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One Man's Opinion: Top 10 WRs

greg-jennings-202x300Leagues are all pretty much set with the season kicking off on Thursday night, but some of you may still have those late drafts to attend. I give you my final thoughts and top 10 rankings of Wide Receivers this year. I'm new to the staff, but I hope to bring you knowledge and valuable insight week in and week out. Without further ado, here are my top 10. Good luck this year folks. 

1.) Andre Johnson - Houston Texans (2010 Stats): 86 receptions, 1,216 Receiving yards, 8 Touchdowns. (164 Points) 
         Andre is about as safe a bet at Wide Receiver as it gets folks. In 2010 he was bothered by a right ankle for the majority of the season, but still fought through it. He ended up catching 8 touchdowns in only 13 games, but burned most owners come playoff time. Now imagine if he is healthy and plays all 16 games? He did after all lead the league in receiving yards a game at a very impressive 93.5 yards. That's 9 fantasy points a game right there in yards alone. With Arian Foster becoming part of the elite at running back, the Texans will have no problem keeping defenders honest, and things will open up for Andre. Hell even if they don't, he will still somehow find a way to get the ball. Don't be afraid to take him as the first WR off the board in the first round. He deserves it, and so does your fantasy team. 
2.) Greg Jennings - Green Bay Packers (2010 Stats): 76 receptions, 1,265 Receiving yards, 12 Touchdowns. (193 points) 
         How can you not like Greg Jennings on your fantasy team? He has without a doubt the most accurate passer slinging him the ball week in and week out in Aaron Rodgers. Also, Greg is without a doubt Aaron's favorite target, having being targeted 17 times in the red zone last year. He successfully scored on seven of them. He also had 4 more touchdowns of 30 yards or longer in the 2010 Super Bowl campaign. And even though I admit that Rodgers is a fantastic quarterback, his WR core is really nothing spectacular. After Jennings, he has Jordy Nelson, James Jones, and 62 year old Donald Driver. Nothing against any of those fellas, but let's all be honest here....Jennings is at the top of the food chain in cheese town and will continue to be until further notice. 1st Round Worthy, 2nd WR taken off the board. 

3.) Roddy White - Atlanta Falcons (2010 Stats): 115 receptions, 1,389 Receiving yards, 10 Touchdowns. (193 Points)  
        Roddy got the ball thrown to him more times last year than any other WR with 179 targets. Even more impressive, is that he caught 115 of those passes. Do the math folks, that means Roddy catches the ball 64% of the time it's thrown his way. Only beef I had with these numbers is that a lot of the offense last year were nickel and dime catches. His 8.8 yards-at-the-catch is nothing spectacular for someone who still caught 10 touchdowns, but with Julio Jones now in the mix does that mean Roddy will see more stretches down the field? Possibly. But I think we may see a SLIGHT decrease in Roddy's production this year. With Jones lining up opposite of him, I can see his targets and receptions dipping from last year. He's still the number one WR in Hotlanta and Matt Ryan will target him quite a bit. Expect a slight decrease in numbers, but not much. Roddy is still a starter on every fantasy team. Round 2, should be 2nd or 3rd WR taken off the board. 
4.) Larry Fitzgerald - Arizona Cardinals (2010 Stats): 90 Receptions, 1,137 Receiving yards, 6 Touchdowns. (146 Points) 
        Forget 2010 people, just forget it. Arizona was just a mess at the quarterback situation, and it certainly didn't help Larry's cause. But guess what? Fitz still managed over a thousand receiving yards and 6 touchdowns. And this is all with Derek Anderson tossing the ball to him. Enter Kevin Kolb. Kolb ran into a terrible situation in Philly when the Mike Vick party showed up, but now it's his turn to show why he can be a everyday starter in this league. I expect Larry's numbers to jump dramatically this year. His touchdowns should double, and he should get more receiving yards and receptions this year. Have no fear in drafting Fitz, I absolutely LOVE him this year. 2nd Round, 3rd or 4th WR taken off the board. 
5.) Calvin Johnson - Detroit Lions (2010 Stats): 77 Receptions, 1,120 Receiving Yards, 12 Touchdowns. (182 Points) 
       Megatron is simply a beast. No matter who seems to be under center in Motor City, he just keeps producing. After Stafford went down with an injury last year, we saw the likes of Shaun Hill and Drew Stanton throwing the ball to Megatron. He still managed 12 touchdowns and over a thousand yards receiving. So now imagine if Stafford, who I think has major potential, can stay healthy? Sky is basically the limit with this guy no matter who throws it to him, but if Stafford stays healthy all season, I see nothing but points being put up on a weekly basis. Have no fear in drafting this man, he will not let you down. 2nd Round, 4-5th WR taken off the board. 
hakeem_nicks--300x3006.) Hakeem Nicks - New York Giants (2010 Stats): 79 Receptions, 1,052 Receiving yards, 11 Touchdowns. (165 Points) 
        I would have put the ex Tar Heel farther up on my list, but he seems to be questionable and doubtful an awful lot the last 2 seasons. When he's healthy however, he's fantastic. He had 128 targets last year and caught 79 of them (61%). Exit Steve Smith, now with the Philadelphia Eagles, we should see a major bump in targets and receptions for Hakeem. The Giants still have speedy Mario Manningham who will produce himself, but it should be Nicks who sees the majority of Eli's arm on Sunday's. Double digit touchdowns and close to 1,500 yards receiving for this guy if he stays healthy the whole season. 2nd, 3rd Round. 5-6th WR taken off the board. 
7.) Mike Wallace - Pittsburgh Steelers (2010 Stats): 60 Receptions, 1,257 Receiving Yards, 10 Touchdowns. (182 Points) 
       If Mike was a baseball player I bet he would be a home run hitter. This guy loves the big play and he's got blazing speed. I will be honest, I owned Wallace last year, and half of the time I was nervously biting my nails and screaming at the TV every time he went deep. Wallace can put up double digit fantasy points in his sleep, however, it's not every week. Mike hits the home run, but he seems to strike out too. He had 7 games last year where he scored single digit fantasy points. That's almost half a season ladies and gentleman. And some of them were some real stinkers like Week 1 and 2 where he failed to reach the end zone and had a combined 4 receptions for 87 yards. GROSS. Weeks like that will kill your WR slot and have you wanting to crawl out of your skin. Mike said he wants to get 2,000 receiving yards this year. Quite a goal to want to reach, and to be honest I think Mike could do it if he got the ball thrown to him 150 times a year. But he doesn't, the Steelers are actually loaded with talent at wide receiver and Big Ben has plenty of options to go around. Wallace only had 60 receptions last year and that's because it's basically hit or miss with this guy. He won't give you 12 receptions for 120 yards and a touchdown on a weekly basis. But he can give you 4 receptions for 130 yards and 2 touchdowns on any given week though. It's a hard dilemma and you will have to pick your spots with Mike when starting him. Still a very dynamic and dangerous receiver when defenses let that 4.33 speed get behind their safeties. Late 2nd Round, 3rd Round.  6-7th WR taken off the board. 
8.) Vincent Jackson - San Diego Chargers (2010 Stats): 14 Receptions, 248 Receiving yards, 3 Touchdowns. (42 Points) 
      As we all know, Vincent missed the Chargers first 10 games in 2010, which I'm sure disappointed quite a few people in fantasy land. However, when he did finally decide to play some football, he was productive. He had an amazing Thursday night game against the 49ers last year where he exploded for 112 yards and 3 touchdowns, resulting in 29 fantasy points that night. Sadly, I'm not too sure how many owners were starting him at that point, but it's a sign of what to expect this year out of Jackson. He still has Rivers throwing lazer beams at him, and he is the Chargers' number 1 receiver. He has size and speed, which is a deadly combo in the NFL and he give's secondary problems every week. The only other threat to take away production from Jackson, is Antonio Gates. But Gates seems to be hurt every single week and has proved that he is very vulnerable to injuries. Jackson and Rivers should have a field day this year with each other. Expect 1,000 yards and double digit touchdowns this year. 3rd Round, 7-8th WR taken off the board.  

9.) Miles Austin - Dallas Cowboys (2010 Stats) 69 Receptions, 1,041 Receiving Yards, 7 Touchdowns. (150 Points) 
      Ahhh, not a great year for Austin last year, but certainly not horrible either. The season ending injury to Tony Romo obviously hurt Austin owners, but he still managed 1,000 yards receiving and 7 touchdowns. Not too shabby when you have Jon Kitna throwing you the pigskin. Tony is back and healthy now, which only means Austin should be back to elite form. Miles has been a top 5 WR in terms of yards after the catch, the past 2 years. I see no reason why that will change this season. The emergence of Dez Bryant will certainly take away a few from Miles, but he still remains Romo's number 1 target, especially in the red zone. Late 3rd Round Pick, Early 4th Round Pick. 8-9th WR taken off the board. Speaking of Dez Bryant.... 
dez-bryant10.) Dez Bryant - Dallas Cowboys (2010 Stats): 45 Receptions, 561 Yards, 6 Touchdowns. (98 Points) 
      "Double Dez." That's what I'm calling him this year. Every single statistical  category should double for this man this year. You may question, how can I put Miles at 9 and Dez at 10? A little contradicting, no? Far from it if you ask me. Plenty to go around in the big state of Texas this season. You are getting almost the same identical player in Austin as you do in Bryant, fantasy-wise. Dez is just three times bigger and faster than Austin, but three times dumber. He scored 8 all-purpose touchdowns last year, mind you 6 of those were receiving touchdowns on only 45 receptions. I'm saying we see 80 receptions, 1,000 yards receiving, and double digit touchdowns. IF he keeps his head on straight and doesn't let the lone star state get to him, this kid can be ELECTRIC. If Austin is gone, don't be afraid to go ahead and take Bryant, and vice versa. 4th Round Pick. 9-10th WR taken off the board.


Potential Sleepers

Jeremy Maclin - Sleeper

Santana Moss - Sleeper

Nate Burleson - Sleeper

Potential Busts

Desean Jackson

Brandon Lloyd

Marques Colston

***Deep Sleepers ***

Earl Bennett

A.J. Green

Antonio Brown



0 #2 Michael J. Igyarto 2011-09-16 06:46
@DC MOCCS - Don't fret too much on Gore....not yet anyway. The 49ers scored 2 special team touchdowns in that game so Gore really never got the chance. We will see plenty of Frank in Week 2 against the Cowgirls. I say START 'EM!
0 #1 mike 2011-09-16 05:54
totally agree about wallace iggs. boy is gonna burn shit up this weekend! whats up with gore man? i know i know hes a glass man, but 9pts on sunday? with a qb like smith, dont we see like 15-20pts out of this guy??? i mean, who else is gonna do something for that offense?

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