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Fantasy Football Matchups: Week 5

Author: Chris Dale


Another week has passed, and the injuries continue to pile up, perhaps as a result of poor conditioning due to a short offseason.  Players returning from injuries had varying degrees of success this week, and as a result, some apparent depth chart changes have occurred.  I’ll be taking all of this into account and more as I give you a stat-driven insight into what to expect from your fantasy players in Week 5, as well as some advice on for your pick’em leagues (13-3 last week).  As always, I’d love to hear any feedback you might have, so hit up the comments section.


kc_logo-50x50ind_logo-50x50Kansas City at Indianapolis


The Chiefs managed to scrape together a win last week against the Vikings, overcoming their multiple injuries.  Dwayne Bowe has had 14 receptions for 275 yards and two TDs over the past three games.  This is actually a much faster start than he had in his monster year last year, when he had 1162 yards and 15 TDs, despite his two catch, 17 yard game 1.  Bowe owners, you could be in for a heck of a ride.  Matt Cassel made some strides towards silencing his critics, with a mistake-free, 260 yard, one TD performance.  He got Steve Breaston more involved this week, but neither Cassel nor Breaston are reliable fantasy options.  Pick up Breaston if you need a fill-in for the bye week or Andre Johnson.  The running situation in Kansas City is an absolute mess in the absence of Jamaal Charles.  Thomas Jones is getting most of the carries, but to put that in perspective, last week he had 11 carries for 37 yards.  If that doesn’t dissuade you from owning any of the RBs in Kansas City, then listen to this.  The Chiefs have not scored a since rushing touchdown this season.  Yea, that’s what I thought….


The Colts cannot catch a break, as more players were struck with injuries.  Watching Peyton Manning slump down in his chair in the booth watching failed play after failed play on offense just might be the saddest thing I’ve seen all year.  From a fantasy perspective, QB Curtis Painter is making it tough to trust anyone involved in the passing game.  Reggie Wayne was leading the team in receiving yards until Pierre Garcon had his freak game last week with two receptions for 146 yards and two TDs.  You probably don’t want to play Wayne this week because the Chiefs shutdown corner Brandon Flowers will be all over him.  Garcon could have a good week again if Wayne gets most of the defensive attention.  The Chiefs have struggled covering TEs this year, so Dallas Clark is also a decent play.  Joseph Addai is playing well as the Colts try to take some pressure off Painter.


Winner: Kansas City




***** Dwayne Bowe

Fantasy Football Matchups: Week 4

Author: Chris Dale


Week 4 is upon us, and there are loads of question marks with injuries and inconsistent play from several fantasy stars.  Rookies are making more of an impact than ever this year.  Coaching changes and free agents have produced mixed results.  Here’s my crack at making some sort of sense out of it all so you can have that edge you need to win your matchups.  Feedback is encouraged, so whether you think I’m a prophet or a fraud, I’d love to hear from you!


? Denotes Injury Concern


pit_logo-50x50hou_logo-50x50Pittsburgh at Houston


After shutting out the Seahawks, Pittsburgh needed a late field goal to beat the hapless Colts as they continue to befuddle fans with their on and off play.  Rashard Mendenhall had just 37 yards on 18 carries.  While he should do better against a flimsy Houston defense, the Steelers will most likely be playing from behind, limiting Mendenhall’s upside this week.  Mike Wallace has gone for over 100 yards each of the first 3 games, including the loss to the Ravens, so expect nothing different this week.  Ben Roethlisberger should have a better outing than last week (5 turnovers is hard to top, plus he’ll most likely be involved in a shootout.  Mike Wallace has twice as many yards as any other receiver on the Steelers, and Emmanuel Sanders is the only receiver other than Wallace with a TD reception.  Until some sort of clear #2 option materializes, I would stay away.


I picked Houston to win last week away at New Orleans, and it took Drew Brees mounting a 21 point comeback to prevent that.  Matt Schaub looked more like what we expected from last year, throwing for over 350 yards and 3 TDs.  Owen Daniels played well also.  It goes without saying that Andre Johnson had a good game, although he was held without a TD.  James Casey came out of nowhere to register 5 receptions for 126 yards and a TD.  In some formats he has a rare RB/TE designation, so he could be an interesting filler for your bench.  Play Johnson and Daniels as you usually would.  In bigger news, Arian Foster is slated to start, and from all accounts is itching to pick up where he left off last year.  The Steelers are tough to run on, but his pass-catching out of the backfield should make him a solid play, given that he is, in fact, ready to play.  Ben Tate, thanks for the three solid weeks, but I think your time is over.


Winner: Houston

Fantasy Football Matchups: Week 3

Author: Chris Dale


Greetings FFB Lifers!  My name is Chris Dale and I’ll be bringing you the fantasy slant on the matchups each week, with both player and team projections.  I can get a bit wordy, so if you want the quick and dirty version, at the bottom of each matchup I’ll have a ranking next to each noteworthy fantasy player (1-5 stars, 5 being the best) based on their matchup.  I’ll also include my prediction for who will win the game.  I don’t have to help you with your pick‘em leagues too, but I do.  Isn’t that nice?  (This is my first week writing this piece, but I was 10/16 week 1 and 15/16 week 2 for pick’em).  I figured it was about time for me to put all my research to good use.  I’m from Atlanta, GA and am a firm Falcons fan.  Every writer has a bias, and now you know mine.  Use the information as you see fit.  Without further ado, here are your week 3 predictions!


Week 3 Matchups

mia_logo-50x50cle_logo-50x50Miami at Cleveland

Well, the Reggie Bush farce didn’t last long.  After hearing Miami coach Tony Sparano talk about a 70/30 split between Bush and rookie Daniel Thomas, one wonders who taught him about fractions.  Bush looks like he may not be valuable even in PPR leagues after last week.  Pick up Thomas, and cut your losses.  Its ok, you’re not the only person who believed the Dolphins lie.  The rookie should have another solid game this week, and hopefully pick up a touchdown while he’s at it.  Chad Henne has played better than expected, giving some hope to fans who were calling for a trade for Kyle Orton.  Fantasy owners probably shouldn’t get too excited, as he won’t be involved in a shootout like the New England game very often.  However, Henne is playing well, and should lead his team to a victory this week.  Brandon Marshall is a must-start, making him the only player on the Dolphins I would give that title.  Davone Bess could be a spot play if you are really hurting for WRs.  Anthony Fasano had 5 catches for 82 yards against NE, but was held without a catch in game 2, so I would avoid that crapshoot unless you’re feeling really lucky.

As far as Cleveland goes, Peyton Hillis seems to be immune to the Madden Curse, and is also the only must-start on the Browns.  Colt McCoy has been solid, but definitely not a QB1 in any fantasy format.  He also spreads the ball around too much for any WR to be worth your time.  If you absolutely have to pick up a Browns receiver for some strange reason, take Mohamed Massaquoi, since the preseason hype over Greg Little seems to be nothing more than that: hype.

Winner - Miami

***** Peyton Hillis

**** Brandon Marshall

*** Chad Henne, Daniel Thomas

** Colt McCoy, Davone Bess

*Reggie Bush, Mohamed Massaquoi, Montario Hardesty, Anthony Fasano