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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire: Week 10


Well, week 9 is in the books for your fantasy football teams and if you’re like most leagues, it was a low scoring affair for you. Not much output out of too many players this past week but there were definitely a few big games. If you were lucky enough to have Philip Rivers or Vincent Jackson, chances are you’re smiling. For Aaron Rodgers’ fantasy owners, you…well you got what you pretty much what you expect. What’s becoming more important for you heading down the stretch into your playoff run is can you count on the people you’ve drafted high. If you’re a little worried, Fantasy Football Life is here with a few under the radar guys you may want to keep your eyes on.

Laurent Robinson, Dallas Cowboys: What’s Laurent Robinson done lately? Simply be consistent where Dallas has been lacking at WR. While Dez Bryant and Miles Austin disappeared vs. the Eagles in Week 8, Robinson simply put up 103 yards and the only receiving TD, then followed it with another TD vs. Seattle. With Austin now out 2-4 weeks with an injury, look for Robinson to continue his good play as he’s slowly becoming s good target for Tony Romo. If he’s still out there on your waiver wire, grab him and don’t be afraid to put him in your fantasy lineups heading forward as Dallas has games against Buffalo, Washington, Miami and Arizona.

Fantasy Football Stock Market: Chris Johnson


Well, if you were one of the fantasy owners to take CJ2K in the 1st round of this year’s draft, things haven’t quite worked out the way you’d hoped now have they? Now you’re forced to take all of the annoying calls from other owners who offer you pennies on the dollar for your star. Or maybe you’re the owner that offends everyone by trying to trade him based on his potential and his name by offering him straight up for Calvin Johnson (you know who you are). Well I’m here to help with a decision on the Titans star as to hold, buy or sell the man many regard as the best running back in the league.

Hold: If you’re one of the lucky ones where CJ’s production hasn’t affected your record much and you’re still one of the front runners in the league at 5-0, 4-1 or even 3-2. If you’ve already got a strong team surrounding Johnson, keep him. Things will surely get better in Tennessee for Johnson as he faces a Texans defense without Mario Williams, the Colts (twice), Bengals, Panthers, Falcons who were gashed by Lesean McCoy, Bucs, Bills, Saints and finally the Jags to end the season. That’s a pretty favorable season and the Titans can’t rely on the arm of Matt Hasselbeck all season to win games.

Buy: If you’re in a position to get Johnson, get him now! Now is the single best time to make a move on Johnson as it may be his lowest price of the year. Many owners panic about bye weeks and always feel the need to win. Grab CJ with the bye, look at his schedule and smile as he helps you with your late season push.

“Sell Mortimer Sell”: Sell CJ only, and I mean ONLY, if your team is not in a position to sustain being without him this week. If you’re on the low end of your league because he hasn’t produced like other 1st round picks, it may be time to salvage your season. Don’t take pennies on the dollar, you have to trade him and substantially upgrade at another position, preferably a quarterback as if you don’t have one of those in a passing league life could be tough on you this season. Try to pull off a good 2 for 1 or package in receiving a strong set of players like a highly ranked QB (Philip Rivers, etc…) or shoot for a consistent, productive WR (Greg Jennings).

Overall I have patience with the CJ situation. My recommendation is to Buy/Hold on CJ2K.

Preseason Overreactions: Week 2

newton1_1Cam Newton – The number one overall pick in the 2011 draft has been very underwhelming this preseason and it’s certainly not for lack of opportunity. So far this preseason Cam has reaffirmed his early critics question his accuracy going 15 for 33 with 200 passing yards in his 1st 2 games. What’s worse is he’s done it against the opposition’s 2nd team defense and hasn’t done much with his legs only rushing for 18 yards in 2 games. Maybe he gets better when Steve Smith returns, but my money’s on no. Steer clear of Cam.

Stevan Ridley – This offseason the man in the gray hoodie did us fantasy owners no favors by drafting 2 more rookie RBs to go with Kevin Faulk and the “Law Firm”, Benjarvus Green-Ellis. Though fantasy owners may not know all year, Ridley is certainly making his case as to why he deserves to be in the rotation. Currently leading all RBs in rushing this preseason with 148 yards and 2 TDs, Ridley has definitely opened the eyes of NE coaches and some fantasy owners alike. What’s more is Ridley also has caught 10 passes for 74 yards and another TD, showing his versatility. Backs in New England come and go from game to game but keep Ridley on your list as a deep sleeper.

Harry Douglas – Finally healthy, Harry Douglas has shown why the Atlanta falcons were patient with him and his injuries all of these years. Douglas can flat out fly and is a good option in the slot for Matt Ryan between Roddy White and rookie, Julio Jones. This won’t be a big year for Douglas as White and Jones will be the primary targets but in deep leagues keep an eye on Douglas throughout the season to see if he can grow into a Mike Wallace type role….with less stats of course.

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Final Destination? Offseason Moves Fantasy Football Would LOVE To See - Part 2

cincinnati-bengals-wide-receiver-terrell-owensTerrell Owens – Jacksonville Jaguars

Terrell Owens outplayed most expectations of his 2010 season (admit it, yours too!). While not a career year for the boisterous WR but hauling in 72 catches for 983 yards in 13 games was pretty impressive. He was easily Carson Palmer’s favorite target in Cinci right from the start of the season, leaving Chad Ochocinco as an afterthought. What may be most impressive of his 2010 season is his lack of trouble off the field. No usual media blowups, no demanding the ball, no crying to reports. He looked more like Andre Johnson in the media than Terrell Owens. Owens showed some good flashes on the field too, including a 222 yard performance vs. Cleveland, and his 9 TDs were among the league leaders at the time.

With all that said, things are certainly changing in Cincinnati. It’s now a widespread belief that those same old, fun to watch Bengals will not win a Super Bowl as is together. Palmer wants out of Cinci, Ochocinco and Marvin Lewis have had a rift since late last season and Owens may find the time is now to break away. The Jags need a boost to their offense. Mike Thomas has shown he can be a decent WR and Mike Sims-Walker, after showing flashes of brilliance in the 2009 season, regressed in 2010 and was said to not be in good standing with management. Enter Owens, though 37 years old, in great physical condition and able to keep defenses honest with his playmaking ability he still possesses. With MJD already in the fold and David Garrad, who is very effective when playing well, Owens could be a boost to help the Jags get over the hump in a division that is available after Indy has shown vulnerability as of late. The Jags were one game out of the playoffs and they played their last 2 without MJD. Owens can be a focal point of the offense (which you know he’d love), understands the talent of a player like MJD and could post good numbers for the fantasy lovers out there by being a number one WR the way he was in 2010.


Matt Hasselbeck – Tennessee Titans

Final Destination? Offseason Moves Fantasy Football Would Love To See - Part 1

Every offseason a number of players hit the free agent market or demand their way out of a losing situation and fantasy players everywhere just salivate over the thought of having these guys hit their teams in a better situation. A recent occurence is what the acquisition of Randy Moss did for Tom Brady, helping both players achieve NFL records in touchdowns and help fantasy teams around the country ride the wave to championships. There are a large number of players in the same position this year, Moss included, that have the ability to go and help themselves and others to having big statistical seasons. FFBLife will put some dream scenarios together for you that we can only hope happen to give us a fun 2011 season.

deangelo_williams_Deangelo Williams – Indianapolis Colts

This move makes sense for both the Indianapolis Colts and the Carolina Panthers. 1st, for the Carolina Panthers, they have their own premiere feature back in place already, Jonathan Stewart, who’s just waiting for his time to shine. Stewart has already shown that when healthy and given the opportunity he’s very productive in this league and I don’t expect that to change with teams having to now account for the versatile skills of Cam Newton. But Stewart only averaged 12 carries a game last year which has got to change.