Fantasy Football Busts

Author: Cian Fahey


Will Forte Take a Step Back in 2012?

Fantasy Football Life is presenting our columnists’ Bust selections for the 2012 season. Each columnist is listed after each player, giving fantasy players different points of view. Before you jump off the deep end, check out the “why” behind the “who” in each case. If you agree with the reasoning, take heed in your draft. If not, we’d like to hear from you. Without further adieu, your 2012 fantasy football bust selections:


Matt Schaub, Houston Texans – Houston made it to the playoffs and made a decent run with TJ Yates as their quarterback last year. TJ Yates ladies and gentlemen. Gone are the days of needing to throw for 300 to 400 yards a game to keep pace with the likes of Indianapolis to win their division and compete in the AFC. Wade Phillips has transformed that defense and did much of their damage even without Mario Williams last year. The Texans will lean on Arian Foster and Ben Tate to wear down their opposition, and use Matt Schaub to keep defenses honest. He has the benefit of utilizing the monster that is Andre Johnson; unfortunately for potential Schaub owners that will not equate good enough stats in this passing era. There could could be a gaggle of lesser names that put up similar to better stats than Matty “usually needs ice” Schaub. – Kevin Nelson 

Philip Rivers, San Diego Chargers – I just don’t see Rivers being a top 10 quarterback this season. Without Vincent Jackson, there is no proven number one receiver and still a body that could break down any minute in Antonio Gates. Rivers will still somehow find a way to throw for a bunch of yards, but I seem them as empty yards. I see his touchdown total decreasing and while I don’t expect another 20 interception season, he will still be amongst the league leaders due to his gun-slinger mentality. – Anthony Fusilli

2011 Preseason Busts: Wide Receivers

mikewallaceSo let’s say you’re the guy that drafted straight off the rankings and cheat sheets in 2010. How’d that go for you? Think back, don’t worry I’ll wait. I just happened to look at the ESPN rankings of last year from their fantasy nut, Eric Karabell, and saw in this order Andre Johnson, Randy Moss, Larry Fitzgerald, Reggie Wayne, Brandon Marshall, Roddy White, Calvin Johnson, Miles Austin, Desean Jackson and Steve Smith (Car). In hindsight it’s easy to say 6 of the 10 underperformed for where they were drafted. The draft is not only about taking the best players to win a championship, it’s equally as important to pick your players at the correct slot for their performance. If you took Moss late 1st or early 2nd round in 2010, you know you took a bust. But you feel equally as bad taking Brandon Marshall high in the 3rd and getting 6th to 7th round WR production out of him. By saying a guy is a bust we may think he could still have a decent season, just not live up to the place where they're being drafted. FFBLife is here to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes as countless numbers of fantasy owners in 2010. Here are the WR busts  of 2011:

2011 Preseason Busts: Quarterbacks

matt ryanEvery year there’s the guy kicking himself all season because his high round draft choice failed him week after week. FFBLife is here to make sure you’re not that guy in the 2011 season. Of course you smiled if you took players like Adrian Peterson or Tom Brady in Round 1of the 2010 draft as those guys didn’t let you down. They may not have given you the number one statistical season at their position but they gave you enough points and consistency to compete week after week. The sucker we feel bad about is the guy that drafted Ray Rice as the 3rd overall pick in 2010 and went on to watch him total two 100-yard rushing games and amass only 6 total TDs in a total of 4 games. If you got that kind of production from your 4th round back, you’re a happy camper. By taking Rice with the 3rd overall pick? You’re feeling like you took Ki-Jana Carter all over again. Fantasy Football Life is here to make sure you’re not ‘that’ guy. These busts may not necessarily have a bad season, but the following people are the guys our columnists felt would underperform their current draft rankings. Here’s the preliminary run of busts for the 2011 season:

2011 Preseason Busts: Running Backs

Author: Kevin Nelson

peyton-hillisQuick, what do Shonn Greene, Ryan Mathews, and DeAngelo Williams all have in common? I knew you would get it, and yes, they are all running backs in the NFL (or at least they were in 2010, thanks lockout)! Aren’t games fun for all ages? Ok, I’m guessing you came here for slightly more analysis than that, right?  Well another thing they have in common is that they were all drafted , on average, within the first 10 RBs off the board last season and failed to live up to their expectations. All of these particular running backs couldn’t even crack the top 30 RB’s in standard scoring leagues. It happens every year. Every year there are running backs expected to carry your team with the omnipotent title of the RB1, only to show up and perform as RBBUST. Running backs expected to break out, who decide it’s much more to their liking in a season to take “out” away from the whole “break out” thing and, well you get the idea. There are a multitude of reasons for these disasters but try and console a Shonn Greene owner that invested an early round pick with the comfort that the rest of us enjoyed watching LT reinvigorate himself for half a season.  That convo will go off without a hitch I’m sure. Our goal at FFBLife is to try and help you avoid those conversations, well, at least being on the less joyous end of them. That is why we have come up with a list of potential busts we see as a higher risk to fail to live up to the expectation you will have for where you draft them. We are not saying we believe every one of these players will be a complete failure as a human, or in our specialty, as a football player. Let’s just say, we prefer to be the guy that says better luck next year rather than to be told. Just saying, you’ve been warned……