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#FantasyFootball Start Sit - Week 3

Two birds with one stone, a twofer, let’s get a two for one, two in the hand, or something of that effect. Sure this is a start/sit column, but let’s make sure we touch on the news about Trent Richardson. As we all clearly know, clearly, NFL trades never happen during the regular season. The Clinton Portis-Champ Bailey one is the trade everyone remembers and points to and if you don’t remember it, that just goes to show you how rare it is. But it happened! So let’s dive into this a bit. The Colts “want” to be a power running team. Check. The Colts have a franchise quarterback who threatens defenses with his arm on every play. Check. Trent Richardson is an elite talent. Check. Yeah, the match sounds good to me!

Look, a lot of people might point to Richardson’s small YPC behind a solid Browns o-line but let’s be honest; the team around his was less than stellar. If you bring up Adrian Peterson as a comparison please pinch your left arm, roll your ankle, and give yourself a noogy because you deserve a little somethin something for that comment. The Colts offensive line might not be great but the scheme and quarterback will at least allow Trent to achieve his numbers from last year. His touchdowns will go up, and his potential is rekindled in Andrew Luck’s offense. If you are a Richardson owner, you should be happy. I believe the all other Colts offensive owners should be happy as well. Luck will now have a running game to take some pressure off, and Reggie Wayne and especially T.Y. Hilton will enjoy the single coverages that come with the play action pass.

As for the Browns, well…. Jordan Cameron should still be good. So much for those who thought the Browns could be a sleeper.

1st bird done. On to the next one…. Who we got?!?




Andy Dalton vs GB: So far the Packers have given up 400+ to Colin Kaepernick and nearly 400 against a still hobbled RG3. Granted, these two quarterbacks aren’t exactly chumps but they also aren’t going to challenge for 5000 yards passing which is what Green Bay set them on pace for. Andy Dalton has been solid but not spectacular so far this season and has to play against the Bears in Chicago and the Steelers. Not exactly two cake walks for fantasy performances. This week will be the week Dalton hits the 300 yard mark with multiple touchdowns. Start away.

Sam Bradford @DAL: Dallas has been very opportunistic this season and could force the Rams and Bradford into a few turnovers seeing as the game is in Dallas. But they have given up a ton through the air at the same time. So far this season Bradford has thrown for 651 yards and 5 touchdowns and Coach Jeff Fisher said they are considering going no huddle even more frequently. Bradford was primed to breakout with all of his new weapons and the clear coat is drying folks.

Others to feel good about: Michael Vick vs KC, Carson Palmer at NO, Jake Locker vs SD



Fantasy Football Start Sit - Week 2

Author: Kevin Nelson

I’m conflicted. I can’t decide if this is my favorite time of the actual fantasy season or if it’s a caught up in the moment…uh… moment. I love right now. It has been one entire week. We have seen 60 minutes worth of football and opinions, gut feelings, emotions, and research has all gone waaaaaaaaay out the window. Dez and Calvin are bums. Julius Thomas is the new Jimmy Graham (ok he could be but still). There are a million examples but you get the point. Do all of you remember Devery Henderson?

Devery Henderson averaged 547 yards and 2.5 touchdowns per season (16 games) over his eight year career. In the eight week 1 games he played, he totaled 499 yards and 4 touchdowns. That’s a 1000 and 8 guy over the course of a 16 game season. Are you following what I’m saying at all?

Week one numbers are important, no doubt about it. But a season they do not make. I would tell everyone to relax but no! I will do no such thing. I hope everyone freaks out, that is what makes fantasy football so much fun! But seriously, relax.

Let’s check out the week two recommendations:




Michael Vick vs SD: Right now they don’t know what to do. When Michael Vick came out of nowhere the first time, he dominated because teams were not prepared for what they were facing. The same idea is taking place now in Philly. Chip Kelly has defenses guessing more than the blind man playing 3 card Monte! The Eagles ran 50+ plays in the first half in week 1 and Kelly wanted to go even faster. Until defenses start to get a little game film, or he gets hurt, Vick should be starting.

Sam Bradford at ATL: The Rams said all offseason they were going to let the beast out of his cage and Jared Cook was finally unleashed. What everyone had thought was possible in Tennessee was allowed to flourish in week 1 for St. Louis. Between Cook, rookie wide out Tavon Austin, and a backfield more suited for scat style screens than power, Sam Bradford has all the weapons necessary to excel. And he looked good doing it week 1. That should continue as another track meet on the turf in Atlanta should take place. Despite Atlanta’s rookie corners looking good against the Saints last week, he still totaled 357 yards passing and a 113 passer rating. Bradford should post good numbers.

Others to feel good about: Eli Manning vs DEN, Cam Newton at BUF, Carson Palmer vs DET



Reggie Bush at ARI: If the man is healthy, in this offense, START HIM! Wow. Welcome back Heisman.

Fantasy Football Start Sit - Week 1

Author: Kevin Nelson

Do you know what time it is? No, no, no. Really take this in. I mean, do you know what freakin time it is???? Football is here and more importantly for all of us my fellow stat geeks, gamecenter watching nerds, and yard counting monsters, fantasy football is here!! I do not think my smile could get any bigger and I am 100% confident the same goes for each one of you. Hopefully you got any dental work needed taken care of over the summer because it’s smile time boys (and beautiful ladies)!

Ok do you see what’s happened already? I am one paragraph into the first start/sit of the year and I have used an overabundant amount of exclamation points (and yes, that is an explanation point, I’m excited ok). But enough about me, let’s get to what matters. It’s week 1, you finished your draft and are excited about your team that’s tied for first place, so now it’s time to make a few decisions.

Let’s help you with a few of those decisions, shall we???

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Matt Ryan @NO: DUH!!! But seriously, against that D he might be the top scorer of the week.

Andrew Luck vs OAK: Andrew Luck was not as high on my lists this year as many others due to the loss of downfield guru Bruce Arians. Whether that is super true, adequately true, pretty false, or have I ever seen a football game false will make no difference in this game. Oakland was a bottom feeder in terms of stopping QBs last season and they made way too few offseason improvements to be nervous at this point. Luck will have multiple TDs, lock it up.

Michael Vick @WAS: Hey he’s healthy, that’s a good start! In Chip Kelly’s new system Mike Vick completed almost 74% of his 38 pass attempts for 383 yards and 2 TDs during the preseason. Not to mention he added 73 yards on the ground. He does have to go on the road to start his year but he will take on a Redskins team that allowed the 7th most points to fantasy quarterbacks in 2012. Look for Chip Kelly and Michael Vick to get that offense off to a good start, and until teams have seen a little of what is coming, it could be difficult to stop.

Ben Roethlisberger vs TEN: When Ben was healthy last season he was actually pretty good, averaging over 265 passing yards per game. He did lose Mike Wallace, but sometimes that allows other guys who have shown flash to pop in that bigger role (Sanders, Brown). They added Markus Wheaton to help try and get some of the Mike Wallace dynamic aspect back and they have a good match up against Tennessee. Tennessee was also near the bottom of the league in stopping QBs. With Le’veon Bell out, the Steelers will need to rely on Ben to slang it again to win the game which should lead to good stats for Ben.

Others to feel good about: Tony Romo vs NYG, Mathew Stafford vs MIN, Joe Flacco @DEN



Steven Jackson @NO: If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Unless you are the Saints GM, but I’ll believe that when I see it. The Saints just werent’t the worst at defending the pass, oh no, they were the worst with the run as well. Lots and lots of scoring in this one, welcome to Atlanta S Jax.

Steven Ridley/Shane Vareen @BUF: The lack of exterior weapons for Tom Brady has been well documented at this point. Buffalo is the perfect soft landing for this offense to work everyone in. I fully expect heavy doses of Ridley and Vareen both, Vareen in the air especially, as Buffalo has consistently been one of the worst at stopping the run. This game will be no different against the 2013 Tom Brady led Patriots.