Same Face, New Place - Peyton Manning

Author: Kevin Nelson


Alright folks let’s cut to the chase. This is the man we want to know about. This is the man who needs to bounce back and prove, to us all, that he can outperform the best in the league. The bar has been set high. I mean The Discount Double Check was one heck of a commercial. And if there was any debate, the sequel with BJ Raji was even better. Not only did Aaron Rodgers step into Peyton’s MVP shoes, but he stepped his commercial game up. Can Peyton bounce back? He’s been away for so long and we as fans are concerned. I guess only time will tell.

Oh quick side note. Peyton Manning switched teams this offseason and will now lead the Elway GM’ed Denver Broncos at Mile High. I suppose there are some people out there who might be wondering the fantasy implications of such a move and seeing how we like to play and discuss fantasy here, in addition to awesome commercials, I figure this a good time to share my thoughts.

First thought, I really have no idea how to rank this man at this time. A 16 game, healthy Peyton Manning is an automatic top 5 QB with 4000+ yards and 30+ TDS. The problem is a couple things strongly affect those numbers. Not only do we not know yet if the man is truly healthy, but this is the first time in his entire career that he will be in a new system. And when I say system I don’t just mean football. I mean life. New living situation, new driving route to work, new practice facility, new teammates, new lunch room, new coaching staff, new everything! Peyton might be one of the brightest football minds we have ever seen, but human nature is human nature and breaking such a strong familiarity can be a difficult transition. This is a big worry for me.

Second thought, the only way Peyton will be on any of my teams this year is if he falls beyond any expectation level. Needless to say, I do not expect Peyton to be on any of my teams. If I draft him, I assume I will need another mid level QB in case anything goes wrong. With the amount of possible top level QBs this year, I feel very strongly about taking someone other than Peyton and letting someone else worry about the unknowns.

Final thought, he is still Peyton Manning though! If there was ever a guy in this league who could overcome all of the question marks and kill it this year, it would be Peyton. A change of scenery can be difficult for all of the reasons, and more, I mentioned but they can also rekindle a motivation that might not have been quite the same. Peyton is a proud man who obviously was not interested in hanging it up. He now has less Super Bowl titles than his little brother. A man like Peyton with an ax to grind against the league could be a very dangerous combo. His supporting cast is not the strongest in Denver but Demaryius Thomas looks to be a potential number 1 WR and Erik Decker showed some nice flashes. They added former teammate Jacob Tamme to help the TE position and breed a little familiarity, so the cupboard isn’t completely bare and they still have the draft to add more weapons.

Look guys like I said, it’s Peyton freakin Manning. The potential is certainly there to have a great year. My advice goes as such: monitor his health over the summer and during OTAs. His draft stock will be completely attached to that news. The better the news gets, the higher his draft stock will be. I’m just saying, it probably won’t be me.