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Fantasy Football - Peyton Chooses Broncos


The NFL world was shaken today with Peyton Manning making the decision to go play quarterback for the Denver Broncos, a decision that, if healthy, instantly lifts that passing game and should bring more consistent fantasy numbers to others in that offense. But before jumping on the Manning bandwagon, temper your expectations on Peyton for a new team as there are many differences between the Colts with Manning the “Gun Slinger” and what could be his new role as Manning the “Game Manager”.

The Colts with Manning didn’t know how to win less than 10 games. For years they were the class of the AFC South division and Manning led them to post video game type numbers, once having 3 wide receivers with 1,000 yard, 10 TD seasons. They defense played fast, but soft, largely due to being on the field so often because of Manning’s scoring prowess. Don’t expect the same in Denver. The offense (partly due to having Tebow as their quarterback) was a ball control offense and the defense kept their opponents off the scoreboard. The emergence of the youth on the defense led by defensive rookie of the year, Von Miller, will not be strayed from. That fact combined with the strong running game, a John Fox staple, made the Broncos more than competitive as they went all the way to the 2nd round of the playoffs, a feat not many would have expected. Granted, a big part of their rushing success was due to the versatility of Tebow but the fact that teams won’t dare Manning to beat them with his arm (because he would!) will have a similar effect, pulling a man out of the box. The rushing offense should do well next year, as long as age hasn’t caught up with Willis McGahee who was a nice surprise for fantasy owners last year.

Super Bowl 46: Fantasy Football Perspective


Oh what a year we witnessed from the two dueling it out in Super Bowl 46 in Indy. We saw “Elite” Eli emerge from the enormous shadow of his big brother Cooper, I mean, Peyton to throw for 4933 yards, topping the 300-yard mark for half a season. Meanwhile his counterpart, Tom Brady was one of 3 quarterbacks to top the 5,000-yard mark this season on his way to 5,235 yards, 39 touchdowns and 12 INTs. If it weren’t for a couple of other guys which will remain nameless, Brady easily could’ve cruised to another MVP. When this Super Bowl is won or lost, it will likely be that one of these two was a major factor.

Oh but the QBs can’t take all of the credit for getting the teams here, someone had to catch it and in New England’s case, they caught it at a record pace. Rob Gronkowski turned in the best statistical season ever seen by a tight end with 1,327 receiving yards and 17, yes 17!, touchdowns. Good luck trying to grab him as a sleeper in 2012, won’t happen. As if that’s not enough stats alone, those that grabbed Wes Welker in the 4th-5th round were delighted to see him account for 1,569 yards and 9 TDs, easily the best totals of his career. And then there’s Ochocinco! Wait…he didn’t do much? Oh. Moving on.

On the other side, those grabbing Hakeem Nicks high after his monstrous 2010 campaign were left wanting more as Nicks dealt with off and on injuries throughout the season. Even with that said, nicks turned in 1,192 yards and 7 TDs, a very respectable year by most standards, just not enough to warrant his draft position. But where there are valleys, there is salsa dancing. Wait…ignore that. Victor Cruz made some waiver owners happy this year by possibly being the best free agent pickup of the year. Cruz danced his way to 1,536 yards and 9 TDs, even with playing very sparingly in the 1st two weeks of the year. He’s also skyrocketed up draft boards for next year, warranting a selection for some brave owners as early as the 2nd round. He’s hoping his contract sees the same kind of raise!

Fantasy Football Life hopes you had a successful, championship season in 2011 and enjoy the Super Bowl.

2011 Fantasy Football Awards


2011 Fantasy Football Awards

Fantasy MVP – Drew Brees (5476, 46 TDs, 14 INTs) / Aaron Rodgers (4643 yards, 45 TDs, 6 Ints)

After the season Aaron Rodgers had, it’s obvious he’s the MVP, right? Wrong! Brees is the pick for me simply because of the playoffs. In the playoffs Brees excelled with 1056 yards, 11 TDs to only 1 Int. Rodgers, though damn good, had 799 yards, 8 TDs and 1 Int (along with 50 rushing and another TD. Either quarterback on your team got you to the playoffs, Brees won you a championship. That’s why we play the game, in my best Herman Edwards impression. Not to mention the lucky people that played in week 17 benefited from Brees’ 389 yards and 5 TDs. Simply put, he is the most feared man in football right now and if I asked myself one question, “who would I rather face, Brees or Rodgers?” easily that answer is Rodgers. – Cameron Sparks

I get it; Drew Brees set the passing record. He finished in a blaze of glory and had an AMAZING season. BUT, he didn’t outscore Aaron Rodgers, period. Not in standard scoring leagues anyway and isn’t that what this really comes down to? Rodgers didn’t even play week 17 and he STILL outscored Brees; that is how unbelievable Rodgers was this year. My buddy Cameron will tell you the difference for him were weeks 14-16, playoff time as Brees threw for more yards and TDs than Rodgers did and Rodgers didn’t play in championship games week 17. Well, he won’t mention that Rodgers outrushed Brees those weeks and scored a rushing touchdown. He also outscored Drew Brees in the week 16 championship. So it really comes down to a Brees 16 (standard scoring) point advantage for weeks 14 and 15? Over a whole season, that isn’t enough to offset everything else Rodgers wins. Add into the fact that there was plenty of advanced notice that Rodgers would sit week 17 for an owner to start his back up, whom would have outscored everyone that week with 480 yards and 6 touchdowns. Brees was amazing, but Rodgers was MVP. Take it from an owner who won a title with Rodgers, while knocking the Brees owner out of the playoffs. – Kevin Nelson

*Tom Brady

*Matthew Stafford

Best QB – Drew Brees/Aaron Rodgers


OUCH: Week 14 Injuries


Well, for those of you still around welcome to the playoffs and we hope you’re doing well. But what would the playoffs be without INJURIES! Again in Week 14 the old injury bug came biting stars like DeMarco Murray and Greg Jennings while others like Jimmy Graham are still dealing with lingering issues from previous weeks. Now us fantasy owners are wondering what to do as the stars that got us here may not be who will help us win it all.

DeMarco Murray: Murray is…wait for it…DONE! It’s very unfortunate but after cruising during the 1st quarter of Sunday night’s game, Murray broke his ankle and will be out for the rest of the 2011 season. Murray had been sputtering lately and the Giants suspect run defense was hopefully the game for Murray to get back on track but hopefully Murray owners are still Felix Jones owners. Jones picked up the load for Murray carrying the ball 16 times for 106 yards while catching an additional 6 passes for 31 yards. With an inviting run schedule against a terrible Tampa Bay defense along with a stop against Philadelphia, Jones can be relied on once again to produce solid numbers.

Greg Jennings: For you Greg Jennings owners (myself included) Jennings likely won’t be suiting up for you again this year as he went down with an apparent knee injury. Green Bay initially has called it a sprain but whether it’s a sprain or a tear, Aaron Rodgers will be without one of his top targets for some time. For those in this predicament, definitely look at the other Green Bay receivers as options. Donald Driver seemed to get some looks his way, more so than James Jones or Randall Cobb. The problem with Green Bay is, Rodgers throws to whoever he deems open. As of next Sunday know they all could produce decent numbers, look for all 3 to split reps with Driver leading in receptions, followed by Jones and Cobb.

Fantasy Football Stock Market: Roy Helu


The Miseducation of Roy Helu

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, “I have no idea what Mike Shanahan will do at RB this week”. Sound familiar? We thought so. For you poor Roy Helu owners (myself included) FFBLife is here to personally apologize on behalf of Mike Shanahan for being an idiot and not taking into account your feelings. Just five days ago some owners surely ditched Helu upon hearing his coach say “I like Helu…I don’t want to put too much pressure on him too early. He’s not ready for that”. Then in week 12 Helu exploded against the Seahawks with 23 carries for 107 rushing yards and a TD. He also pitched in 7 catches for 54 yards and you PPR owners got taken to the woodshed once again by Shanahan and his “Shananigans”. In Helu’s only other start this year he tallied 41 rushing yards and a new Redskins record 14 catches for 105 receiving yards. He’s long looked like the best back in Washington and should be the bell cow going forward for them.

Good things in Helu’s favor are the fact that his coach has questions circling him like vultures to a lost man in the desert. Daniel Snyder has to be wondering if this so-called genius he’s hired is as good as advertised. He’s known for producing great running backs out of nowhere, shown by his history in Denver with Clinton Portis, Tatum Bell, Mike Anderson, Reuben Droughns, Olandis Gary, Terrell Davis and the list goes on. One overlooked fact is Shanahan also had Gary Kubiak in Denver and that could be a huge reason for his running success as Houston seems to be running the ball just fine. Where this helps Roy Helu is Shanahan will be forced to produce wins, even now with the season lost. He no longer is afforded the luxury of playing mind games that don’t produce victories and that means the best players will be on the field, namely Roy Helu. With all of that said, you never know with ol’ Shanny, pick Helu back up if you’ve dropped him but start him with caution. We love his talent, despise his coach.