Fantasy Football Busts - 2013

Author: Kevin Nelson

Nobody likes this part. Everyone is trying their best out there and nobody likes rooting for failure, unless of course it’s your rival but there exceptions to every rule. Unfortunately it happens every year. Guys who were expected to excel fall short of those glorious expectations. For whatever reason, all of us geniuses out here are actually wrong about players! What?!?!? So to eliminate the embarrassment of being one of “those” geniuses I went ahead and took a little of the guesswork out. I  have identify some of these gentlemen who look like underperformance could be in their near future for one reason are another. Of course injuries will play a large part in this and Miss Cleo in her heyday couldn’t even predict those so, let’s put injury prediction aside for now. That said, watch out for…..

Tom Brady (NE) – Quick!! Loudest gasp possible!! I think I got an air ear flick simply for writing the Golden Boy’s name in a negative context. Oh well, we have a job to do right, and FFBLife will bring the best information to your eyes whether ears are flicked or not! Brady might be the best QB of all time, which is not up for debate. But any QB who loses 70% of his targets from one year to next could find himself in a little trouble. It doesn’t help when your largest addition to offset that loss is a receiver who has missed 1/3 of his potential career already. No Welker, No Hernandez and “Party Gronk” has now become “Questionable Gronk.” Brady wasn’t always a fantasy monster and with the way other QBs accumulate ridiculous stats in this era, it is completely fathomable for Tom Terrific to lead his Patriots to wins in a more conservative fashion again. I think Brady will be really good, just not top five this year.

Montee Ball (DEN) – I’m going to go against the popular grain again and predict Montee Ball that will not live up to his ADP. I like Ball’s future and his potential, but he will not live up to a 3rd round value. Ball could take awhile to excel in a Peyton Manning led offense because of the pass protections Manning requires, increasingly more important following his neck injury. The Broncos have a multitude of options at their disposal to mix in with Ball, from former first rounder Knowshon Moreno to their own pick last year in Ronnie Hillman. In addition, John Fox historically does not prefer to lean on rookies at the running back position. Ball has the talent to change those issues but at the price of a 3rd round pick, buyer beware.

Victor Cruz (NYG) – Cruz has been an absolute beast the last two seasons averaging 84 catches for 1314 yards and 9.5 touchdowns. So why the bust label? Cruz seems to be on the verge of finalizing his extension, giving him the security he was hoping for, a very dangerous thing for fantasy owners. Will he continue to excel now that he has been paid? Also, his position mate, Hakeem Nicks, has not been paid yet. Nicks will be playing for a contract this year and will undoubtedly do everything he can to maximize his numbers. With Eli taking a step back last season statistically and the Giants finding a potentially lethal 1-2 combo at running back with David Wilson and Andre Brown, Cruz could disappoint his owners this season. He shouldn’t completely flop, but I think there is a good chance he finishes below many of those being drafted around him. 


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