Same Face, New Place - Vincent Jackson

Author: Kevin Nelson


Have you ever thought you were pretty good at something but never really seemed to get the credit you thought you deserved? Well, meet Vincent Jackson. Now, on the flip side. Have you ever known someone who seemed to act like they thought they were much better and wanted more credit than you thought they deserved? Oh, I’m sorry, I think we met a little earlier Mr. Jackson.


If you hadn’t caught on, my point simply states that Vincent Jackson has acted like a premier receiver, vocally, for a couple years now. In fairness, when healthy the last few years, he has had no problem racking up 1000 yard seasons and good touchdown totals. The problem for me is he has yet to top 1167 yards or 9 touchdowns. That is not elite to me. That was without pointing to the fact he has played these last few years in a post LT passing offense led by one of the games premier QBs, Philip Rivers. Well he will have that luxury no longer.

Nobody really knows what the Bucs are going to do on offense this season but it seems safe to assume, with the Jackson addition, that they want to air it out a little more. Josh Freeman is no slouch, but come on, he’s also no Philip Rivers. Jackson will have a very solid Mike Williams opposite him and Kellen Winslow in the middle which should draw coverage away so he won’t see too many double teams. I still question how many balls there be to go around in the Bucs offense. Jackson has always been a YPC guy, so lack of bulk receptions shouldn’t hurt him, but the downfield philosophy is where he fit so nicely with Norv Turner and the Chargers. I’m just not confident the Bucs can pull it off as well and I have a hard time believing that after never topping 1200 yards and getting to 10 touchdowns in San Diego, he will be able to now. I like Josh Freeman, I like what Tampa Bay is trying to do. Much more in real life than in fantasy unfortunately. I do not expect Vincent Jackson to bust or anything, but I also don’t expect him to blow up. I think a safe estimate would be right around 1000 yards and 8 touchdowns and more of a WR2 than a WR1 in this passing era.