicago to take on a Bears team Rodgers put up a whopping 10 points on the last time he faced them. So what are we to do???? Here are my thoughts; if you somehow have somebody you really trust as a backup I would consider the benching. Otherwise I am rolling with my guy. Rodgers may be cold, but at the drop of a dime Rodgers could drop one of his customary 4-5 TD days and carry you through. Not many provide the astounding upside that Rodgers can and I for one would never forgive myself if I benched him. The same can be said for other studs, but to bring back a smaller point, unless you trust a back up. Would you start a Bryce Brown over a struggling Arian Foster? I probably wouldn’t after last week, but the argument could be made the way the Texans star has been playing. At the end of the day, the best advice I can give is ride your gut and if you are still alive you must be doing something right. Good luck to all of your studs, except the ones I have to play against! So who else should be starting and sitting? Let’s find out…..





Cam Newton at SD: Start hot guys at this time of the year. Odds are Newton won’t be debating with another stud QB because you probably drafted Newton under that umbrella at the start of the season. But if you have been platooning him, well stand down soldier and ride your hog this week. Newton has been lights out the past 3 weeks and plays against a bottom half defense at stopping QBs. Newton may have sophomore slumped to start the season, but he is veteran killin at the time it matters most.

Josh Freeman at NO: Look no further than to week 7 against New Orleans. Freeman had his best game of the season to the tune of 420 yards and 3 touchdowns. The Bucs are still fighting for their playoff lives, and New Orleans is teetering on the edge. New Orleans, while better of late, is still very beatable on defense. Expect Freeman to enjoy his afternoon.

Other QBs worthy of a start: Andrew Luck at HOU, Eli Manning at ATL, Brandon Weeden vs WAS



CJ Spiller vs SEA: I don’t care how well Seattle’s defense is playing. CJ Spiller has no Fred Jackson and his own coach called the other guy, Tashard Choice, “not great”. I’ve said it before and he has shown it all season, this guy is special. When he gets the ball things happen, he should get the ball plenty this week. Plan accordingly

Fantasy Football Start Sit Week 14


There’s a thin line between love and hate. Many of us play the balance beam game along that line this very week. There is nothing more exciting than the fantasy playoffs and yet at the same time there are few things as excruciating if the breaks don’t go your way. Some of us will move on once the Texans and Patriots finish up on Monday Night while others will need to find solace in a box of tissue. I could continue on and try and be a fantasy counselor, preaching positive thinking or visualization techniques and all that fancy mumbo jumbo but is it really that valuable. In the end, there is only one thing we can control: our starting lineup. Waste not my friends, let’s do this! Good luck and see you next week, I can see it now…………




Eli Manning vs NO: Eli has been downright putrid over the last month plus, save two weeks ago. Matt Ryan’s performance last week threw dirt right in the face of the start everyone vs New Orleans theory. Those two factors combined leave a lot of questions as to why I would recommend Eli against New Orleans this week. Well, quite frankly, I don’t believe in the Saints defense still. Not many teams will force Drew Brees into 5 picks and be able to run the same game plan the Falcons were able to because of that. The Saints are back in full on do or die mode and Drew Brees will want to bounce back with a big game. The Giants will need to score some points.

Josh Freeman vs PHI: After having a big rise during the middle of the season, Freeman has kind of leveled off recently. After allowing his 6 game streak of multi-touchdown games snapped week 12 against Atlanta, Freeman jumped right back on the horse last week in Denver. No cakewalk of a place to throw multiple touchdown passes. This week he gets an Eagles defense that is 31st in the NFL at stopping QBs. Freeman and his weapons should be in for a big game.

Other QBs worthy of a start: Matt Schaub at NE, Mathew Stafford at GB, Russell Wilson vs ARI



Bryce Brown at TB: Shady is out, start the man! It really is as simple as that but I will throw in a little more. On paper the Tampa Bay defense looks intimidating vs the run but it really has more to do with how terrible they are against the pass. Teams don’t run on them because it’s so easy to throw. The Eagles do not want to throw much as they continue to break in Nick Foles and Bryce Brown will get plenty of opportunities to make an impact. Brown is the kind of player that can win a fantasy game for you. Start him.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis vs DAL: After having zero 100 yard rushing games this entire season, Green-Ellis has gone 3 straight over 100. Running behind the right side of his line and the resurrected Andre Smith, the Bengals are averaging nearly 5.5 yards per carry. When it gets to the fantasy playoffs you need to go with hot hands. Don’t keep starting the big names if they haven’t been performance, like a Larry Fitzgerald for example. Green-Ellis is near the top of the hottest backs right now.