Case of the Mondays: Waiver Wire Adds Week 9 and Fantasy Recap

Author: Kevin Nelson

This was a big week. Like, real big. Four different 30+ point performances. Two performances with multi touchdown games from guys playing less than 20 snaps of action. Oh, and did we talk about the near record by the Transformer? We also finally got a week where we don’t need to dwell on devastating injuries! Hoo ray!! A lot to talk about this week, I’m excited. Let’s go


Note 1: Megatron vs Dez

-  Winner? Duh, it’s Calvin. Sorry Dez. You too are a freak and one of the very best in the league right now, but somehow Megatron got 16 targets to your 6 (all Romo’s fault?) and turned those into 14 catches for 329 yards receiving. Ummm, what??? Dez was no slouch with his 3 catches totaling 72 yards and 2 TDs, one of which was a spectacular David Tyree type catch, but this was Calvin’s show. Calvin is the best there is. Ever? Let’s keep that one stored away for now, but you can bet it will be brought up again at some point. This kid is amazing.


Note 2: Bengals

-  Ok, maybe the Bengals are for real? Andy Dalton certainly started the season slowly and made many an expert question if he was the guy who could lead this team deep into the postseason. Well, we won’t know that quite yet but he has over 1000 yards and 11 TDs in his past 3 games and Cinci looks tough to deal with. Marvin Jones might not play a lot of snaps yet, less than 20 in this game, but talk about maximizing your opportunity! 8 catches on 8 targets on a recorded 14 pass routes run for 122 yards and 4 TDs. Wow! Personally, I would sell Jones if possible as this run may be a bit of a fluke. Less than 20 snaps is a little hard to believe in for consistency but the kid has been performing. He is certainly making Dalton and the Bengals more dangerous.


Note 3: Jimmy Graham

-  Another guy with less than 20 snaps played and he too totaled multiple touchdowns. Graham is just a monster among cartoon characters and his coach has said Graham’s injury should not get worse, will be a matter of pain tolerance, and should be able to improve as they go. Graham is clearly an absolute match up nightmare.


Note 4: Andre Ellington

-  Welcome to the show kid! The Cardinals running game has been pathetic since what, before the Emmitt Smith days?? Yeah, remember that? Well, pathetic no more. Andre Ellington has been flashing potential in a supplementary role for weeks and with Rashard Mendenhall out, got the chance to shine in week 8. And boy, did he glisten. 15 carries for 154 yards and a TD. He looked like a young Chris Johnson out there and provided the Cardinals offense an element of explosion they simply have not had. In a year when running backs just aren’t very good, Ellington should already be considered RB2 status with dynamic upside potential.


Note 5: Zac Stacy

-  Speaking of up and coming backs, I also want to give a shout out to Zac Stacy as well. Since earning the starting job 4 weeks ago Stacy has totaled 14, 18, 17, and now 26 carries, culminating in a 134 yard performance against the tough Seahawks D on Monday Night Football. Stacy looked sharp and decisive with his cuts and completely changed how the Rams look on offense. Work horses are hard to come by so like Ellington, consider Stacy a solid RB2 going forward.


Note 6: Colin Kaepernick

-  Trade for him. I’m telling you. He has still only topped 200 yards passing twice this season but is steadily improving as are the 49ers. Kaepernick is going to get Mario Manningham back within the next couple weeks and then Michael Crabtree soon after. When Kap had his weapons at the end of last year, we remember his domination. Jump now if you need QB help before his price goes up.


Note 7: Peyton Manning

-  2 bad ankles, 300 yards and 4 TDs. Ho hum, moving on.


Note 8: Calvin Johnson

-  Sorry, wow.


Note 9: Tom Brady

-  Sorry folks, we do the whole stock watch thing, I don’t know who Drew is going to put this week but if there was a stock falling apart, it would be Brady. He has Gronk back, and won’t have any other reinforcements coming to his aid, save Shane Vereen in a few weeks. Now of course, if they trade for Larry Fitzgerald, everything is off. 5, 13, 7, and 6 the past 4 weeks. No thanks. His name may be Brady but his game is Rex Grossman right now. Fantasy guys, not real life, slow you rolls.


Waiver Wire for week 9








Andre Ellington ***** (just in case)

Zac Stacy ***** (ditto)

Andre Brown **** (stash alert, back after their week 9 bye, have you seen Hillis’ YPC? It’s 3 by the way)

Montee Ball *** (If he was dropped, pick back up. The sole back up job to previously injury prone Moreno)

James Starks ** (appears to be the back up to Lacy again)




Marvin Jones ***** (duh)

Kenny Stills ***** (something is wrong with Marques Colston, it’s time to be honest)

Drew Davis *** (solid play if Roddy misses week 9)