Case of the Mondays: Week 7 Recap and Waiver Wire Pickups

Author: Kevin Nelson


The trade deadline is upon us. The Broncos and Rams got us started with the move of Brandon Lloyd to St. Louis where he will reunite with his ole’ buddy Josh McDaniels. Maybe now we will find out if Lloyd’s season was all fluke, part fluke, or no fluke. More impressive to me, maybe we can assess whether Sam Bradford has actually regressed in year two or not. I understand that Bradford has a lack of weapons on the outside, but as a number 1 pick that was fast tracked to stardom after his rookie year last season, I feel like he has gotten a pass on his poor performance. It won’t help that he may have a high ankle sprain which could limit him, but we will wait and see. As for Lloyd owners you have to be happy. He wasn’t looking all that reliable with his quarterback from last year in John Fox’s new scheme so I couldn’t imagine things getting much better with Tebow at the helm. Maybe the Rams and McDaniels can ignite some second half of the season fireworks and get “some kind of a show on turf” going. Here are some of my other notes from week 6:


Note 1: Madden Curse is alive and well


          I will admit, I am not really a superstitious person. No worry of 13’s, Fridays, any combination of the two, wearing the same socks, etc, you get the idea. The ONE I do believe in for whatever reason is John Madden’s crazy video game. It is like clockwork and I do not understand. Never the less, it’s back. Peyton Hillis, who has been struggling with strep throat, kind of, and contract issues now has a “tweaked” hamstring. Or wait, no he doesn’t, or he might, uhhhhh. The Browns aren’t sure how they want to spin the fact that Hillis is on the bench. Montario Hardesty has not been very impressive, but opportunity rules in fantasy football, especially in this passing era at the running back position. Keep a keen eye on this situation.

Note 2: Shananigans

          This is just plain rude Mike. You were playing the team giving up the MOST fantasy points to running backs. You declare Hightower active and say he is starting and then don’t play him one snap. On top of that, everybody’s favorite new Washington runner, Ryan Torain, rumbled for a whopping 22 yards on 10 carries against said worst defense. A running game that looked downright scary in the preseason is certainly scary, from a fantasy owner’s perspective. Yikes.

fjoneshurtNote 3: Felix Jones is hurt……again

          Ok Jerry Jones do you get it yet? I get that he went to your alma matar, you love the guy, and you want to give him every chance to succeed because you drafted him right before Chris Johnson. The problem is that Felix Jones is NOT an every down running back. Period. His body is not constructed to do so, and he is not most effective that way. Now with a high ankle sprain, Felix will step aside and let the rookie DeMarco Murray and veteran Tashard Choice have their shot at the job. I liked Choice coming into the season to excel when this situation inevitably occurred due to his success in limited starting opportunities in the past but so far this season; it is Murray who has looked a little better. Neither looked all that impressive this last Sunday but keep in mind, again, opportunity is key in fantasy. Murray should be the first choice off the waiver as it looks like he will get the first shot, but don’t be afraid to add Tashard if you miss on Murray.

Note 4: Falcons Offense

          I believe Roddy White said the new “greatest show on turf.” I don’t remember if Kurt Warner ever threw for 163 yards in a game during that era, but Matt Ryan just did on Sunday. In 6 games Matt Ryan has throw for over 300 yards twice and under 200 yards 3 times! Roddy White has been MIA and Michael Turner, while good statistically, has been ignored far too often. The Falcons won last year with ball control. This year, the aerial assault has done nothing except take them out of their game. Matt Ryan is either not capable or not ready for such a shift in philosophy and it is unknown week in and week out which route they will go. Coach Mike Smith seems like a smart man, so I would guess they will lean more towards last year’s ways. Michael Turner owners rejoice because he has been a beast this season when given 20 plus carries. Even thought he has not “looked” overly impressive, he continues to get it done. Those of you who invested heavily in the Falcons aerial assault weapons might want to reassess expectations.

palmerbengals*EDITED NOTE 5: The Bengals caved! The Bengals caved!

             And if they didn’t and this trade offer got out, the whole organization should be fired. A 1st rounder and another conditional 1st rounder?!?!?!?!? Carson has skills but really Oakland? That is all in if I have ever heard it. Fortunately for us, we just care about fantasy impacts and this has a ton. Carson Palmer gets a team with weapons and could, depending on how quickly he picks up the offense, be a low 1/ 2 starter. Darren McFadden gets a respected QB to keep defenders out of the box. DHB gets to try and continue his breakout with a QB who is more than capable of creating a fantasy star at the wide receiver position. The Raiders get a veteran signal caller to keep them in the playoff hunt and to manage a team with weapons such as McFadden, DHB, Michael Bush, Jacoby Ford, Denarius Moore, among others. Thank you Mike Brown, and congrats, now we all win.

Week 7 pick ups:


Carson Palmer *****

Tarvaris Jackson/Charlie Whitehurst ***


DeMarco Murray*****

Montario Hardesty*****

Tashard Choice***


Greg Little*****

Demaryius Thomas***

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