Same Face, New Place - Michael Bush

Author: Kevin Nelson


The first guy I will be talking about in our running series regarding free agent movement is a guy I have liked for years now. As a Seattle Seahawks fan, I always secretly hoped this is the guy we would make a trade for. Some amazing beast mode runs later, I’m very happy to have Marshawn Lynch toting the rock in my favorite backfield and starring in blockbuster movies. (I use the word blockbuster loosely, kind of like their business model) Of course the gentleman I am referring to is none other than new Chicago Bears running back, Michael Bush.

While I may be in a small majority, the biggest domino, in my opinion, in this whole signing is the effect on Matt Forte. I do not foresee Bush’s numbers or role to be drastically different to what they were in Oakland while sharing with Darren McFadden. The only real difference being he produced more last year than ever before. He has experience with sharing the rock, he will still get the ball at the goal line, and he will be among the most valuable handcuffs in fantasy football. Pretty much like last year. Forte however, is hugely effected. A guy that would have been a first round no brainer is sliding drastically for me. It’s early to say, but I may go out on a limb and say he probably won’t be on any of my teams because I will not be taking him in the second round even at this point. Forte was already a terrible goal line guy so it’s clear Bush will be the guy in that situation. Forte played his guts out last year in trying to earn a new contract and what did it get him? A franchise tag and a better backfield mate. I can’t see Forte being as motivated to put his body on the line for his franchise with the way he has been treated, or at least feels he’s been treated. Forte also won’t have the luxury of being Cutler’s go to option in the passing game anymore either. With former teammate, Brandon Marshall, also coming over to Chicago, Matt Forte will no longer be leading the league in percentage of his teams’ touches/yards/etc. So let’s recap:

-          No goal line

-          Less opportunities for the ball in passing game

-          Less running opportunities with addition of our boy Bush

-          Less motivation to go that extra mile (think Shaun Alexander between the 20s, without the o line)

No thanks. I know that running backs are hard to come by, but for the second round pick that he will probably cost, I will gladly take someone else or go in a different direction.

As far as Bush goes, I would say take him starting about round 7-8 as a handcuff, TD vulture type with decent yardage, or back up.

See you soon you fantasyaholics.

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