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Hey Rook, Grab Your Playbook - Julio Jones

juliojonesWhile the most hyped and talked about stories from the 2011 draft may have come from the quarterbacks, the biggest splash was easily made by the Atlanta Falcons who traded a package of 5 draft picks to move up to the 6th selection and pick Julio Jones of Alabama. This move clearly shows the Falcons feel they have the team in place to make a Super Bowl run and win now. Jones will be counted on to come into an already explosive offense featuring the likes of Michael Turner, Tony Gonzalez and possibly the best WR in 2010, Roddy White. It gives franchise QB Matt Ryan another top target and possibly opens up the field more for Roddy White, whom defenses were constantly able to double without fear of being beaten by the others on the offense. Atlanta was 13-3 last season taking the top seed in the NFC  through good offense and better than expected defense but to take the step to the next level, the offense needs to become elite and with Julio Jones they can get there.

One big reason Julio Jones caused Atlanta to move is the team chasing them in the division race last year, the New Orleans Saints. Over the past few years the Saints have had one of the most potent offenses in the league. Even with an atrocious secondary, the Saints are able to beat people behind the arm of Drew Brees and his ability to put 40 on the board at any moment. Atlanta has made moves like signing Dunta Robinson in the offseason last year to try and combat this but it will certainly be tough for the Saints to stop 2 dynamic receivers for the Falcons, while still minding the running game. The other threat in the division is the emerging Tampa Bay Bucs. With a young Josh Freeman leading at QB and developing young talents like LaGarrett Blount and Mike Williams, the future is bright in Tampa. So did Atlanta make the right move in almost mortgaging their future for the present? Let’s see how Jones impacts the team.

Hey Rook, Grab Your Playbook - Cam Newton

camnewtondraftCam Newton: The 2011 NFL Draft has come and gone the millions of fans everywhere are now left with the waiting game while both sides argue through the NFL Lockout. With that said, there were some selections man in this draft that give us a glimpse into some teams’ plans for their 2011 season and some rookies could play a huge role in that. As we all know this 2011 class has the talent to produce many week 1 starters, starting right at the top with the number 1 pick, Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers. As for others with the talent to be given a shot to open the season and make an impact, it all depends on their situation and role. One good example is Ryan Mallett. Arguably the most talented passer in this year’s draft, he won’t expect to see the field anytime soon aside from a trade or an injury to Tom Brady who’s got plenty left in the tank after last year’s MVP showing. Stay tuned over the next few weeks to see some of the players we feel can make an impact in the 2011 NFL season:

2010 Fantasy Football Awards

arian_foster_23_350w_263hEvery year without fail the fantasy football season takes us for a wild ride full of surprises, unknowns and disappoints. 2010 certainly fit the bill for this case with it’s odd outcome for fantasy performers. In most other years, predicting what 90% of the fantasy players will do in the upcoming season will do is a no-brainer and that remaining 10% is often the key to being the difference between fantasy champs and fantasy chumps. This past year, that number may look more like 25% as plenty of people took their gambles on the Arian Fosters and Dwayne Bowes of the world and rode them into the fantasy sunset, hoisting trophies on the along the way. Others out there took a slightly different yet still successful route of picking up the key free agent at the right time, Michael Vick, Peyton Hillis or Brandon Lloyd....even the popular Ajirotutu saved a season or two. But for the mass majority of (now angry) fantasy owners of Shonn Greene, Brandon Marshall and Carson Palmer, the offseason came sooner than expected this year and our hearts (not really) go out to all of you. Without further adieu, your 2010 Fantasy Football Awards:


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